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Where the Crawdads Sing
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Adventure - May 2020 > (Pages 141-254): July 4 -> Gray Sharks

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Hanna North | 14 comments Mod
Hello Bookadillos!

How are you enjoying Where the Crawdads Sing??
I am absolutely hooked. I really enjoy the sense of humour that is peppered in about the absurdity of biology and animal nature, particularly Kya's observations watching Chase Andrews as he peacocks around. When I read the line .'"Unworthy boys make a lot of noise," Ma had said' (page 183) a group of singing uni boys passed under my window and cracked me up!

I find it hard to like Chase even though I know this is a story about Kya's life and her connection to the event of his murder, which is obviously a bad thing. He's just so awful. But I do really admire how Delia Owens wove these two paths of the story together. It's wonderful how seamlessly she incorporated them into each other and we are narrowing in on the conclusion.

What do you think of the structure of the book? How does the narrative fit together for you? What do you think of Kya's arrest and the evidence mounted against her at this point. Do you have any favourite quotes or side-stories?

Next week we will be reading pages 255 to the end! Stay tuned and let us know what you think :)
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Tearsa (turrsaturrsa) | 19 comments Mod
I also really enjoy the narrative, and the comparisons. I particularly like the phrase “sneaky fuckers”, and felt it was a great way to expose Chase Andrews. From the moment Chase came around, it felt like an invasion, unwanted in the marsh. He clearly didn’t get her when he had no interest in her collections, and it was a huge red flag with his manipulations that she wouldn’t like his world. I was ready for him to be exposed. I was sad for Kya to experience that hurt but Chase was obviously a “sneaky fucker”.

I’m also glad that she didn’t run back into Tate’s arms. She has experienced so much heartache from abandonment, and it wouldn’t be true to her character to do that. On page 212 she says “I have to do life alone. But I knew this. I’ve known a long time that people don’t stay.” My heart broke for her, and I could feel her guard. She also said she mourned a life defined by rejections. I love Tate and I love the reveal of him being part of Kya’s childhood, with the painting that Jodie shows her and the stories he tells. But I also know Kya needs some time , and has the right to be wary.

A favorite part of this section was on page 238. Kya talks about talks to Jodie about biology and mothers leaving their children in other species. She talks about how the genes for abandonment of offspring in times of stress are passed on to the next generation in humans too. “We still store those instincts in our genes, and they express themselves when certain circumstances prevail. Some parts of us will always be what we were, what we had to be to survive.” I love how this is tied into the title, and how it is in the core of Kya’s experience. Above all this book to me is about Kya’s endurance, and how even when all around her leave and disappoint, she endures and makes a life for herself. She survived and thrived and kept what was hers. Getting the deed to the land. Fixing up her shack. Staying true to herself. This adventure, she did on her own.

Man I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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