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Harkness Tower: A gothic masonry tower constructed at the University. An image of the tower appears on the Yale Herald. It is a popular place for clandestine meetings and is sometimes used by St.Elmo's for storm-summoning. It is in close proximity to Brandford college so student sometimes sneak onto the small green late at night.

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The gray day was doing absolutely nothing for Gansey's spirits, and that's all he could really think of, as he picked blades of grass and small flowers on the lawn of the tower. It was his second day back on campus, he'd spent yesterday held up in his room, hiding from Leo. Gansey knew he'd been unfair to his (ex?) boyfriend, and he felt guilty for it, but he knew the split was for the best. He just couldn't bear the thought of running into Leo on campus, especially after all the texts and messages he'd straight up ignored. It hadn't been easy for Gansey, either, being without Leo made him feel like something very important was missing. They'd been so close before, and to go even three weeks without speaking to him was making Gansey feel crazy. He gazed up at the tower through the fog, almost glaring at it. He had a book in his hands, trying to read some poetry. But every poem reminded him of dark hair and a strong jaw line, a calm voice and a cheesy smile. He missed Leo.

Gansey let out a loud sigh and flopped dramatically onto his back, staring up at the fog-filled gray sky and wishing the sun would peek out. He was trying to act like it was a nice day, wearing a pair of distressed black jeans and a royal blue tee shirt with a v neckline, to accentuate his tattoos. It was hard to adjust after hopping from California, all the way to Connecticut. He was used to 80 degrees and sunny, but there was something comforting about drab New England days. The fog was security, like a thick blanket draped over the town. It made Gansey feel so much less seen, and a little less worried that Leo would find him.

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There were students milling about, though not nearly as many as there would be when school began. None of them were too familiar so far, Leo Pai had just parked his car and was heading over to Wolf's Head to see who had arrived so far, to check in so to speak. He was VP now and had responsibilities to the members there that he hadn't had the two years before. Leo didn't think he was some big bad wolf now that he was vice president, he just felt the weight of more being put on him and accepted it without complaint. He liked that he had something to keep his mind off of other things. It hadn't exactly been an easy end of the summer for Leo, his boyfriend had broken up with him. Not only had he broken up with him, he'd done it through a text message of all things. Leo still couldn't fathom what would make Gansey do that, he just wasn't that guy. Coming from any other person he might have shrugged it off, but Gansey? Leo squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, thankful that he had his aviator sunglasses on and no one could see the bags beneath his eyes. He was barely sleeping, barely eating, his mom had threatened to take him to the doctor just before he'd left. Leo reopened his eyes and continued walking, he wouldn't break right now. He had things to do, and he wasn't about to let anyone see him weak.

Leo noticed a group of girls that he knew walking the opposite direction as him, he waved and they immediately came over to talk to him. Leo wasn't in the mood to make small talk, but he did what was expected of him and welcomed them back to campus and asked how their summers were. They didn't want to talk summer, they wanted to tell him they'd just seen Gansey earlier and that they thought Gansey and him were the cutest couple on campus. Leo felt his heart shred just a little at their words. Leo quickly made excuses and moved on from the girls, he whipped out his phone and began texting Gansey.


I just heard you're on campus.

You can't hide from me forever. Please talk to me.

Leo wasn't sure if he should continue to Wolf's Head or go look for his ex-boyfriend. It would be pitiful looking for him to follow Gansey around like a lost puppy, but if only he could make Gansey see that they could work through whatever was keeping them apart! Leo sighed and leaned against a nearby building, his chin tucked against his chest in defeat as he waited for his phone to light up with a reply. Leo felt a shot of anger pass-through him, he wasn't the type of guy that just got put in the corner and left alone. He took a deep breath, anger would not help with this situation, Leo repeated some breathing exercises he'd taken up on this past summer. If this was what the semester was going to be like then he was going to be a hot mess.

