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Taryn Oakley (oakleybooks) | 10 comments Hi, everyone! I am seeking reviews for my inspirational Christian fiction romance novel, “Dreams of July.”

It is a contemporary, heartwarming, faith-filled story that will inspire you!

Here is the blurb:

For two years, Laney Sanford has lived with the remains of a dream after her husband is tragically killed. She’s turned from everything—her faith, her family, her career. But she’s had enough loneliness to last a lifetime.

Moving back to her small-town home in Henson, Texas, she hopes to be rid of the past once and for all. Yet, just when everything seems too painfully familiar, she runs into a new face. His kind eyes evoke a sense of awareness to something she should remember; but the answer evades her like a cool breeze in summer. What could it be about the handsome stranger, other than drawing out emotions she longs to have but shouldn’t feel amongst her grief?

Firefighter Lucas Taylor is no stranger to grief and sadness. His job is to rescue and protect, but when it’s mattered most, he’s failed one too many times. Seeing Laney again revives the shame. Yet, this could be his second chance—at least that’s how he saw it at first. What he didn’t plan on was falling for her. How will she react when she learns what he’d done? Will her newfound faith in God be strong enough to withstand the truth? If so, can He bring back her dreams of July?

Send me a message if you’re interested! I would love to send you a FREE PDF copy in exchange for a review!

Thanks so much!

- Taryn Oakley

Taryn Oakley (oakleybooks) | 10 comments If interested, my email: or on Facebook Thanks!

Angela | 30 comments I would love to review your email is prefer kindle format if possible

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Meg Grimm | 7 comments Hi Taryn, I am also interested. Thanks!

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Regina Walker (regina_walker) I'd be happy to read and review.

Taryn Oakley (oakleybooks) | 10 comments Thank you for everyone’s interest. Everyone who has responded should have received their copy via email.

I’m excited for your reviews.

Let me know if anyone else is interested. I am happy to continue giving away a complimentary PDF for reviews!

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Violet Perry (Just a Bookish Blog) (justabookishblog) | 159 comments Taryn wrote: "Hi, everyone! I am seeking reviews for my inspirational Christian fiction romance novel, “Dreams of July.”

It is a contemporary, heartwarming, faith-filled story that will inspire you!

Here is th..."

Hi Taryn! How are you? Are you still looking for reviewers for your book? If so, I'd love to read and review it in exchange for a physical copy, as I don't really have a good way to read ebooks. My review would be published on Goodreads and my book blog. I can also be reached by email at:
Thank you!

Taryn Oakley (oakleybooks) | 10 comments I would love for you to read and review both my novels. However, I don’t have any physical copies to send. If you would be able to read it via PDF or another digital format, I’d be happy to send them your way. Thank you for your interest!

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Carolyn Dale Newell | 6 comments I’m blind. Can I read it on a Kindle format? The PDF might work.

Taryn Oakley (oakleybooks) | 10 comments I can send you the PDF and see if it works for you. If not, I can figure out getting you a Kindle edition. Would you email me at I’ll send it your way as soon as I get your email.

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Lilyyy (starlightmoonlight) | 76 comments Hello Taryn! I'd love to help review your book on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or Bookbub if you have any print copies available! I unfortunately I don't have a good way to read ebooks so they're not ideal. My email is Let me know if that would work! God bless!!

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