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Please post finished characters here and wait for mod approval before RPing.

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「 𝑙𝑢𝑐𝑖𝑒𝑛 𝑑𝑎𝑛𝑡𝑒 𝑝𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑎𝑑𝑖𝑛𝑜 」

× twenty-six × jul. 18th × homme × bi-curious × publically single × peasent × sports entertainer × neutral faction ×

( billy huxley ) × 6'3/191cm × 218lbs/100kg × steel blue eyes × blondish brown hair × tattoos covering his body ×

lucien before and after his daughter were two different people. the devil, as in the before, was a ball of rage on the most part. he was king of the world and unstoppable. there was nothing that could stop him which made him quite reckless. every moment was hyped up and or he was crashing hard. his life was fully connected to drugs and he was addicted. life was a blur and he was spiralling during this time period of his life.
after having his daughter in his life, lucien cleaned up his act. he was now a dad and had this little person that relied on him for everything. responsibility smacked him in that face and he grew up quick. he went from party animal to a more sensible man. he gets easily frustrated but he has learned some useful tips to help him stay calm and collected. he also changed his view on the world instead of being owed the world he saw the real world.

「 𝑎𝑑𝑜𝑟𝑒 」
his daughter, his job, training, waffles, beer, homemade italian food, relaxing after a long day, being a dad, his sobriety chip

「 𝑎𝑏𝘩𝑜𝑟 」
the media, his baby's momma, cheaters, bookies, loan sharks, rigged fights, hospital visits, radiation treatments for cancer, nannies, blackmail, drugs, rehab

lucien's life hasn't been easy. he grew up with a single father and his grandparents' help but three adults weren't always enough to keep an eye on him. lucien was a wild child growing up but he was disciplined into the man he is today after some backlashes. his family was on the poorer side of things but it wasn't always bad, they had each other and that's what truly mattered. but life's a bitch and he lost his grandmother to old age and heart issues when he was thirteen. his family mourned and moved on like everyone does and not too long after, a few years actually his grandfather died. this is what got lucien into taking out his anger by fighting and hitting people's faces helped plus he was good at it.
so he trained himself to be a professional fighter, he could make bank off his fights by betting and he did. it started with illegal street fights when he was sixteen and he moved to the pros after some time. during his ride to the top he found that speed helped him with an advantage and he was soon hooked. when he hit it hard into drugs and parties thou was after he turned eighteen and his dad was diagnosed with stage four cancer. he was losing his last bit of family.
he was quite the bachelor during his start in professional fighting, so it was no assumption he was getting laid every night. drugs, sex, and violence became his life and blurred his memories of grief and loss. but a few years into his career he learned, four years ago now, that a girl got pregnant and was threatening him with lawsuits and such. it wouldn't hurt his career but he just doubted she was telling the truth but a paternity test was done and he was the father. after more threatening and blackmail he paid the chick off and took his daughter, dafne into his custody.
a one year old baby was now being raised by a drugged out father and it was not doubt that he overdosed during his first few weeks with the kid. he had been frustrated and angry and he decided to shoot up and was lucky that his manager found him or he would be dead. after that he cleaned up and went to rehab for a while while his manager helped watch his kid during that time and brought her to visit him when visitations were allowed. since then he has gone to narcotics anonymous meetings and got a sponsor and has cleaned his life up. which has granted home a beautiful five year old daughter that he loves and a career to support her. he had also decided to keep the news of his daughter out of the media as he didn't want her life tainted anymore by his actions.

「 𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑛𝑒𝑐𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛𝑠 」
father - alessandro palladino
mother - unknown
grandfather - gio palladino
grandmother - rosa palladino
daughter - dafne callen-palladino

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the storyteller━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

ira lennox ]

━━━━ there lives regret but I have yet to find it; light the fuse within my veins
The youngest child and only daughter in the Lennox family, Ira possesses natural leadership instincts, but has distanced herself from the family business and wields her talent in politics — that is, until the circumstance dangle the position of the next ruler in front of Queen and Princess's noses, and subsequently, the way her family business can control the narrative.

