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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Mafia romance. FMC’s father dies and an employee who hated him comes in and takes her to his house, and takes over the mafia family.

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message 1: by Christy (new)

Christy (cxe134) | 13 comments Mafia romance. The book starts after the FMC’s father dies. He had apparently arranged a marriage for her with a creepy guy from another family. But an employee of her father’s comes in and takes over the mafia family, including taking her to his house and insists that they are going to married. I can’t remember if he played a part in the death of her father but I think he had reason to dislike her father. I read this book within the last two years I think.

message 2: by Kris (last edited May 16, 2020 04:19PM) (new)

Kris | 35166 comments Mod
Christy, how does the heroine's father die?

Does she have siblings? What happens to her mother?

What's the location?

message 3: by Karen (new)

Karen | 41 comments I am wondering if this could be Bound by Vengeance by Cora Reilly?

message 4: by Christy (new)

Christy (cxe134) | 13 comments It’s not Bound by Vengeance. The male main character had a normal name. Something Italian I think.

As for the other questions, I think the father was murdered. The male main character may have had some part of it but I can’t remember specifics. The mom, I don’t remember. If she’s alive, she’s not around. I remember one of the opening scenes being at her home after the funeral and the skeezy arrange fiancé was being offensive, and the male main character makes the observation that when he leaves for the night she will be unprotected because none of her father’s men are around.

I don’t remember any siblings.

As for the setting, I THINK, Vegas. It wasn’t New York. I don’t think it was Chicago either but it could have been.

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