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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 462 comments Mod
Wyatt was walking through the forest. The sky above was bright blue. The sub shining through the treetops every now and again as he moved. He had his nose turned upward into the air. The scent of his brother was still lingering in the air. Stepping over a tree root in favor of jumping onto a large boulder, he crossed his legs and sat down. Crossing his arms over his torso, he stared ahead. There was nothing like the wild for Wyatt Griffin. He was very much familiar with nature. However that still didn't stop this nagging feeling that he needed something more. He hoped finding and returning his kid brother to his side would help stop the feeling, but he couldn't tell which kingdom to start at. Somewhere out there one of those so called high society had his brother locked away in a cell left to rot. A growl left his lips. Why did wolves have to be in a park anyway? What was the point? And who had his brother?

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments Luna raised her head, her ears twitching at the sound of a growl. Someone was near her,someone she didn`t know. Usually she would hunt with others, but today she wanted to unwind and go alone. When hunting she found it easier to be in her wolf form. Her movement was faster and her reflexes sharper. She was pretty confident whoever let out that growl, she could handle him if a need arose. Not to mention she was curious since she didn`t recognize whose growl that was. Her paws dug into the dirt as she moved slowly and quietly, following in the direction the growl came from. Who ever it was, things were going to become interesting.

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He looking up at the sky, Wyatt sighed to himself. He couldn't believe he had allowed his kid brother to be taken. Sure he was younger at the time. And sure he was off hunting when those so-called pack of wolves came and took his brother away. He might have been hiding in the bushes, but that was because he didn't know how to fight then. All the same, a pack took his kid brother and he has been searching for him for some years now. Bring his head back down he looked out into the forest. Uncrossing his arms he got to his feet. "I smell something," he said as his eyes begin to roam the foresty area. He could smell another wolf. An unfamiliar one. Leaping from the rock he landing in a tree onto a tree limb. With his hands and feet on the limb he looked down waiting searching.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments She was finally able to catch the scent of the unfamiliar wolf. She moved even more slowly, knowing fully well if she could scent him, he could do the same to her. She walked out from the near by bushes as her eyes scanned her surrounding, there was nothing here. But her nose never lies to her, someone was here,she just couldn`t see him. It probably would have been better to back away, but she was just to curious. Her head lifted as she scented the air once again, trying to figure out where did the unfamiliar wold disappeared to.

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Spotting the white wolf, his eyes narrowed. Judging by it's posture it was one of those pack wolves. Speak of the devil and he will appear. Just my bloody luck too. Frowning he debated what to do: should he just leave or fight. Leaning back, he flung himself forward. A growl left his lips as he was soaring toward the wolf at a fast speed. Bringing his clawed hand back, his intent was to slice her across the chest. He refused to allow himself to be captured like his brother. What's more this wolf could tell him all about those packs and maybe the location of his kid brother too.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments Her ears caught the sound of growling coming above her, it only took a moment and her instinct kicked in full force. Her head jerked upward, just as her paws dug into the dirt.She lowered her front paw and lunged to the side, in the nick of time. A moment longer and her chest would have been ripped open. He did however manage to scratch her neck with one of his claw.
What the hell? Why was this guy attacking me? I didn`t even do anything. she let a growl of warning of her own. This was serious and she was in no mood to play games with him.

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He landed,sliding, on his feet and hands on the ground behind her. Once the small dust cloud disappeared he rose to his feet. Turning around he looked at the newcomer with a dangerous glint in his dark brown eyes. She was a white wolf yet he could see the human in her. Another low growl left his lips in warning to her to back off. Sure he knew he attacked first, but that didn't change the fact that she was a pack wolf which meant danger to him. Taking a step forward, he gets into an attack position. "What are you doing here pack wolf?" The label 'pack wolf' came off with a mocking ring of dislike to it. He eyes her, trying to find the best way to take her down without killing her.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments If she was in human form, Luna would have rolled her eyes at him for mocking her for being a pack wolf. Really,calling me a pack wolf? What are we 4 years old??she thought to herself . He attacked her first for no reason, and judging by his position, he was going to do it again.She eyed him keenly as stood her ground. This was serious and yet also interesting to her. Other usually felt protective of her since she was female, they made sure she never got hurt. Feeling the sting on her neck, she realized this guy was not like that. He wouldn`t hold back on her, on the account of her being female. She let out a growl of challenge.

