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The Mistake: Earth Girls Aren’t Easy
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The Mistake Earth Girls Aren’t Easy by Leigh Royal Leigh Royal

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Page Count: 144

Book Description: Ace is a slightly English, cute, tatted-up clerk working at an *ahem* adult supply store called the Sugar Cube.
On a boring late shift he sees a girl drive by in a beige VW Bug - wearing black-rimmed glasses, a lab coat, red hair pulled back in a bun. She has car trouble and he tries to help, but they both end up in a bright blue light-basically sucked up and spit out on another world.

A gorgeous island with black sand, blue vines and palm trees. Not too shabby.

On this new planet no one can pronounce, they meet some interesting locals, among which is Dar - a muscled Momoa-esque native who is nursing a serious me-Tarzan-you-Jane crush on the starstruck Harriet. Ace tolerates Dar. But he can't stop himself from teasing Harriet...because, well, getting a rise outta her is jus' so bloody fun.

In the mayhem of their arrival, they accidentally let loose someone's pet hounds, and offer to help find them to curry favor with the one Alien that has the power to send them both home.

Will Harriet drink too much fermented island punch?
Signs point to yes.
Is either of these guys even right for her? AND can she stop correcting their grammar long enough to find out?
Tune in, find out.

Novella-length sci fi romance
Standalone, HEA,
Contains adult language and sexual situations

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