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Policies & Practices > Are white supremacists allowed to be librarians?

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Borders Are Global Apartheid (pnppl) | 8 comments In my research, I have recently come across a number of white supremacists — literal, open, avowed fascists/neo-nazis — who not only post racist, homophobic, misogynist reviews (if generally carefully circumspect and devoid of slurs) but have librarian privileges. Letting them post on the site is bad enough, but giving them privileges? Is there anything in the rules prohibiting this?

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lethe | 13674 comments Since librarians are not staff, the Librarians Group is not the right place for your question.

Reviews that contain hate speech can be flagged. You can also contact Support:

Borders Are Global Apartheid (pnppl) | 8 comments I have done that, but it seems to just go into a black hole. So I was wondering if it was even against the rules.

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lethe | 13674 comments If you only reported them recently, please have patience, especially in these times.

Staff numbers are limited. It may take weeks, occasionally months, before you receive an answer, and sometimes action is undertaken without the flagger/reporter being notified.

Borders Are Global Apartheid (pnppl) | 8 comments Yeah, I mean, it's been months. Thanks for the help, I guess I'll just wait and see.

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Goodreads Librarians are not employees of Goodreads, but volunteers. They cannot assist you with issues of site functionality or policy. Please use the Contact Us page. Closing thread.

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