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Gansey was pondering his existence, his brown waves splayed around him in the grass as he laid there dramatically, when his phone buzzed. Gansey day up quickly, knowing exactly who it was. Leo hadn't tried to text him in a couple days, but he was bound to be back on campus, with classes only a few days away. Looking down at his phone only confirmed his thoughts as Leo's name popped up on the screen, hearts next to his name and all, since Gansey hadn't felt like changing it. His poetry book dropped to the ground beside him, but he didn't much care. Gansey was just staring at the screen, trying to decide if he even wanted to open it. But how could he ignore Leo? Leo, who he was absolutely head over Gucci boots for, who made him laugh and smile. All of a sudden it felt very silly to even consider ignoring him, and Gansey opened his phone with confidence. There was a long string of messages he hadn't replied to, but the newest one was very simple. Please talk to me was all Gansey needed to see before he started typing back.

He didn't want to ignore Leo, and maybe they could even be friends this year, but he knew that would be too painful. He would be so frustrated and pissed, being around Leo and not being allowed to pull him into his arms and kiss him like there's no tomorrow. Gansey started to wonder if his summer decision was ever going to last. I'm sorry I've been so distant, but this is for the best. It was a short message, but Gansey didn't know what else to say. Could always just tell him that his fear of coming out to his family made him feel like he was embarrassed of Gansey, and adding that to the fact that he'd be dating the VP of a shape shifting society just made things even more complicated.

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There were several students that meandered past Leo, a couple that went by had just returned from a run and looked haggard. He could relate, he'd tried to keep up his training throughout the summer for rowing, though he knew he failed on some days. It was intense to work so hard for something and then be let down by it, wait was he referring to rowing or himself? Leo shook his head, he was definitely losing it and no one could know, because he had responsibilities now, like taking care of a secret society and showing leadership. Which meant no weakness, or so he let others think. Gansey was his weakness and the time apart was literally devastating him. His phone pinged, Leo's eyebrows rose high on his forehead, had Gansey actually replied? He held his breath as he quickly looked at his phone, yes he had. Leo quickly unlocked the phone and began breathing again. The response wasn't what he wanted, nor was it all that detailed, but they were talking again! That was something, right?

Who are you to dictate what is best for me and what isn't? He typed out, then deleted, then retyped it and hit send. Quickly he typed out another message, Also that's all you have to say to me? We haven't talked in almost three weeks, what the hell Gansey? He hit send and felt like throwing his phone across the lawn. Instead, he went to Instagram and searched up Gansey, he hadn't updated, still. Leo had hoped maybe he was coming out of whatever hibernation he'd put himself in since he was talking to Leo, he wanted to know where he was. Leo wanted to pull Gansey into his arms and profess his undying love for him, shout it to the rooftops if only he'd let him. That would probably confuse anyone around them since Leo hadn't let on to anyone that he and Gansey broke up. He wasn't sure why he hadn't told anyone in Wolf's Head or any of his campus friends, maybe it was because he thought there would be a finality to it if he voiced it? Or that people would look at him different without Gansey by his side, maybe he was afraid to lose some of their mutual friends, or the fact that he would feel like they would have to take sides. He didn't want any of that, he just wanted to get Gansey back and act like nothing had happened. But Leo was part of the problem, he just didn't know how. What had he done wrong? Had he said something that was misconstrued? Had he hurt Gansey? He hadn't cheated on him, so that couldn't be it. Was he just done with Leo? Tired of the Asian boy that pretended to be one way at home and another way at school? His cheeks burned as the thought caught his attention, maybe Gansey was upset that Leo hadn't come out to his parents yet. But that was something he could fix! If that was the problem, his stomach twisted, at least he would try to fix it. The thought of coming out to his parents made him tremble, his dad had been disowned for simply marrying someone that wasn't the race as him, what would his dad, or his dads family do if they found out he was gay? Leo rubbed his chin in thought, his head hurt from the thoughts whirring around in his head.

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It took only a moment for Ganseys phone to buzz again. He purses his lips and stared down at it, knowing Leo was probably doing the same exact thing somewhere on campus. Knowing Leo, he was probably at the Wolfs Head tomb, making sure he didn't his job as VP as perfectly as possible. The thought made Gansey smile, Leo deserved to be the head of that society, he was easily the smartest out of all of them. He was fairly sure he wasn't even biased. Maybe a little bit. Opening his phone, Gansey read the messages carefully. Once, twice, three times. Every word from Leo was cherished, just as much as it felt like a punch in the gut. He was right, it wasn't Ganseys job to decide what was best for him, but had that ever stopped him before? It hadn't stopped him when Leo was getting too drunk at society parties last year, or when he noticed his boyfriend neglecting his schoolwork to spend time with him. When he'd noticed it then, he'd said something and helped, and as twisted as it sounded, that was exactly what he was doing now.

