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message 1: by Blake (new)

Blake Colby | 2 comments Looking for a beta reader swap. Willing to do to a novella or a full length novel.

Preferred genres to read: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction, Humor/Satire, some non-fiction,

Not interested in reading: romance/erotica, poetry, fantasy or young adult

My novel is split into five different first-person narratives, in differing styles and comedic voices.. Here's the rundown:

A Western Australian beat cop finds two bodies in the reservoir of a local sand mine and wants to find who put them there. The problem: He has no jurisdiction, no training in basic forensics and he accidentally sets his squad car on fire at the crime scene. High Ground is five, first-hand accounts of murder, ecological disaster and the interconnected world of sand mining.

Zhang Zi Rui is a depressed Chinese executive for the firm set to buy the Australian mine. Fed up with his job, he finds new meaning in life by pranking coworkers and committing light treason. But for an elite in the world’s fastest growing economy, where nearly half of all sand is used, it’s hard to fall anywhere but up.

Jorge Dunduru, a Portuguese journalist investigating a disaster tied to Zhang’s company in Mozambique, is arrested for reasons he’s not told. He’s later kidnapped by illegal miners reselling sand bags to a concrete manufacturer during the worst flood in a century.

The aggregate concern also shuts down Becca Olsen’s archeological dig in Australia. Her ex-boyfriend stages a protest at the mine and soon goes missing. Was it his body they found? Or has he joined a commune of eco-terrorists nearby? More importantly, should she care?

Dr. Clark, a Floridian activist staying at the compound, learns her comrades are responsible for the murders. And despite being nice, well-meaning people, they’re planning something else that might kill nearly everyone on Earth.

If you're interested, PM me. You can check out a sample of my work here:

or on my website at to see if my sense of humor fits with yours.

Thank you.

John Lazarus

message 2: by Tito (new)

Tito Athano (bobspringett) | 144 comments Blake wrote: "Looking for a beta reader swap. Willing to do to a novella or a full length novel.

Preferred genres to read: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction, Humor/Satire, some non-fiction, ..."

I checked out your site.

BRUTALLY humourous! The sort of article that Trump would actually take seriously.

I'll need to think for a few days before I do anything about your book...

message 3: by Blake (new)

Blake Colby | 2 comments Thanks for the kind words.

Let me know.

message 4: by Elaine (new)

Elaine Marsh (ekmarsh) | 22 comments Hello, Blake! It's been a few months, but I'm wondering if you're still looking for a CP? I've been scanning the CP/beta pages, and yours was the first premise to actually pique my curiosity. Probably because you dropped my favorite word - humor. Not enough of that going 'round these days.

Don't know if my project would be of interest to you. It is the first novel in a series, finished at 72,000 words, entitled "King of Hollywood." Set in late 1930s Los Angeles, the story is a light mystery-comedy and although there is much about it that I am satisfied with, I still sense that there is a problem with the MS. Unfortunately, I can't quite put my finger on it, and need a new set of eyeballs.

This may not be to your taste, and I am happy to send you a blurb if you want more info. Let me know what you think!

message 5: by Peyton (new)

Peyton Meehan | 4 comments Hello, I am new to this and don't mind doing a swap and helping you out! Do you like a bit of a thriller? A dramatic one? One with... a talking bird? AND espionage? Maybe you'll enjoy my work, who knows. I'd love to help out and also have some more eyes on my own project of 92k words.

"George Cooke is a depressed and lonely private investigator, who is tasked with sneaking into a Floridian mental hospital. The following events lead him towards his lost happiness, but at a great cost."

message 6: by Elaine (new)

Elaine Marsh (ekmarsh) | 22 comments Sure, let's swap! How would you like to receive the MS? As an attachment?

message 7: by Peyton (new)

Peyton Meehan | 4 comments Hello Elaine sorry for the late reply but yes also GOOD NEWS it’s now 84,000 words. Easier to read and more to the point. It’s my first time doing a swap on here so do you require me to send my email on this comment? It’s

Cheers- and I look forward to reading yours and taking notes as I go along 🎉 sorry for the late reply!

message 8: by Elaine (new)

Elaine Marsh (ekmarsh) | 22 comments Hi, Peyton! I'm doing a critique swap with someone else right now, so my plate is a little full at the moment. Would you mind if I reached out to you again in a few weeks? I would love to read your work and have you look at mine, but until I'm done with the MS I'm working on, I don't have a lot of extra time.

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