As smart and well-connected as she is, she is never wise enough to not advertise these facts, which then tends to backfire for her. She has a high opinion of herself both personally and professionally, and frequently taunts her lover with the reminder of how out of his league she was. However, she's just as insecure for a relationship with her family and does feel guilty for, in a way, betraying their ground by siding with the faction that favor the elimination of monarchy altogether, knowing how the said monarchy is the very reason she gets to live such a comfortable life like she has right now. Hell, Ira would not have gotten as far in life without her father's name that is severely connected to the court of the crown, and resources. In the end, Ira must choose between loyalty to her family or dedication to her personal belief, which puts her in opposition to her family.

Ira has a specific goal state in mind. Even when devoted to a broader cause, Ira can boil it down to something very specific; overthrow the self-pleasuring monarch and make the world a better place - may in her eyes boil down to: wipe that problematic boy-(future) king off the face of the earth and send his family's oppressive imperial government with him.

She is very unemotional, cool and collected, especially in comparison to her emotionally unstable brothers. Her pretensions and facades are broken down to reveal a usually insecure and hurt individual; a truly caring person who hides behind her behaviour. Still, Ira is really genuinely prideful, but shows redeeming moral qualities regardless. As a person with a career outside the Lennox Corporation, she is at first removed from the family drama, but quickly proves herself to be as eager to succeed her father as her brothers, because she sees the potential if her faction wins. And they have to win, otherwise, there is no point in taking over the business if she's simply going to kiss royal's ass just like her predecessors.

Most people have broad lists of priorities and restrictions that determine their behaviour. We care about what other people think of us, how we will be able to feed ourselves in the future, the well-being of friends and family, our worldly goods. Of course, how much we care about any given restriction or priority varies from person to person, but in general, we don't have any one given goal for which we would throw away everything else. Ira is not one of these people.

She'll do anything to make her faction win, and being on the winning side in general. Despite being ostensibly liberal, she isn't afraid to use her name to try to get other news stations to sink a negative story about the royal family. She abandons her default loyalty to the crown for being too "safe" (that is, boring) and then gets behind democracy faction.

She can commit herself to a single goal completely, absolutely, and unflinchingly. In pursuit of a goal she has no limits, inhibitions, or fear. Nothing chains her or holds her back, and no one can make her flinch or falter. She cannot be intimidated, blackmailed, coerced, or otherwise convinced to back off from achieving her goal. There is no sacrifice she is unwilling to make or principle she is unwilling to compromise.

[ all that is left of me are my hate and sympathy
i’ll sacrifice it all if that is the price ]

letitia wright ━xxii━ace━noble━upperclass

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━━━━quite the misfit and always on guard; in his mind rang a silent alarm━━━━Perhaps, Firo is the closest thing to a villain in this story, a contradictory assumption considering that he does care about his kingdom; as a whole, because he still wouldn't really care about the people as each individual. A hell that is paved with good intentions, he'll turn this kingdom to. Not as their king, perhaps, because he's the shadow leader of Democracy faction, but he is still striving to rule everything: a hell that is paved with good intentions.

the wayward prince━━━━━━━━━━━━

firo deveraux ]

Firo has an overall goal with appreciated principle, but his methods of pursuing it are, straight up problematic; despite any sympathy people may have with his cause, those who knows him are driven by instinct to stop him, like his father who practically banished him away from the court before Firo could really imprint his plans into his pawns' head.

This can be a difficult line to walk: push too hard in one direction and he makes it seem as if the extreme methods are acceptable; push too hard in the other and he runs the risk of denying the validity of his initial cause. He is good at balancing his own multiple personas, despite of all: hated by the court, but is a modest royalty to those outside the court. Firo acts in this manner, to the point everyone treats him like their best bud, of course subverted in the fact he intends to shed this attitude like a snake shedding its skin later when his goal is fulfilled.

[ this was the method that patterned his ways:
perpetual motion without any reins ]

timothée chalamet ━xxi━bi━royal━democracy

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rhiannon kinnear ━━━━━━━━━ 」
━━━ bi ━━ 22 ━━ faction: democracy ━━━━━━━ the rebel ━━━━━━━」

i give a little into the moment like i'm standing at the edge
Rion Kinnear is a picture perfect patriotical dream girl: she is the first in the family who pursues further than college degree, she's been paying for her own education since high school by stock trading, and she's an intern for one of Big Four auditing firms. Her path for success is crystal clear and she is marked for glorious story, and yet, her big mouth will one day become a boomerang that will prevent her from achieving all the quiet and boring stability she has set herself for. Rion's other side consists of something loud, harsh, almost violent. A rage that is older and bigger than herself: her discomfort towards the monarchy of her own nation. It is an old news, she believes, moreover that she has seen other countries thriving by major changes that put everyone as equal.

