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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance-Heroine works at an auto mechanic shop to pay off father's debt - Spoilers ahead

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Karen Powell | 2 comments H and h went to high school together. Even though H suggested h work for him, he does not initially seem to like anything she does. All the other men love having her there. At one point H/h go the Vegas to retrieve her father. has to put herself on the line to get him. After H/h get together, she is kidnapped because of father's debts. H finds her. Turns out the kidnapper is a cousin (or other relative) of the H. Later in the book, she does not "claim" him in front of her friend, which causes estrangement between h and H and the other guys in the shop.

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Karen Powell | 2 comments I read the book 1-4 years ago.

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