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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA and fantasy novel about a princess living in a book that gets burnt up. She helps a girl to rewrite her book.

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Natalie | 6 comments I can remember a lot of details about this book because it had a very unique premise, but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

The book is about a family who owns a fantasy book. The story in the book is about a princess who has to save her kingdom. There is one scene where she rides inside of a glass fish. There’s another scene where she is lost in caves, comes upon a bandit king, and has to kiss an open wound over his eye.

When the family isn’t reading the book, the fantasy world exists on its own terms. The characters interact with each other and the story is basically a play for them. Like, when somebody is reading the book then the characters in the story are acting out a performance.

The grandmother in the family owns the book and one of her granddaughters especially loves it. At one point, the granddaughters brother gets obsessed with mapmaking. They mention that he will draw a map and then burn the edges to make them look realistic and aged. He burns up the book on accident and the princess character from the book escapes into the real world. The princess character befriends the granddaughter and the granddaughter rewrites the book based on her memories of it.

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