It seems like Rion cannot contain her distaste towards the crown any further because her master's thesis about nobles and frauds, is practically walking on the tightrope above a molten lava of treason. Sooner or later, someone will knock on her door and question her loyalty to the old law of this land, and she will lose it all. For she is rather live a short life she's fighting for, than playing the wrong game for the longest time.

━━━━ into the fire feeling higher than the truth,
i can feel the heat but I'm not burning

When she is breathing the fire, she can perish everything in contact and destroy what they love the most until she sees nothing but crimson red. But not yet. She is also the hurricane, and there is also nobody else that can raise her white flag except the semblance of peace inside, the peace delivered by the breath of what she's longing for, the spec of white in a sea of red, she must searches deep and wide to find where her dream is. Another war inside won with the weapons wielded by her own qualities, but she has a different type of ammunition, the one where surrender is the ultimate victory. But not yet.

Rion is so easily sucked in by the flashy veneer of masculine bravado on the surface of her own damaged character that she fails to understand why she is this way. Her morality is questionable. She thinks first and foremost of herself before others, and have no problem with causing chaos to meet her ends. Her genius is one of wit and wily charm, a smooth tongue and all the cunning of a high-flying conman. In other words, she might endanger others for her own delight but she would never steal, cheat and lie, certainly never kill. A jack-of-all-trades, with her con ranging from harmless pranks to full-scale chaos to simply being very cunning; she walks the line between evil mastermind and trickster. Often feel remorse and know the limits that she should stay within, it will one day lead to her downfall, even more often than not, she has no desire to exceed the limits.

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gif/ jpg/ gif/

                                                          roxy devereaux ❝roxy❞

                                              eldest heir • disciplined perfectionist

                                                                  princess faction

                                                                       【 2 3 】

The crown should rest on the oldest.
The crown was rightfully hers.

Twenty three and thriving she has become the epitome of privilege. The fabric of the universe seemingly at her fingertips as her influence is nothing short of spectacular. She is a key player in these games that have already commenced. But she has no intention of playing by the rule book.
She intends to write them.

Born to riches, and bred in the most luxurious finery, Roxy knows fashion and she wears it well. Entertaining the court is child's play, and getting the job done; a side commentary. Naturally, Roxy Devereaux should be well endorsed in the requirements that encompass the royals- both the written and unofficial ones- but sometimes her hand slips under the table when a situation calls it, or her act faults. When pressed, she claims to lead a public and transparent life, but then again would liars really confess to lying?

Disciplined and an idealist, the princess is stubborn in her own right. Her mood changes as swift as the wind, but she is firm and adamant in her beliefs. She has worked her whole life towards ruling the kingdom... And she really does care for it. How could she not if her life had been leading up to it from birth? Her end game confirmed when Firo was sent away to military school. It made sense that she was the most plausible candidate for the throne. Perhaps her methods are arguably questionable, but then again the end always justifies the means. Besides, she isn't a fool. To the public she exhibits a perfect facade that really only the true elite can master. Only those extremely close to her know of her slight hand of mischief that she sneaks away in the folds of the night and the pockets of dawn.

                                 a rose by any other name...
                                                                 ... would smell as sweet

Despite her efforts to maintain a nature of calculated indifference and lack of sensitivity, her fiery nature comes to light in the form of her feministic movement for change. On a broad level, Roxy can hold her own extremely well, as skilled as she is with her tongue and the firearm of laser tag. But if pushed in a certain direction, some words are triggering enough that the innocent beauty will be replaced by a savage beast ready to enter hell full right and center.

Her relationship with her father had been sweet. Or maybe, upon his death she had tried to give him the benefit of the doubt because it really wasn't. Nevertheless, the late king is mourned almost as much as he is cursed for having not explicitly stating that Roxy was his heir. Firo on the other hand, holds no such complicated reservations to Roxy who in short infuriates her. Perhaps if at a young age they had been closer they may have become power siblings of sorts. But all he is to her now is her competitor.
A competitor that once- a long time ago- she could have kicked his ass in combat. But with him coming back from military school...

Roxy had to keep on practicing laser tag.

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