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This is for those who wish to adopt someone else's character.

This list for adoptable characters will be placed below this comment. This means that you can only adopt characters that we have approved in the up for adoption thread. You must also already have at least one character made before adopting other character(s).

Please not that when you have adopted a character, your overall character count will increase by one.

(view spoiler)

Please fill this in, and wait for us to approve your request to adopt their character.

Your name:
Your activity in this group: (view spoiler)
Number of characters (before adopting):
Character wanted:
Reason why you'd want this character:

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clairene ⍥ | 964 comments Mod
Latest list of Adoptable Characters

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1. Bucky 'Buck' Blackwood - originally owned by Z
2. Noah - originally owned by Six
3. Orion Cormerak - originally owned by Lemon
4. Rose Barlow - originally owned by Katniss
5. AJ and Harper Davis - orginally owned by Fluffy_Bunny

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