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message 1: by Arvindmisha (new)

Arvindmisha | 4 comments Hi all,

I hope you're keeping well during these times.

I'm looking for some beta readers to review an edited version of the opening chapters of a novel I've written.

The book centres around Reha, a frustrated PR Executive who works at a Birmingham college that is renowned for it’s outstanding teaching. Despite having a seemingly glittering career, Reha is struggling with the pitfalls of online dating and working with her snappy and abrupt manager Tristan, who never fails to overload her with work.

After a disastrous date, Reha’s friends recommend that she joins another app, which invites friends to post recommendations on their mate’s profile. Keen to give dating another go, Reha asks her best friend to write her one, which leads to them having banter about selling herself online.

Urged on by her best friend, Reha makes herself unrecognisable with eye contacts and contoured make-up as part of her fake profile, becoming the sensual and submissive Pinky Bolah.

However, as she trawls through countless messages, she finds one from someone she doesn’t expect, which leads to a series of life-changing events that puts Reha’s professional life and mental stability at risk.

If you are interested in reviewing and sharing your feedback, please get in touch :)

Best regards,


message 2: by Nadine (new)

Nadine | 4 comments Hi Misha,

I'd be happy to review and share my feedback on your novel.

Nadine :)

message 3: by Mommaleena (new)

Mommaleena (goodreadscommommaleena) | 16 comments I'd love to beta read for you. ❣️

message 4: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (outwithbooks) | 1 comments Hi Misha,
I would enjoy beat reading for you if the job is still open?

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