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He tsked. "Just like you pack wolves to challenge someone like me," he sneered and twisted his neck from side to side. A bone cracking noise filled the air. Just a second after he turned his head to it's normal position he launched toward her. Running full forced, he reached her in seconds. Swinging his right legs, he knocked her legs from beneath her or attempted to. However that wasn't his only attack. At the same time he grabbed her neck with his left hand and pin her to the ground. "Shift or die," he ordered in a serious voice.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments Luna had no time to react, he reached her to fast. She could have avoided his kick, but there was no way to dodge his hand. The grip on her neck combine with her body being forcefully pinned to the ground caused her to wince, pushing all the air she had in her lungs out. In the position she was in, there was nothing she could do, even if she struggled, there was no way to break free of his grip.
She did however growl again as she heard his order, before shifting back. Her fur withdraw and her limbs extended. The shift took only a moment. When she was done, piercing blue eyes,framed with platinum blond hair met his gaze
˝ Mind letting go of my neck now?˝ she snapped at him

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 462 comments Mod
Wyatt's eyes grew when he realized it was a woman who was beneath him. But only for a moment. Narrowing his eyes again, he slightly tightened his grip around her neck. "Sorry, you're aren't the ones giving orders here pack wolf," he said in a none apologise l tone. His gaze roam over her front briefly. She was a fighter he could tell by the leanness of her muscles. Her scent was a mixture of the wild and her own, so that told him she was use to being in the dirt. Swing his leg over her torso, he sits on her but doesn't put his whole weight on her. Releasing her neck, a smile appeared on his face, but disappeared as soon as it came. "What pack are you from?" I'll get what I can out of her and knock her out for her pack to find her later.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments ˝ First of all my name isn`t pack wolf,stop calling me that˝ she let out another growl as his grip tightened around her neck. As soon as she got free, this guy was in for a beating. Calling her pack wolf could mean only one thing, this guy was a loner, a rogue wolf. His scent also gave it away, there was only his scent, not even traces of others. If he was in a pack she could at least pick up the scent of others. Okay she could deal with this somehow. What she couldn`t deal with was the fact he seat on her. It was true she didn`t mind the mud, dirt or blood, she was used to that. She started struggling, witch did little good since her arms where pinned down
˝ Secondly get off me and I just might tell you.˝

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"You'll now really in a position to bargain, Pack Wolf," Wyatt said with a frown. However the offered did make him want to give in and released her. He just didn't know if she would call for help. Did pack wolves have that telepath thing? He didn't know. He only knew the little his father told him. "If I release you, you will call for help or backup. I need answers before your pack show up. Be a good girl and tell me what I want to know." One side of his mouth lifted up into a smile. He was trying to intimidate her a little. He knew pack wolves travelled in groups, so he was sure he had a limited amount of time to work with her.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments Of all the time she could have go hunting alone, she really chosen the worst time ever. He was right about pack wolf traveling like that, the only problem her pack had no idea she was out here alone, or that she went hunting. There was no help coming for her. The good thing was that he had no idea about that. If she was already stuck like this, might as well have some fun with him. Calling me pack wolf all the time and oh no. No. He did not tell me just now to be a good girl.That does it.
She smiled at him, not intimidated even a little. This guy compared to her father was a walk in the park.
˝ Hmm let me think about it for a second. I might be from Yellowstone, or was it Bluebloom,maybe even Bloodmoon or Greenberg ˝ she said smiling innocently up at him

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Wyatt frowned once more. "Stop being cheeky. I guess I don't need to know your pack to ask you this next question. " He narrowed his brown eyes once more. "You pack has any prisoners?" He thought about his brother again and how he was probably rotting away in a cell. Whoever was behind taking his brother would pay ten folds. Leaning down to where hie was staring into her face, he studied her eyes. If she lie he would know because most people blink or look away when they are lying. "Answer my questions and I might let you up." He changed his tone to an amused one.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments She was being cheeky, he was the one sitting on her, asking her questions.This was ridiculous.First he attacked her, then insulted her only to order her around and now there were back to insulting. She wanted to tell him a lot of things, including calling him a few not very nice names.She looked up at him smiling, it was almost too easy to mess with him the only thing holding her back was his offer to finally get off her. Like she would trust him
˝ Get off me first and then I`ll tell you maybe˝ she shot back at him

