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Chapter 1 - Excerpts from Laghu Guru Upanishad

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Amandeep Singh Q. What is the necessity for these teachings when so many holy books exist?

A. While the knowledge revealed in self-realization is absolute and the same for everyone, conditions change in every age and Truth need to be reinterpreted to suit the prevailing level of spiritual progress. Many find it hard to follow ancient scripture due to the archaic language used and esoteric nature of the teaching.

Sacred teachings are revealed from time to time to in different languages to meet the needs of devotees born in various parts of the world. The modern mind accepts rational and logical approach and these teachings are in that idiom.

The higher purpose of this work is to set the record straight as far as the pursuit of a spiritual quest is concerned. The only way to know the Reality is through a prolonged spiritual practice to control the mind. There is no other way and it can not be found by thinking, reading or magic formulae.

Amandeep Singh Q. What is the object of this work?

A. Control of mind is the central theme of the Guru's teachings. The cause of human sufferring lies in the mind; so does it's removal. Mind can not be controlled through blind adherence to religious dogma. The only way to do so is to apply one's intelligence in making proper self-effort to earn divine grace...

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Amandeep Singh Q. Can a person experiment with these teachings?

A. Most definitely...sweetness of honey is known through its taste and not by mere talking. No one is asked to accept the Guru's word by mere faith. Experimentation means that one must, first, intellectually imbibe the teachings through use of reason and then practice it.

Amandeep Singh Q. Is belief in God essential to drive benefit from this book?

A. No. Agnostics can read it with as much profit as believers, provided they have open minds and are prepared to practice the instructions.The aim of the teaching is to define various ways to control the mind...

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Amandeep Singh Q. Who all can read this work?

A. All of those who have failed to find true happiness in the world...
Many people these days find modern life too stressful; they suffer from worries and anxieties...
Even a little practice of what this work advocates would go a long way in making their lives more meaningful and happy...

it is also suitable for the rare ones who seek divine knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

Amandeep Singh Q. How is this work laid out?

A. It is in 3 parts.
Part one contains preliminary instructions dealing with subjects of general nature having a bearing on a spiritual quest.
Past two deals with theoretical aspects of the nature of Reality and non-reality from different sets out the proposition that is to be proved through spiritual experience only.
Part three discusses various methods to control the mind to achieve Self-Realization.

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