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KT (queenlykt) | 115 comments Mod

[ Royals ]
Queen - Alyssandra Devereaux [kt]
Queen's Consort - Tayn Marcellin O'Hickey [bubblewaffles]
Eldest Princess - Roxanna Devereaux [jamilah]
Crown Prince - Firo Devereaux [fay]
Prince - Devereaux [crow]
Princess - Devereaux [goblin gender]

[ Defense ]
Royal Enforcement Defense Leader - Kodiak Halifax [kt]
RED Heavy Artillery Specialist - [limmy-sama!!]
RED Close Combat Specialist - Elodie Ondine Zhang-Kane [bubblewaffles]
RED Cyber Defense Specialist - Leon Zhang [wren]
RED Sharp Shooter - [jamilah]
RED Explosives Expert - [Snatcher]

Royal Guard General
Royal Guard Knight - [fay]
Royal Guard Knight - [goblin gender]
Royal Guard Knight - [444]
Royal Guard Knight - [dreamchild]
Royal Guard Knight - [iggy]

[ Upper Class ]
Media Baron Lennox
Media Baroness Lennox
Lennox Heir - [fay]
Technology Baron Montgomery
Technology Baroness Montgomery
Montgomery Eldest Heir - [444]
Montgomery Heir
Medical Research Baron Belaroux - [Snatcher]
Medical Research Baroness Belaroux
Belaroux Eldest Heir - Jacqueline Reine Belaroux [dreamchild]
Belaroux Heir - Élénore Belaroux [wren]
Belaroux Heir - [crow]
Arms Industry Baron Alabaster
Arms Industry Baroness Alabaster - [Snatcher]
Alabaster Eldest Heir - Grayson Nolan Alabaster [dreamchild]
Alabaster Heir

[ Unlimited ]

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Madison (thegalpal) KT wrote: "the married in royal is a royal from another kingdom, so she was never really a peasant"

Oh yeah haha sorry I didn't really mean peasant, I meant like someone with no claim to the royal life in this kingdom and not much of one in the other kingdom so that they could easily pick up and move in with this family (again I can easily come up with something different I just think it could be an interesting dynamic. Meeting new family for the first time right after losing family and trying to navigate that)

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KT (queenlykt) | 115 comments Mod
I mean if it was a family friend they would be a noblemen/woman

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KT (queenlykt) | 115 comments Mod

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