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"Look I'm not getting off you so forget the idea," Wyatt crossed his arms. There was no way he was simply going to trust a pack wolf. They had shown they couldn't be trusted too many times now and he wasn't about to fall into whatever trap she had burning in that head of hers. "I made you an offer. Take it or we can end this nice conversation we have going here." He knew he was running out of time. This going back and for with her was causing him. As much as she was fun to insult he just didn't have the time.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments ˝ Look pal, from my point of view. You attacked me, you insulted me and then you seat on me. So forgive me for not wanting to talk to you˝ She was enjoying herself to much to stop. There was something seriously wrong with her, she actually liked poking this guys nerves. It was interesting and she was curious by nature, not to mention she hadn`t had this much fun in a long time. Yep, something was definitely wrong with her. She should be scared of him, or trying to fight him or something.
˝ You want to end this, but we are having so much fun˝ she couldn`t help herself as she poked at him again

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Wyatt sighed out loud. She was enjoying this. She didn't even look scared. "What exactly are they putting in you pack wolves water?" This was pointless. They were getting no where like this. Grabbing her wrist he swing his leg from around her and rose bring her up with him. Once standing he glared at her. "If you're not going to tell me what I want to know then you are useless to have around." This would be a good time to put her to sleep, he thought.

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Once she up on her feet, Luna acted fast. She extracted her wrist free from his grip in one sudden movement before putting some distance between them. If she was close to him, he would just grab her again. That`s not happening. No way was she allowing him to capture him again, but that didn`t mean she couldn`t provoke him.
˝Thanks for letting me go. Oh and my name is Luna ,not pack wolf˝ she got ready to run like hell at her next sentence ˝ And to answer your questions. Yes, my pack takes prisoners. In fact I`m the one that hunts them down. ˝ Her shift came over her in a second and she was running away in the opposite direction as fast as she could

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Wyatt growled when she snatched her wrist out of his hand. He narrowed his eyes when she was across from him. At her statement his eyes widen as he watched she flee away. His astonishment didn't last long. Shifting into wolf form, he chases after her. She was like a deer: quick and tricky. Nevertheless, he ran on all fours. He cleared the distance between then within minutes. Seeing her white form he growl warning her to stop. He couldn't allow her to get back to her pack members. No that would spell more trouble for him. He would probably have to take them on and lose because he would be out numbered. No he couldn't let her go. A roar came from him and he speed up.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments Okay, note to self : Don`t tease the big guy ever again. she thought to herself as she heard a growl behind her. She pushed herself to run faster, jumping over fallen tree trunks in hope of slowing him down. She was fast when if her wolf form and she was more nimble that way. What startled her was the roar that came from him. He was gaining speed on her and she needed to someone put some distance between them. An idea popped inside her mind as she slowed down only a little bit.

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Wyatt break through the fallen tree limbs and used the tree trucks to push him slightly forward. He knee the forest and he knew where almost every hole was. He was running so fast that he missed her slowing down. Instead of crashing into her he went over her. Muttering a curse about wolf shifter, he used the tree in front of him to bounce off of. Running back toward Luna, he growl again. He was going to catch her one way or another.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments Luna was surprised he didn`t crash into her, instead went over her. There was no time to lose, the moment he went over her, she bolted in the opposite direction. Adrenaline rushed through her veins, giving her a new dose of energy to keep running. She pushed her body to run faster. As she broke to a clearing, rushing to the other edge of the forest. This guy wasn`t going to give up until her caught her, that much was clear. She growled annoyed and came to abrupt stop. She shifted back to her human for in a matter of second , waiting for him to come to view. As soon as he did, she yelled loud and clear
˝ Stop. What the hell do you want from me?˝

