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I hope everyone is making progress on Skylark ahead of our meeting next week. I'm just about finished and have really enjoyed the title so far. It's nice to get a glimpse into a specific time and culture without having to be brought down by endless violence, war, or displacement.

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The Zoom link is below:

See you Thursday at seven!

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Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at seven!

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Lucy (lucy47) | 146 comments I've almost finished reading, hope to be done by tonight, but also am packing & last-min. chores before my drive up to Kalamazoo tomorrow a.m. to see my brother. Have to leave @ 0-dark-30, so I'll probably have to exit our discussion a bit early.
I feared for my enjoyment of this book after finding the introd full of pretentious literary twaddle. And the story improved after Mother & Father see Skylark off on her trip, and is pretty moving (while still humorous) by the time Father's drunken outburst precipitates their 1st honest talk about Skylark, her future and their true feelings.
If you're wondering why such a [delightfully] short bk is taking me so long, I freely confess that, being a language fan, I'm constantly referring to a guide to the Hungarian alphabet, and pronouncing all their names to myself. Also have to check Wikipedia constantly for facts about Austro-Hungarian history referred to in the story. This quarantine is making me nuttier daily.

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