They hadn't talked in three weeks, another factual statement from Leo. Gansey felt himself turn bright red in frustration... this stubborn boy was going to drive him crazy, practically demanding that Gansey speak to him again. And it was working. Gansey felt a bit like a lost puppy without Leo on campus. He'd gone plenty of years at Yale without him, but once you meet someone so perfect for you, how do you go back to normal once they're gone? Gansey looked down at his phone and started typing. I'm sorry, Leo..I thought it would make this easier. And I know it's not my place, but I get to make decisions too. I didn't say anything because I don't know what to say. Of course I miss you, but I'm trying to do what's right. Gansey's message was quite a bit longer that time, but Leo would still not like it. His boyfriend, well, ex boyfriend, always liked the facts laid out in a nice little line, and Gansey wasn't doing that for him.

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The breeze was much cooler at Yale than back home in Atlanta, Leo enjoyed it. Welcomed the bite that came with it, he'd always liked it at Yale more than at home. Maybe it was because he was accepted at Yale, where at home he had to pretend to be something he wasn't. His feet carried him from the spot he was at, towards a more familiar space, one that he had gone to many times with Gansey. He found the tree, it was large, its boughs hung low to the ground, and the grass beneath it was lush and green. Gansey and Leo had spent many a picnic beneath the tree before him, they'd even talked about carving their initials into the tree, but neither of them had the heart to defile the tree in such away. Leo sat at the base and pulled out his phone, waiting for a reply that might not come. But then his phone dinged and he unlocked the phone hurriedly, his eyes roaming over the message screen, taking in this next message from Gansey. He missed him? But he thought what was best was for them to be apart? Why?

Why though? Why is it right for us to be apart? It feels so wrong! Gansey you are the moon to my stars and I don't know how I'll ever go on without you at my side, as equals.

Gansey hit send and then thought for a few moments. He had so much more to say, but would it make a difference? It seemed that Gansey had made up his mind and wasn't going to budge, not that that would stop Leo from pursuing the love of his life.

You can try to keep avoiding me, but eventually, you will have to face me. We need to talk about this in person.

Leo started to think about what it was really going to be like without Gansey by his side. No late-night strolls on the grounds, no morning coffee dates, no boy cheering him on while he rowed, no smile that made his heart trip over itself. The light in his life was gone, it was time to face that. Leo felt the tears behind his eyes, the ache in his chest, a sob slipped from his mouth before he clapped his hand there and attempted to gather himself before someone noticed. This was not part of his Junior year plan, this did not go hand in hand with everything else that had happened. Leo thought about the few things Gansey had given him, gifts. Did he need to return those? What happened after a breakup? Leo felt defeated in that moment.

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Gansey stood up after he pressed send and started pacing. Maybe he was being an idiot, trying to keep himself away from Leo. It was obviously going to be hard, with how much he was already aching to run across campus and fall into his boyfriends lovely, strong arms. Gansey started to walk around the lawn, roaming over the green grass with a strong frown on his face. It wasn't that he didn't want to be with Leo, or that he'd lost interest or didn't love him any more. It was simply a struggle between wanting so badly to be with someone, but knowing you aren't the ideal person for them. And who knows? Maybe Gansey was a hiccup for Leo, and he'd run off and marry some wildly smart girl that would appreciate his muscles even more than Gansey did (not that he thought the later to be possible). He was feeling extremely horrible, pacing back and forth in front of Harkness Tower. It was looming and dull on the cloudy day, and Gansey wished he could run back to California, where Leo couldn't possibly find him.

His phone rang again and Gansey felt the pit in his stomach lurch as he read the text messages. Leo called him his moon and he almost broke, clamping a hand over his mouth as he felt himself want to cry. Leo has always called him that, and Gansey thought of Leo as the sun; the perfect yin to his yang. You're right, we can't talk about this over text. I'm sorry I've been hiding. I want to talk in person but it's going to be hard to see you. I promise I'll explain everything to you. Gansey pressed send hastily and stared down at his phone. He knew he'd probably just made a mistake, but he needed to see his Leo. Maybe the real mistake was breaking up in the first place, if it made the both of them so miserable.