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Crap! How stupid can I get? I have to catch her before she runs into her pack. Just my luck. Wyatt ran onward. His mind determined to catch this woman. She was a fast wolf he'll give her that, but he had more endurance. He could run for a long time. Forcing himself to go faster, he slowly closed the distance, but just as he was within jumping distance, she abruptly stops. He saw her shift and he slides to a stop, shifting in the progress. He would have to get new clothes, but that could wait until after he got the information he needed. Breathing a little harder than he normally did, he stood up straight. "What the hell do you think I want? You gotta tell me which pack you are from and if you have prisoners." He had to start his search soon. His brother could be in dangerous even now. Pack wolves were known for treating their prisoners badly.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments She took a glance over his body. This guy was all muscles, it wasn`t too bad to look at. No, bad girl. This is not the time to be ogling a guy. Her eyes locked with his to stop herself from looking. Her breathing was a little elevated from the running, but her muscles were tense. In other words, she was ready to bolt again if he came closer to her again. Her pack had no idea where she was, that meant she had to deal with this on her own. It would be best to try and calm down the situation before he jumped on her again and they started this cat and mouse game.
˝ Why is that so important to you? You attacked me out of nowhere just to ask me that?˝ if he was going to question her, she might get some answers as well from him ˝ It doesn`t matter from what pack I come from, all pack have prisoners.˝

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"I attacked you because you're a pack wolf, pack wolf." He eyes her wondering if he could get close to her once more so he could capture her. "Look. I just need to know about the prisoners in your pack. Is there a boy -- well man there that's around eighteen?" He decided he could cover the distance between them and knock her out before she alerted her pack, but why wasn't her pack members here yet? Surely they would have sensed her distress by now. He took a small step forward. "Tell me or I will run you down and this time I'll make sure you wont get away from me this time." She was the only pack wolf he came across in months, so he wasn't about to let her go without a lead. "I won't hurt you."

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments ˝ Do I look like an idiot to you? You won`t hurt me! You already tried the moment we met.˝ she shot back at his statement.
The moment he took a step closer, she took a step back. Better to keep a distance from him. She wasn`t really afraid of him, more like wary of what he might do next.
˝Stop calling me pack wolf. I have a name. Luna. ˝ she said. It annoyed her being called that. Her head tilled to the side at his next question ˝Why do you wanna know that? ˝ she was curious since he seemed desperate to get any kind of information. But his question did make her wonder about the prisoners.

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"I attacked you because you would have attacked me if you would have found me," Wyatt said as he noticed her taking a step back. This wasn't going to work. He couldn't get close to her without her bolting in the opposite direction. If she was alone she could very well make it back to her pack. That mean more would come to her help. "You pack wolves are all the same: you kill any wolf that's not apart of your so-called high society." He frowned and turned his head to the side. There was no way he was about to reveal his life story to a pack wolf. She would probably laugh in his face and taunt him so more. He couldn't trust anyone. That was one of the laws of the wild. No trusting the enemy could lead to a slow death. He growled and looked back at her. "It's my business. Just tell what your lack is and about the prisoners."

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˝ First of all, the only reason I got close was because I was curious not to attack you. If I wanted to attack, don`t you think I already would have done so? ˝
This was getting nowhere, he didn`t trust her and she didn`t trust him. It was obvious he hated pack wolfs but something must have happened to someone he knew. If she could somehow get him to talk,maybe she could help. Despite what he was saying, Luna wasn`t cruel or thought of herself as more just for being in a pack.
She didn`t look down on others for being weaker or for wanting to protect something she didn`t understand.
Luna was about to answer him when a twig snapping behind her captured her attention, she could scent a familiar scent in the air and her ears recognized the growls that followed. Her pack hunters have found her.

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She had a point: why didn't she attack him back? He decided it didn't matter. A lone wolf like him couldn't trust a pack wolf like her. There was just so much evil in a pack of wolves. They captured and tried to reschool lone wolves so that they learn to accept the pack life. His father had once told him that pack life was horrible. That the leader was a very mean person. That wolves in packs had to obey every order an alpha gave even if it went against their morals. Just as he was about to open his mouth to tell her to just tell him what he needed to know when he heard the snapping sound of a twig. More twig snapping came from all around him and soon more pack wolves appeared all around them. He got into an attack position. This wasn't good. He could practically smell their intentions. In any case he wasn't going down without a fight.

