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Music_inmate (bloom5000) | 1 comments Good day thank you for your time and help. Its a self help book. Its comprised of stories one is a man in a bar who can't afford to send his child to college.Another a woman who's always late to work and her boss who always gives her a break and her relatives take advantage of her she loses her job a car sales man who's not very trust worthy. Now the guy in the bar he's the first story and this guy hears him talking about his issues and gives him this plan and makes him promise to do it for 30 days kinda like "pay it forward". The plan came form this business man who's trying to help . its look at your bad habits exercise 30 mins a day . its just positive and i want to buy it but i don't know what its called I read it 2020. Thanks again

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily | 267 comments Do you know about how old the book is?

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