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Leo wiped his face, schooling his expression so that he could leave the tree he was under, he needed to move, to walk off the anxious feelings he seemed to be having. A couple of guys from rowing passed by, they give him a fist bump and promised to catch up soon, they also mentioned practicing at 5 am tomorrow morning, Leo nodded that he would be there and continued on his way, his phone clutched in his hand. It pinged as he walked, he stepped to the side of the sidewalk and swiped up to see the new message from Gansey. He wanted to meet... HE WANTED TO MEET! Leo almost whooped aloud but kept his excitement at a minimum as bit his lip and tried not to have too much hope for the impending meetup. Would it be awkward? Would they be able to hug? Keeping Gansey at arms length, untouchable, that had to be one of Leo's worst nightmares. He typed out a quick reply to Gansey's, wanting to see him as soon as physically possible.

Okayyyyy. It won't be easy for me either, can we meet now?

Leo's skimmed the area around him, but he didn't recognize the lean shoulders of his boyfriend anywhere nearby. Perhaps he was lying in his bed? Or was he outside somewhere like Leo? Visiting old haunts that reminded him of their time together. The last option sent a searing pain through his chest, if Gansey was hurting as much as he was then why were they doing this at all? It seemed stupid to put each other through this for no reason. He would know, he felt sure he would know how Gansey felt when he laid eyes on him. If he still loved Leo or not, Gansey's eyes told everything, also his body language, Gansey was just a genuinely good guy and was honest with just about everyone. If he lied he had to have very good reason to, or that was the impression that Leo had after spending the last year with him. Sure he disappeared some nights and didn't relay where he was going, but Leo had always trusted him, Leo had gone places and been part of secretive meetings without telling Gansey about it, but Gansey had seemingly trusted him as well. They acknowledged that they each had lives to live, but that they would meet in the middle of all of that and still find time to love one another. Or so he'd thought... maybe he shouldn't have taken on the VP position, it would mean even more time away from Gansey, more time at Wolf's Head. He would do it, step down if it meant having his boyfriend back.

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Gansey started down at his phone and cursed to himsel, smacking the palm of his hand to his forehead in frustration. Why had he said that? He knew that as soon as he saw Leo he would cave. How could he not? Gansey reminded himself why he was doing this. It was about wolfs head, and about Leo's hesitance to commit. But wolfs head was just a stupid society, and Gansey didn't care how long it took Leo to fully commit, as long as at the end of the day, Leo always chose him. That's al he needed. Leo's love was enough to forget about the rough parts of their relationship, and that's why Gansey knew he was going to cry as soon as he Saar his boyfriend. He didn't want to put them through this, not at all. So why be so strong all the time?

Leo texted back quickly, asking to meet now. Gansey instinctively looked up and glanced around, half expecting to see his best friend just waltzing around campus, stumbling by Gansey without a clue where he was going. But of course he wasn't there, so Gansey went back to his phone. He was about to create an emotional mess, but he couldn't hold it in much longer. I'm at Harkness Tower. Where are you? We can meet in the middle? he suggested, just ready to run in whatever direction Leo was in. His poetry book was long since forgotten in the grass, the tall boy pacing back and forth, combing his long fingers through his hair. He was a ball of stress without Leo around.

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Leo was on his way towards Wolf's Head, it was the only destination he could think of at that moment, when his phone pinged. It was Gansey, he was at Harkness Tower of all places. Why would he be there? Leo rose a brow and stopped in his tracks, trying to figure out what his boyfr- ex-boyfriend was doing at Harkness Tower. Maybe he just needed to be alone that bad? Leo quickly shot a text back, turning fully around and heading back the direction he'd come from.

I'll come to you, I was near our tree..."

Leo picked up the pace, his long strides would take him to Gansey in mere minutes. If he ran it would take less time, but he needed the time in between to get his nerves together before he saw Gansey. The boy with hair he could run his fingers through over and over, the boy who he had kissed from head to toe, his lips twitched at the thought of locking lips with Gansey. His body reacted without him having a choice, Leo picked up the pace. Maybe things wouldn't be as horrible as he was imagining they would be. Perhaps Gansey would rethink his plan of breaking up with Leo, give him another chance? Leo's searched the grounds as he neared Harkness Tower, looking for a lean body and a boys eyes that he could never forget.

