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Diversity in fantasy!

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message 1: by Jali (new)

Jali Henry | 5 comments Hello,
I'd like to start a discussion about the lack of diversity in fantasy novels. I love fantasy but get tired of reading books set in some version of medieval Europe. How do others feel about this? Do you have any recommendations of great fantasy books which break this mould? Also, I have written a fantasy book set in Africa (yes really!) and would love to share the details with anyone who is interested but I'm not sure if that is allowed in this group? If not, I'd still welcome a discussion about racial diversity in fantasy more broadly :-)

message 2: by Soila (new)

Soila Kenya (soilacanread) | 5 comments Hey! I feel the same and that prompted me to create an African Fantasy and Science Fiction readathon to run in July. I've not really announced it yet, but would you like me to drop you more details when I'm ready? Part of that will be a very long list of novels, short stories, comics etc. in that genre, a good number of which are available for free. Please let me know about your book so I can add it to the list too!

message 3: by Jali (new)

Jali Henry | 5 comments Hi Soila,
That sounds great and I would love to be included both in the readathon as a reader and to have my book included if you agree it's a good fit. Here is the link to book on Amazon
Unfortunately I won't be able to offer it for free as I will have already used up my five free days on Amazon (it will be free from 30th May - 3rd June if you want to check it out and download it this weekend to read yourself?). Please send me the details of the readathon once ready and I will also promote it amongst my network/social media/newsletter etc...

message 4: by Soila (new)

Soila Kenya (soilacanread) | 5 comments Great, thank you! I definitely don't expect you to offer it for free, so no worries! I will send details in about a week or two. Excited for you to be involved!

message 5: by Jali (new)

Jali Henry | 5 comments Excellent! Thank you so much. I too am really excited to be involved!

message 6: by Soila (new)

Soila Kenya (soilacanread) | 5 comments Hi Jali! I've announced the readathon set to take place next month. Here's more info:

I was thinking of holding an interview with you about this exact topic (Diversity in Fantasy) and your experience as an author in the genre. Let me know what you think!

message 7: by Jali (new)

Jali Henry | 5 comments Hi Soila,
This is so fantastic! Your youtube announcement is excellent, very thorough and detailed explanation and I'm definitely going to take part as a reader as well as an author!

I'd love to be interviewed. What do you suggest? Doing it over Zoom/Skype or something?

I am also friends with a journalist who works at I will let her know about it and hopefully they can feature it so it gets more exposure within the African community in the UK (I can't promise anything but let's hope). I think this initiative is very well timed with what is going on globally and hopefully that will mean it is of greater interest to news organisations.

message 8: by Soila (new)

Soila Kenya (soilacanread) | 5 comments Yay! I'm so glad you liked it! Let me figure the best way to carry out an interview that will be recorded and get back to you on that in a bit. In the meantime, let's move this discussion somewhere else? My email address is, what's yours?

Whoo! That would be so cool to get more eyeballs on this! It would be great if it could work out :)

message 9: by Jali (new)

Jali Henry | 5 comments Hi Soila,
Mine is

I've also announced it and posted the link to your youtube video in another Goodreads paranormal & urban fantasy group on a thread in which another reader was asking for recommendations of books written by and featuring people of colour (it was just good timing!). Let's hope that brings in a few extra participants :-)

message 10: by Soila (new)

Soila Kenya (soilacanread) | 5 comments Great! The more the merrier. Thanks for your email address!

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