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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Tween Historical Fiction Book about girl who sees dead brother and mother who goes to mental instiution

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25 (2520) | 8 comments I remember reading this book in 2017 or 2018, the book cover was kinda pastel and had a gypsy caravan on the cover, it takes place in early 1900s England or America. The beginning of the book starts off with the main character's family moving to a new home because their old one had burned down and the main charcter's brother was killed in the fire. After they setyle in the father has to leave for a trip ( to what I think was germany). The mother, main character(tween girl), and a newborn baby girl, and a nanny at left at the house. The mother holds tramua from the fire and says that she can see her dead son because of that the nanny calls the doctor ( who is the villian of the story) to come and check on her, he thinks that she is crazy. During all of this the main character starts to see her dead brother and he leads her to a room where a boy's belonings were left behind. He also leads her to a run down caravan where everyone says a witch lives( she is really just the old owner of the main charcter's home and became a hermit after her son died). The "witch" turns out to be friendly and her and the main charcter become friends. Eventually the doctor takes the mother away to the local mental instituion and he and his wife decide to "adopt" the baby girl and they leave the nanny to care for the main character. The father is unreachable but they send him a telegram to come home. The main girl takes back her baby sister and leaves her with the nanny. The "witch" and the main girl team up with an ex-patient a solider who has a speech impediment. The "witch" dresses up nice and tricks the doctor into thinking that shes a relative of the mother and they get her out. The father returns with a doctor from germany and they bring talk about putting the mother in a therapy resort that actually helps people. At the end the girl stops seeing her brother, the "witch" is a offered a cottage on the property which she accepts, and the mother teaches the girl some latin phrase. I've looked everywhere for this book and still can't find it. P.S I live in America ( I don't know if that helps or not).

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25 (2520) | 8 comments The main character's baby sister's name is Roberta but they call her some other name

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25 (2520) | 8 comments I found it, it is The Secret of Nightingale Wood by Lucy Strange

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25 (2520) | 8 comments Could a mod please move this to solved?

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