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Gansey has gone from pacing to walking in large circles, trying to guess where Leo would be coming from. He wasn't even sure if he'd answer, or just show up barely winded after sprinting across campus. Gansey smirked at the thought and quickly shook his head. His phone rang and he felt a pain in his chest when Leo said he'd been at their tree. It only lasted for a moment, though, before Gansey was running in the direction of their tree. He thought for a moment and decided walking would probably be more...chill. But he didn't much care. He looked a bit silly when he ran, a mass on long limbs and wavy hair flapping in the breeze. After a minute he could make out the shape of a boy across the field, and within his next step, he could see clear as day with it was Leo.

Gansey stopped in his tracks, simply staring at Leo. He had gotten even more handsome over the summer, that much was obvious. His black hair was combed and slick, but big sunglasses covered his eyes. That made Gansey frown. On this foggy day why would he need them? Leo looked fine otherwise, the same chiseled jawline that made Ganseys knees buckle, same jeans and tee shirt, same Leo. He took a minute just to stare, wondering what he should even do next. Should he just talk? He wasn't sure. Gansey walked slowly towards Leo, eventually speeding up and encasing the other boy in his arms. He crushed him to his chest and held him close, head resting against his shoulder "I'm sorry." He whispered. A wave of calm washed over him as he felt Leo's touch again.

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If his heart beat was any indication as to how the meeting was going to go with Gansey, well things probably wouldn't go well, unless Gansey was willing to get back together. What if Leo broke in front of him? Unacceptable, he couldn't, no he wouldn't, do that to Gansey. His sweet, sensitive Gansey who felt everything around him. Despite his being confused, slightly angry, and sad about the predicament they were in, he would never intentionally hurt Gansey. He squinted as he looked across the field in front of him, someone was walking towards him, and he would know that profile anywhere. Leo walked steadily towards the boy that had shattered his heart in a million pieces, his breath hitched as Gansey ran the last bit of distance between them and slammed into him, wrapping him in an embrace. Leo held his hands out, looking awkward as hell, confusion swirled through him. What was happening? Had he knocked his head and was dreaming? He looked at the brown, wavy hair against his shoulder, it took him a few moments, but he accepted that Gansey was apparently as torn apart as he was and wrapped his strong arms around the boy in front of him. He sighed with relief, even if this meant nothing else, at least he had Gansey in his arms.

"You should be," He muttered into Gansey's hair, inhaling his familiar scent. Leo's eyes closed, his dark lashes like crescent moons against his tanned cheeks. Anyone that may have happened to see them while walking by would've thought it was a lovers embrace. There was no way that they could have known that there were two broken hearts in the middle of the field.

"Exactly what the hell is going on Gansey? Don't lie to me," Leo broke the silence first, opening his eyes, but he didn't step back, he held fast to his first love. Hopefully his only, Leo breathed out a shuddering sigh, as if he'd just had a long, mournful sob fest. "You're tearing me apart with this whiplash, not that I'm complaining about this," He implied their stance, "Right now. But I'd like to know where the fuck I stand in your life."

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Gansey crashed into Leo and wrapped his arms around him tightly, crushing him against his chest. Leo was not quick to return his hug, but Gansey wasn't even worried about that. He had Leo in his arms, so everything was going to be okay. A voice in the back of his head told him hugging and affection would not make their conversation any easier, but he happily swatted those thoughts away once Leo's arms wrapped around him in return. The feel of being in Leo's arms was enough to make Gansey want to burst into tears. Even beyond their breakup, it had been so hard to go months without seeing his boyfriend. All he'd wanted was to hold him like this; and now that he had it, there in his arms, it was soured by the dreadful thought of having to discuss their issues openly. Being vulnerable like that was not something he was looking forward to.

Leo broke their silence and Gansey sighed, enjoying his last moment of truly uncomplicated affection from his friend. "I'm sorry Leo. I shouldn't have done that to you so abruptly or over text or anything like that. It was wrong and I'm sorry." He said, releasing Leo just a bit, placing his hands in his and looking directly into his eyes. Those pools of amber were so hypnotizing, it was going to be horrid trying to stay on track. "It has been so long since I'd seen you this summer, I was starting to worry that you weren't going to want me when we got back to school..." he said, telling a half truth. He couldn't lie to Leo, but telling him the truth, that Gansey was horrified he was just a phase in Leo's life, not something permanent, would be too cruel to say to Leo. He would decide to come out in his own time, and Gansey could never rush him on something like that. "And then I heard about you getting VP of Wolfs head and...I panicked. I didn't know if it would be best for you to date someone from a different society. And I know that's not my decision to make...but...I made it. And I'm so sorry." His eyes were pleading with Leo's, big and something between blue and green.

