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Suzanne | 349 comments JUNE

✅ 1. Pride Month

Read a book with at least 5 different colors of the rainbow on the cover.

The Bone People by Keri Hulme

I see red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

✅ 2. June Birthdays: Anne Frank

Read a book set during WWII.
Code Name Verity

✅ 3. Father's Day

Read a book featured on one of these lists about fathers:
☀️11 Unforgettable Books about Fatherhood
To Kill a Mockingbird

✅ 4. Hit the Beach

Read a book where someone goes to the beach.
Irma Voth

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Suzanne | 349 comments JULY

✅1. Halfway There!

Read a book with a page number that ends in 2.
You Will Know Me
This edition has 352 pages.

✅ 2. July Birthdays: Pablo Neruda

Read a book published between 1904 and 1973.

The Italian Girl published 1964.

✅ 3. It's Winter Down South

Read a book set in the southern hemisphere.
Bridge of Clay
This book is set in Australia.

✅ 4. Summer Reading

Read a book from one of the following lists:
☀️ Goodreads Employees Share Their Summer Reading Plans
Red at the Bone

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Suzanne | 349 comments AUGUST

✅ 1. Read Good Books

Read the next book in a series you've already started.
On Eden Street

✅ 2. Back to School

Read a book often tested on the AP Literature exam, as found on this list.

✅ 3. August Birthdays: Ray Bradbury

Read a sci-fi or horror book.

✅ 4. Go for a Drive

Read a book where a character visits multiple countries.
Dust Tracks on a Road

Zora Neale Hurston visits several countries including Canada, Bahamas, Haiti and Jamaica.

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Suzanne | 349 comments Planning for one more time through....


✅ 1b. Read a book featuring an LGBTQIA+ protagonist
Frankissstein: A Love Story

✅ 2b. Read a book that was published in sometime between 1900 and 1950.
The Red House Mystery published in 1922.

✅ 3a. Read a book that starts with a letter in FATHERS DAY
Double Indemnity

✅ 4a. yellow or blue cover.

Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith


✅ 1c. Read a book that features twins
The Gifted School
One of the four families in the story has a set of twins, Charlie and Aidan.

2c. Read a book written in verse (must still meet the 100 page requirement).
Dance Dance Revolution

✅ 3c. Read a book found on TED's Winter Reading List.
H is for Hawk

✅ 4b. Read a book published in June, July, or August.
Homegoing published June 7, 2016.


✅1c. Read a book published in 2020 that you've been looking forward to.
The Last Trial

✅2a. Read a book by an author that is new-to-you.
The Hunters

✅ 3c. Read a collection of short stories (must still meet the 100 page requirement).
No One Belongs Here More Than You

✅ 4b. Read a book that starts with a letter in the phrase WINDOWS DOWN, BREEZE BLOWING
Buzz, Sting, Bite: Why We Need Insects

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