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Finn's cozy cabin

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Finn walked into his cabin, and made a fire.

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Finn walked in with Julian on his shoulder. "Make yourself at home," he said

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Julian laid across the couch, flopping an arm over his eyes.

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Finn took out some weed and started smoking it

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Julian was familiar with the substance, so he didn’t mind. He unbuttoned his shirt, the cabin too hot for him at the moment. His shirt hung off his shoulder, his leather boots thigh high on his long legs.
((Finn we have an issue))

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(( what ))

Finn didn't know he was staring at Julians body until he dropped his weed. He picked it up and turned and asked if he should turn down the AC

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((Atlas might take your man))
Julian shrugged.
“This is your house.”

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Finn asked if he wanted some food.

(( Damnnn nooooo ))

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Julian rolled off of the couch, standing up. This is a long ass man Jesus Christ.
“I’m gonna head home, actually. Someone’s coming over.” He said, then waltzed out of the door.

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Finn walked in and his breathing got rapid

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Avery ran up and stood at the entrance of the cabin. "You can't just lose me like that, something's obviously wrong!" he said firmly, the flush on his cheeks, nose and ears fading a little. He didn't walk in, just stood at the door, not wanting to intrude too much.

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((I have to go in about...10 minutes.))

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(( k ))

"Seriously nothing's wrong. Why would you think that? Anyway we just met. But I am very tired, so good night." He shut the door before he could get a reply. He grabbed the rope and a stool and headed to the garage. He quietly closed the door.

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((Okay, but seriously? Pleeeeease, don't kill Finn!!))

Avery stared at the door, surprised. Then he took a deep breath, and opened the door, walking into Finn's house. This was stupid. He was pretty sure it was illegal. But whatever. "Finn? I'm inside your house now, I hope you don't mind." He searched around, and, not seeing Finn, headed to the garage. "Tired my ass..." he muttered bitterly.

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((I'm pretty sure I gtg now. Bye, and stay safe!))

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(( you shall seeeee ))

Finn heard someone coming in and dropped the rope and ladder and grabbed a la croix from the fridge and said "what's up?"

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mouse. (rip_myself_into_confetti) | 305 comments (( lezziee. Finch is waiting at the garden ))

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(( k ))

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No one was there, so he went back and closed the door. He grabbed the noose he had made and the ladder.

(( I won't do much from there cos some peeps r sensitive ))

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Julian rushed into the garage, cutting the rope with a pocket knife. He caught Finn, staring wild eyed. A rim of purple was on his throat.

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Atlas came in, panting. His eyes were wide and there were tears streaming out of them.

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Finn was unconscious but could still call for snow. If he couldn't do it that way, he would force them to leave so he could die alone in the cold. Mountains of snow started heaping in.

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Atlas forced the snow way, controlling the water in it. "STOP!" he screamed, crying.

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Julian rushed Finn out of the garage, running as fast as he could.

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Finn woke up drowsy and didn't know what was going on. He shivered. "Why is it so cold in here and why are you carrying me?" (( his subconscious made the snow ))

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Julian set him down on the couch, then sat beside him.
“I was carrying you. And I was stopping you from ending your own life.”

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Finn pouted and said, "Why did you stop me? It would end my pain."

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(Should he kiss him nowwwww?)

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mouse. (rip_myself_into_confetti) | 305 comments (( yes ))

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(( yah but WUT ABOUT AVERYYYY ))


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((Um- excuse? XD))

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(( ur backkk now u can decide who kisses Finn XD ))

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Avery stared at Finn for a long time, lips pressed into a thin line. After a while, he finally said, "So something is wrong...." His arms were crossed, and his fingers were gripping them so hard that he was making nail marks in his arms. Small lightning bolts crackled from his fingertips. ((I have no idea if that last sentence makes any sence XD))

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((I don't really want to plan ahead, I just kind of want to see what happens based on what the characters would do.))

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(( nah I was just saying cos they were asking if he shud kiss Finn ))

"No. There's nothing wrong with suicide. You're just ending your pain. And everyone dies at some point. Why are you guys getting worked up!? You don't even know me." He exclaimed

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Julian furrowed his brow.
“Yes, that’s true. I prefer to kill myself slowly with alcohol. But that’s besides the point. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know you or not. If you die now, I’ll never have the chance to.”

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Atlas shook his head sadly.

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((My kiss plan is ruined lmao))

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that_lesbian_obsessed_with_Satan wrote: "(( nah I was just saying cos they were asking if he shud kiss Finn ))

"No. There's nothing wrong with suicide. You're just ending your pain. And everyone dies at some point. Why are you guys getti..."

Avery huffed. "Yes, nothing's wrong with suicide...People usually have a good reason. I just wanted to know what was wrong- you told me it was nothing....I hate liars." It was true. Avery was a liar himself. That's why he hated them so much. His sister died because of lies. "Now. What the hell is wrong?"

((I have to go now. Please don't totally forgt about Avery again XD))

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(( lmaooo ))

"Why would you wanna know me? I don't matter anyways" Finn said slowly, picking his choice of words

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Avery stormed up to Finn like an angry child and smacked him. "If you didn't matter, I wouldn't have done that. I don't pay attention to people who don't matter," he said, a fake smile on his face.

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((I'm going to be leaving any minute now, I just don't know when.))

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"I can't tell anyone. I don't know you!" He almost-screamed, fighting tears.

(( sry - we won't 🙂 ))

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Adrien {It's hard to admit you're not as strong as everyone thinks you are} wrote: "Avery stormed up to Finn like an angry child and smacked him. "If you didn't matter, I wouldn't have done that. I don't pay attention to people who don't matter," he said, a fake smile on his face."

"Why ar e you smiling?" He asked, plain curious.

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Avery sighed, cursing under his breath. He took a deep breath. "The name's Avery, nice to meet you. I'm a pisces. Used to do a really bad job. Had a younger sister who killed herself because I lied. Favorite color is aqua blue, favorite animal is poison dart frogs. I'm a sucker for all things sweet and was close to adopting twin girls but because of my unstable living arrangments, I can't. I'm gay as fuck, and find you quite hot, though, yes, we just met, so I'm in trouble. I never knew my parents, and I can control electricity. I consider myself an actor, though it's not proffesional. I hate liars, and I'm afraid of the dark and spiders. There, now you know me."

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"And I'm smiling because it's better than crying," Avery said, scratching his neck out of nervousness. The amount of information that he had just handed out was accidental. Again, no filter. Now he was flushed, but trying not to be.

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((I actually have to go now. Bye))

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Zagon came in quietly to the cabin.

Finn said, "Okay, well, I'm Finn. I dunno my sign. My parents abused me and I ran away from home. Favorite animal is a tiger. I too find you hot. I can control snow as you saw. I can't fall in love, or at least nobody loves me. I am a singer and I bake. I also love acting. I love horror movies. I am afraid of losing the one I love, if anyone loves me. The end."

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(( bye ))

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(( u going too? Sadness ))

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