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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Middle Grade or Young Reader- Young girl sneaks away from School and finds secret Cottage in the woods. [s]

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Kylie | 10 comments I read this book sometime in grade 7, and it was definitely an appropriate read for a 12/13 year old. So, I'm guessing the book is a middle grade, or Young readers category. As i read it in approx grade 7 that means it would have been around circa 2003 or earlier. I dont know if it was a recent release or not, so could be older than 2003.

In the setting of the book there was no mention of any kind of technology. The setting felt old fashioned, like a British country side. Basically there is a young girl who was away at like some kind of boarding school or something i believe. One day she sneaks away- not because of any mis-treatment or neglect, just kind of exploring and curiosity. She goes over a short stone wall or through a hedge and into a wooded area. After going through the wooded area for a period of time she stumbles upon a cute little cottage. There doesnt appear to be anyone living in it. She goes back home (or to school or wherever) telling herself she would come back the next day. For the next little while she comes back day after day, and begins cleaning the cottage up. I remember one specific scene where the author talks about a tea pot that she puts in the window sill or something. The girl begins stealing away objects from the school to make the cottage more homey.

I'm not even sure how the book ends- whether she gets found, or she ends up living there, or just abandons it. I have no idea. I just remember reading the book and as a kid being able to imagine all the things the author was describing with such clarity.

I do not think it was any kind of magical realism- I.e she did not leave our world like in a story such as The Chronicles of Narnia.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Kylie | 10 comments YES THIS IS IT!!!
AND IT WAS WRITTEN BY JULIE ANDREWS?! That makes it even better oh my goodness!!!!!!!!
Thank YOU!!!!

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Rainbowheart | 15777 comments You're super welcome, glad to help out!

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