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Dani R. | 13 comments Please add this digital book:

Title: Cypherpunk Women
Author: multiple authors edited by Leigh Cuen
Publisher: Cita Press
Format: Digital
Date of publication: MAY 2020
Description: The first open source book by women about cryptocurrency and cypherpunk pioneers. It includes a great array of international contributions from bitcoin developers and users, crypto entrepreneurs and community educators. The collection highlights the diversity of people involved with cypherpunk technology, meaning in their own ways they are all using privacy-enhancing technology to promote social change. And yet their motivations and circumstances are all wildly different. The tool enables self-sovereign financial choices, akin to independent birth control or career choices. For women brave enough to trust themselves, the world may now appear ripe for a new type of revolution.

message 2: by Dani (new)

Dani R. | 13 comments Thank you!

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