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pari | 2 comments So this was a series with the same vibes as Jimmy Coates, it was British and had at least 4 books in the series. Possibly the main title was the name of the character?

The author came to my school for a talk about it, it was about crime and forensic science? Detectives? I remember him coming in and asking us what we'd noticed forensically. It was the kind of book where you were thinking about fingerprints, saliva in your drink, hairs being left behind.

The main character was a boy who was about 12 or so? There was also a girl who I think ended up with him in the end

I remember one scene really clearly, maybe three books in? Where the girl had invented this wall of speakers? And she was v proud of it and showing the main character and they were discussing that the only thing in the way of the music was themselves. And this wall of sound that she'd designed ended up solving the mystery in the end.

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Maggie (finally_home) | 33 comments not sure if this is it but perhaps the alex rider series? starting with Stormbreaker

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