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message 1: by Dani (new)

Dani R. | 13 comments Please add cover of book Fervent Manifesto by Mercedes Villalba. The most recent Calipso press edition is the beige color book.

Find image here:

message 2: by Dani (new)

Dani R. | 13 comments Can somebody please add this book cover?

message 3: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42044 comments Mod
That does not look like a site we can use for book covers or other book data. Please see:

message 4: by Dani (new)

Dani R. | 13 comments Please find here new link with NON-book info about book

message 5: by Dani (new)

Dani R. | 13 comments *Non-book seller

message 6: by Dani (new)

Dani R. | 13 comments Can someone help with this book cover? I read the guide for requesting to add a book cover already but this book is from an independent publisher and there isn’t many options on where to find a non-book seller site. Found the one linked above from the graphic designer team that developed the cover. Is that one good for this purpose? Or should I take a picture myself and add the link to this thread?

Help please!

message 7: by Alex (new)

Alex | 2739 comments Unfortunately, we can only use images from the publisher, author, or amazon-affiliated booksellers, but it would be fine if you uploaded a photograph you took of your copy's cover here:

Just post here when you're ready. Also, could you please let us know if the format for this book is paperback and if the book is written in Spanish, or in Spanish and English?

message 8: by Dani (new)

Dani R. | 13 comments Thank you so much Alex 👏🏽
I have uploaded the image of my copy with the title: Fervent manifesto book cover. Not sure if I have to put some link of it here?
The book is paperback and although in the cover the title comes in spanish (Manifiesto Ferviente) inside it comes completely translated in both Spanish and English one in front of the other in this edition.

message 9: by Alex (new)

Alex | 2739 comments Perfect, I have updated the information. You can delete the cover from your photos now if you want. Thanks for the additional information!

message 10: by Dani (new)

Dani R. | 13 comments Thank you so muchhhhh 💕

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