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Johnny Tremain
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's book about child in American War of Independence (possible spoiler) [s]

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Alan (alanjc) | 178 comments Age group: children / teens
Genre: historical
Date: 1980s or earlier (read it mid to late 80s).
Origin: probably American.
Plot details (so far as I can remember):
The book is in some way about the American War of Independence. The protagonist is a kid/teen who, at some point, works as a blacksmith or iron worker. He is badly burnt in an accident with hot metal. He is out of it for a long time on laudanum, but recovers. However, the treatment leaves some of his fingers fused together. Eventually, he has his fingers separated - without anaesthetic, of course.

I seem to recall the guy who examines his fused hand asking "Is it God's will?", meaning was he born that way or was it a result of being injured. This is the only sharp detail I can remember.

There is some possibility that I have confused two different books (one about the War of Independence, another with the accident and fused fingers), but will start with this.

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SamSpayedPI | 2069 comments Rosa wrote: "Johnny Tremain?"

Definitely Johnny Tremain.

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Alan (alanjc) | 178 comments SOLVED.

Yes, definitely Johnny Tremain.

Was actually a silversmith, not a blacksmith.

Good book, older than I thought. Unusual thing to find at an Australian primary (elementary) school - American history is not a big thing over here.

Thanks Rosa and SamSpayedPI.

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5198 comments You're welcome. I may actually finish that book someday.

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