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message 1: by mercedes (new)

mercedes Find your book groups here, as I see messages I will add chats for different groups to message in! (There will be multiple book groups so we aren't forced to read one certain thing)

message 2: by Capri (new)

Capri (caprisierra) | 19 comments Anyone want to read Dark Duet soon? I don't have my copy yet, but if anyone wants to join lmk

message 3: by mercedes (new)

mercedes @Capri I’d love to! I have to read the original first, but that shouldn’t take too long! I read pretty fast when I want too lol

message 4: by Capri (new)

Capri (caprisierra) | 19 comments original? If there's an original I have to read that one too then !

message 5: by mercedes (new)

mercedes @Capri Yeah, it’s called Savage Song! It’s supposedly really good!

message 6: by Capri (new)

Capri (caprisierra) | 19 comments okay so maybe we can read both then ! you're gonna read an ebook version?

message 7: by Capri (new)

Capri (caprisierra) | 19 comments If so, let me know the website !

message 8: by Capri (new)

Capri (caprisierra) | 19 comments If anyone else wants to join that'd be great too !

message 9: by Dylanne (new)

Dylanne | 2 comments Mod
Could I join?

message 10: by mercedes (new)

mercedes I use ebookhunter.ch but it does have lots of pop ups, even one where it says you have a virus to get you to download an app lol it can be difficult but it has so many books so yeah that’s what I use!

message 11: by Capri (new)

Capri (caprisierra) | 19 comments yes ofc ! @dylanne

message 12: by Capri (new)

Capri (caprisierra) | 19 comments I have the book. When do you guys want to start reading, and how does a book group work?

message 13: by mercedes (new)

mercedes @Capri If you want to read it I’ll make a chat for that book and everyone who is reading it can chat on there!

message 14: by Capri (new)

Capri (caprisierra) | 19 comments yeah sounds great !!

message 15: by mercedes (new)

mercedes @Capri Awesome! I’ll be inviting some new members, and if they wanna join they can too if that’s okay! And then I’ll make the group, it’ll be made by tonight!

message 16: by Capri (new)

Capri (caprisierra) | 19 comments yeah sounds great ! I'm excited to start !

message 17: by hinaluvsbooks (new)

hinaluvsbooks (itshannahbooks) | 5 comments Hey! I’d really like to read this savage song with you :)

message 18: by Capri (new)

Capri (caprisierra) | 19 comments sounds great @hannahbooks ! there'll be a group made for us to all read this book together. On there we'll discuss a bit more

message 19: by mercedes (new)

mercedes Sorry for the wait, it’s so late where I live! It will be posted tomorrow and we can get started! And if anyone here wants another group reads made for a different book let me know! Sorry everyone!

message 20: by mercedes (new)

mercedes It's been posted, Capri since this is your group reads feel free to put all the details so everyone is ready!

message 21: by Jiya J (new)

Jiya J Herondale Roz wrote: "Anyone up for reading the new hunger games book - The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes with me?"

i am just finishing with Mockingjay so do you mind waiting till day after and we can start (only if you are okay with it)

message 22: by Dylanne (new)

Dylanne | 2 comments Mod
I would love to read it with you, Jiya Jha!

message 23: by mercedes (new)

mercedes Should I make it an official book group?

message 24: by mercedes (new)

mercedes I made it! Have fun guys! There’s also This Savage Song if you guys are interested in that one! Enjoy!

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