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Luna had to admit she could breath a little easier now that her pack hunters were here. Even as the others surrounded them, she never took her eyes off him, he was fast and strong. As much as she hated to admit it, things were going to get ugly. Growls and snarls sounded all around them, but not one wolf made a move, waiting for an order. She knew was others were thinking, others were overprotective of her and while she was one of the lead hunters, instinct to protect a female were strong. A pack female with a rouge alone was one of the things that set hunters on edge, they probably wanted to kill him, she on the other hand had other plans. She stepped closer despite him getting into an attack positions. He was greatly outnumbered and while he would do some damage, he could not win with so many of them.
˝Capture him, nobody goes for the kill. ˝ as soon as her order was out, every single wolf around them pounced

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Wyatt's eyes bounce back and forth from left to right. I waited to long. Just my luck. He let out a low growl warning them to stay away. He knew he couldn't fight them all but intimidating them was perhaps his best chance at getting out of this. A quick glance at Luna told him she was in charge of these wolves. That she was their leader, so that explained why she was fast. At her order, he returned to looking left abd right. They wasn't going to kill him. They probably want to make me rot in a cell as well. Too bad. That's not going to happen. As they pounced he leaped into the air. Landing behind them, he only had time to defend himself as two pack wolves attacked him. Two more wolves grabbed his arms but he shifted and fling them away from him. Four more others attacked him and he behind snarling and biting at them. The two he fling got up to join them and some way through the fighting one of the wolves had mange to grab a thick strick. They wacked him across the head causing him to stumble forward. For that briefest of minutes he guards were down. All eight warriors grabbed a part of him. The one that held his neck in it's mouth bit down enough to make him gasp for breath. Then slowly brought Wyatt to their leader for further instruction. Wyatt struggled throughout the whole thing. When he was forced to be in front of Luna once more he growled, glaring at her.

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Seraphus Ayame | 67 comments Luna watched with keen eyes as the fight went down. Ready to jump in if her wolves needed her. Wyatt was strong, but even he was no match for eight wolves attacking at the same time. She couldn`t help wincing as one of them wacked him over the head. That was a dirty move but necessary to take him down. It also hurt like hell, getting smacked in the head, she felt it once or twice in her life. As soon as his guard was down, her wolves pounced, all eight of them. Their teeth grabbed a part of him to hold him down. Finally the easy part was over. The hard part only started now.
She watched him as he was forced in front of her, growling a warning to the wolf holding his neck. She ordered them to capture him, he was down, their was no need to bite him so hard.
˝ Watch it˝ she warned the wolf, her eyes turned to Wyatt
˝ You have a choice here, come with us quietly or we knock you out and take you anyways. Choose.˝ she asked

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Wyatt growled at her again. There was no way he was going to go quietly to a cell to rot. He begin to struggle in their hold, causing them to bite down a little harder. His left eye closed bit he didn't make a sound of pain. He did stay still however. Eight bites were as bad as being sting by a hundred bees. Once the pain subsided he growled again warning them to let him loose or they would pay for holding him. One of the warriors took one hand off his arm and punched Wyatt in the face. As Wyatt was sinking into unconsciousness his body change back into his human form which went limp.

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The moment he growled at her, his decision was made. She sighed, shaking her head. She really wished to avoid this but there was no other way. Luna hated unnecessary violence, avoided it any chance she had. He was making things difficult, complicated. At his second growl she nodded to one of the warriors to take him out. The wolf did as instructed while she watched as hid consciousness faded away. Even after he shifted back, she was not taking any chances
˝ He`s coming with us, keep a close eye on him˝ she ordered the others as she shifted to her wolf form

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The warrior wolves begin to follow after Luna. The one that held his neck released him and began walking beside his leader. The rest carried Wyatt back toward the castle. He would be placed in the dungeons in a cell to await the order of what to do with him. Meanwhile they kept eyes all the way on him in case he woke up. Wyatt was floating in his conscious. He remained out of it for the rest of the journey back.

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