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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Children's Picture Book Man who was homeless he is judged by a woman who is successfully later she is homeless and he offers her help since he is now successful

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Around the time 2007 i read this Childrens book the books starts with a woman who is shown to be successful she the illustrations shows her as having brown or black hair which is somewhat wavy she is wearing a navy blue vest Shen is dressed professionally and very nice as she is walking she sees a man who is homeless and is telling him to get a job the man seems to take her advice in doing so later in the book we notice this man except he is now clean and very well dressed he has black curly short hair and is wearing a suit and a tie he is shown to now be very successful and very professional looking as he is walking he sees the same woman who told him to get a job he goes to her she is startled by him and he helps her he tells her how he changed and has job and he took her advice I believe he thanked her for that the woman is kind of embarrassed I believe and she realizes she had judged him very badly he offers her help the illustration I believe is them handshaking

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Rainbowheart | 20361 comments Is this a picture book or a child's novel?

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Samantha | 2 comments Rainbowheart wrote: "Is this a picture book or a child's novel?"

Picture book

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