Leo asked what he was to Gansey and he simply stood for a second, staring at Leo with sympathy in his eyes. "Leo, that all depends on if you can forgive me." He said softly. He knew he'd made multiple mistakes, and fucked everything up, but what was the point in life if he didn't try to get the love of his life back?

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Leo looked down at Gansey, he started speaking and he had Leo's rapt attention as the words flew out of his mouth. He looked back without flinching when Gansey's eyes met his. He rose both brows when Gansey admitted that he was afraid that Leo wouldn't want him back in his life after the summer. How could Gansey think that? They were so connected right before summer, spending every waking minute together that they weren't busy with each of their societies. He began shaking his head before his own mouth opened to reply, he closed it, thought about his words for a moment, then began speaking,

"Gansey," His tone was gentle yet firm because he didn't want to offend Gansey, "I don't know if the summer heat got to your head, but there is no way, in no world, that I wouldn't want you in my life. You," Leo pushed some of Gansey's hair back, "Are literally my everything. I've been dying a little inside every day that we were broken up, and over the summer? Over the summer I missed you each and every day, I had to stop myself from texting you right away each morning because I didn't want to seem too needy, and I loved that we talked each night until one of us fell asleep. Gansey maybe I didn't express in words enough how much you meant to me," Leo took a deep breath and let it out slowly, his cheeks were burning by this point. "But I really do care about you, and if we're to move on from this," He wanted to gesture around them, but his hands were occupied with Gansey at that moment, "You should maybe talk to me about these things? Instead of assuming how I might feel, or what I may want. I'll try to give you the same respect," Leo brought up one of his hands and rubbed a thumb over Gansey's jaw. He leaned down, his lips brushing against Gansey's ear, "And of course I forgive you, you silly boy. How could I not? You have my heart, though right now it may just be a fragment, you've kind of broke it."

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Gansey was bracing himself to be told off, knowing that he fully deserved it. He'd abandoned Leo for stupid reasons over the summer and it hadn't been fair. He was prepared to be told to go screw, but instead, Leo looked him in the eyes and pushed his hands through Ganseys hair, assuring him there was no universe in which Leo didn't want him by his side. As soon as he said it Gansey beamed, feeling the lovely glow of Leo's love and regretting how long he'd waited to reconcile with his boyfriend. Leo was essentially professing his love for him and he felt as if he was in a dream, and any second, Leo would start meowing and the world would turn upside down or something. He couldn't believe his luck. Gansey held on tightly to his boyfriend, hesitant to let go.
Leo lightly discussed with him that they should discuss things instead of making snap decisions and Gansey nodded eagerly. "Absolutely Leo," he promised, wildly excited that Leo would forgive him in the first place. "I swear to you I'll treat it kindly," he said softly in regards to Leo's heart. "I'm so glad you'll forgive me Leo, I don't know what I'd do if you didn't." He said, gulping down some emotions so he wouldn't look like some big baby in front of Leo. He was a man, after all. Gansey leaned in and pressed his lips gently against Leo's, one arm wrapped around his center, holding him close to his own slender frame.

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Wrapped up in Gansey's embrace Leo felt invincible like he could take on the world, and that included shouting to the rooftops that he was in love with this boy in front of him. Leo said softly that he agreed with everything he'd said, and then some, it made Leo want to sweep Gansey off his feet and take him to his dorm, but he refrained from doing so, just barely. "Of course I'll forgive you-" He barely got out before he found himself locked in a kiss with the boy he had been missing all summer. This was everything he had been waiting for, this embrace, the kiss, feeling like he was falling through multiple universes at once with his one true star. Leo kissed Gansey back, gently as well, his hand still tangled in the other boys hair. One hand pressed against Ganseys back, holding on just as tightly as Gansey was, as if the world was prepared to tear them apart at any moment and they would never see one another again. That would be devastating, Leo wouldn't know how he would continue to live if such a thing occurred, then cursed his mind for all of the thoughts that were running rampant as he kissed his boyfriend, ex, boyfriend, wait which was it? Leo mentally shook himself and got lost in the moment like he should have been from the beginning. A low sound came from his mouth as he felt things for Gansey, things that had been held at bay for the past couple of weeks, for the past summer because of being apart. Video chatting, texting, and talking on the phone didn't do this justice, nothing was the same as being in the actual arms of the one you loved.

