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Looking for JJ (Jennifer Jones, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Crime/Mystery. A girl tries to hide her past from boyfriend and her new friends after she was forced to change her identity because of said past. [s]

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Meghna Anil | 2 comments I read this book around 2010-2015, and it takes place in the UK I believe. From what I can remember, the main character is in her late teens (18-19), but I'm not sure. I put it in YA because that's what I can remember.
This is pretty spoiler-heavy as I only really remember the ending, but the basic premise is that the main character had her identity changed within the last couple of years and she is happy living with her boyfriend and going to college. Unfortunately, someone from her past recognizes her, and the whole book is her trying to figure out if she should tell her boyfriend and new friends about her true identity. It's worth noting that the reader also doesn't know her real past, so as you read the book, you're just in the dark as the boyfriend.

Her past is revealed at the end, where she reveals that she is an infamous child murderer. This isn't exactly true, as the media had sensationalized the story to the point where a lot of the facts weren't true. When she was 12-13 years old, she had gotten into a fight with a bully in the woods (for some reason. She had thrown a rock at them or something and they had fallen to the ground unconscious. Being only 12, she immediately thought the bully was dead and panicked, leading her to bury the bully in the woods. When the cops find the body, the coroner reveals that the main character had buried the bully alive, leading to the media completely sensationalizing the story and publicizing the protagonist's real name as a child murderer. She went to juvie for a couple of years, where she was deemed okay to be released. The government decided that since the crime was committed when she was a child, she had the right to a new identity, which they gave her. The book ends with the boyfriend finding out and leaving her (I think).

Hopefully, this is enough detail!

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Brittany (cat_astrophe) | 84 comments Was it Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy?

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Meghna Anil | 2 comments Brittany wrote: "Was it Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy?"

YES! Thank you so much!!!

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Brittany (cat_astrophe) | 84 comments Meghna wrote: "Brittany wrote: "Was it Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy?"

YES! Thank you so much!!!"


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