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message 1: by Doris (new)

Doris (dorisb) | 8 comments I have been updating my "read" shelf with reviews, dates and other information. One of the issues discovered is that the book I tagged as read, "Year of the Unicorn", now has a different cover. Another copy has the same ISBN10. There is no ISBN13 (we're talking an older book here).

I can send a copy of my book cover - it matches an alternate book with a different ISBN. My copy is 0441942555, which tags to - which is not the same cover. It does show an ISBN13.

I changed my copy picture to match one with no ISBN.

Should I add an alternate copy? My copy was published by ACE in 1965. It has no other dates. It appears this cover may have been changed since I first linked it in 2009, and someone probably had good reasons for that. However, I like my pictures to really match my books.

message 2: by Doris (new)

Doris (dorisb) | 8 comments Yes. If you enlarge the picture you added, it shows the partial ISBN - 94254-7 in the upper right corner beside the price. My copy shows 94255-5 in the same location. Therefore although the picture matches, my copy is not the same... were there 2 exact covers with different ISBNs? I can attach the picture except I don't know how.

message 3: by Doris (new)

Doris (dorisb) | 8 comments There are already 3 with that picture, and a different one with my number but whatever we need to do to make it work. I am just concerned we'll run into this issue with other people. I have been finding that a lot of the Goodreads books have different pictures than are on those I have. (unhappy face)

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