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message 1: by Javier (last edited May 18, 2020 06:54AM) (new)

Javier | 2 comments Hello everyone, this is my first book ‘The Golem Maker.’ I would like some help reading the entire book or some chapters. I want to make sure it is heading in a good direction and that the story makes sense. It does have some strong language, but not a lot. Thank you.

The story is about Rafael who is eaten by a shark and is reborn in a fantasy game like world as an indigenous member of the Dragon Tribe named Achak.

Achak enters a dungeon at the age of fifteen as a coming of age ceremony. While in said dungeon he and his friend Etu meet Imala. The three companions conquer the dungeon whilst also gaining new special classes and the favor of several deities. Not too long after they begin their adventures, they meet Nayra who also joins the team.

They come to believe that the deities are sponsoring them as their champions and that they want them to conquer high level dungeons. With that thought they begin to conquer many dungeons while also trying to build up and support the small tribe that Achak and Etu belong to. They belong to the Dragon Tribe, which is a small tribe of only approximately 500 people.

For a time, it seems that things will be smooth sailing. But trouble is brewing in their Sperian kingdom. The larger neighboring kingdom of Album begins to encroach on their lands. This spurs the Sperian king to make a perilous decision. He decides to attack the indigenous tribes and take away their lands to avoid war with the Album kingdom. He begins this conquest with the Dragon Tribe.

Unfortunately for the king, by the time his conquest begins Achak and his team have grown powerful and have strengthened the tribe. Achaks tribe begins a unification of the indigenous tribes and clans to fight the king. With the assistance of seven tribes, three clans, many strong golems and summoned monsters, the Dragon Tribe beats back the king and his forces. After defeating the Sperian kingdom they destroy a fort of the Album kingdom that is near their border. This draws the curtains on book one.

I am a fan of dragons, monsters, magic and dungeons thus the book is largely about describing these things. I also try to clearly describe the fight scenes and types of magics and skills used in said fights.

message 2: by Suzan (new)

Suzan | 37 comments Hello Javier:
Eaten by a shark and reborn in a fantasy game sounds intriguing!
I'm looking to swap also, I've got a post here with details, let me know if you are interested:

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