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After the End (After the End, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Dystopian - girl lives in village (Alaska?) where they perform ritual for immortality. She believes that everyone else in the world is dead. Then finds out that the world is normal & it was a lie. [s]

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Mia | 2 comments The book is a ya dystopian (fantasy?) (with some romance aspects). There are 2 books in the series, I believe.

The main character, a girl lives in a village (which is surrounded by snow - Alaska?). In the village they have some kind of ritual that makes people immortal (or at least age very slowly - the adults look the same as they did many years ago)
One day, after returning back home she finds everybody gone, and so ventures out to find them. If I remember correctly, they weren't allowed to leave so this is the first time she sees what is outside. She comes across a city (in America) and finds out that it has all been a lie -people are alive and things are just like they're in our world. She has a dog with her (a husky?). In the city, after finding out that people are trying to capture her, she cashes in some gold that she took from the village and goes to have her hair cut off so she'd look like a boy.
The book has 2 POVs, the second one being a boy whose dad is hunting the girl. To prove himself to his dad the boy leaves to try and capture the girl before his fathers men can.
The two meet up, and he finds her "wild and caveman" ways odd. After a while he agrees to help her.
In the end it is figured out that the main "leader" or magician man in the village was selling them out all these years and that he took everyone from that village. It turns out that there is no magic involved in the ritual but it is just a certain herb or plant which gives the immortality.
I don't remember in which book it was, but the two find out where her villagers are kept (in some kind of locked compound) and venture out to get them out.
On the way the boy is fataly injured so the girl performs the ritual on him, making him immortal.

Please help! And thank you so much in advance!

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Mia | 2 comments Omg thank you so much, you are literally a life saver!!! I was searching for this book everywhere

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