After a few minutes of breathless kissing, and Leo wanting to grab his boyfriends ass, because who wouldn't, but restraining himself to keep himself from ravaging his boyfriend in a field. On campus. That would just be too wild, even for him. Leo broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against Ganseys, disentangling his hand so that he could put it to the back of Gansey's neck instead. "That," He spoke, his voice was rough with need and emotion, he cleared it, "That was something that I've wanted to do all summer. Next summer we need to see each other, not just video chat. Please? Of course if you're against that, I'll respect your wishes." Leo certainly didn't want Gansey thinking he was pressuring him into doing anything. "But I think the two of us, well we shouldn't be kept apart for long periods of time. We get inside our heads too much and it doesn't end well."

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Leo fell into the kiss just as easily as Gansey did. His boyfriend pressed a gentle hand to his back, holding him firmly in place as the two of them kissed. Gansey could tell by the sound that rumbled from Leo's chest that he was getting carried away, but there was no way Gansey was going to stop Leo. Whatever he wanted Gansey would give him, and as Leo's hand snaked into Ganseys curls he let out a soft sigh, his head tilting back ever so slightly at Leo's playful tug. He grinned against Leo's lips, but quickly recovered and drifted his fingers up Leo's chest, eventually cupping his chin and gliding his thumb along Leo's cheek as they kissed. It seemed all too soon when Leo pulled away, and Gansey was truly confused for a moment at the absence of Leo's lips.

Gansey was floored by how well put together Leo seemed after their kisses, hastily returning to their conversation as if Gansey hadn't been ready to pull Leo up to his dorm just a moment ago. "Me too, love." He agreed, laying a soft kiss on Leo's cheek and holding him close still. Gansey was terrified to let go of Leo again. The last time he'd done so it had been for far too long. Holding onto Leo, Gansey listened closely, nodding along to agree with Leo. Of course, the way Gansey saw things, by next summer they could have an apartment together. He didn't know where and he didn't know when, but Gansey saw himself and Leo living together in the near future. What would be the point in staying so far away from him? Leo was his whole heart, and Gansey wasn't going to roam too far away from him ever again. But he nodded "Of course, however you want to do it." He agreed, not wanting to scare Leo with thoughts of moving in together so soon (seeing as he'd just wrecked his heart a month ago). "Whatever you want, Leo, I'm there for it. I can't lose you ever again." Gansey said softly, gazing into Leo's eyes so he knew he was being serious. He truly believed it was the biggest mistake of his life to break up with Leo, and felt so lucky he would take him back.

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How was it that the two of them had made up? Leo was in awe of their ability to fix things, and the inability to stay away from each other as soon as they saw one another. Were there actually other couples like this? He doubted it, how could anyone be like the two of them? Surely they were unique. Leo's heart stuttered when Gansey said the words, "Whatever you want, Leo, I'm there for it. I can't lose you ever again." He didn't want to lose Gansey ever again either. It could possibly break him in ways that nothing else could. Leo brushed his lips against Gansey's cheek, he could not let anything happen to set them apart again, he would work ten times harder for their relationship and dive deeper to make sure they were on the same plane in all ways.

"I can't even acknowledge that there might be a possibility of losing you again," Leo took a deep breath, let it out, and continued, "It would be like losing a limb to lose you again. I commit to our relationship, to checking in with you and spending time with you every week. And to hell with the politics of the societies. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to keep me from you. If this campus isn't big enough for our relationship then they can stuff it." Leo cupped Gansey's face with his hands and stared into his eyes intently, "Lets pledge to be honest, and ask questions, to not assume things. This is a partnership, and if its going to last we have to talk to each other." Wow that was more than he'd planned to say, but it was from the heart and he refused to take back a word of it. He let his hands drop, but he threaded them through Gansey's hands, not wanting to be away from him.

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