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message 1: by Jannik (new)

Jannik | 2 comments Hello.
I have finished my 1 book (Phoenix Fire & Dragons Blood) in my series, The Burning Heart and I have finally gathered enough courage to join a group like this to seek beta readers and help. As a heads-up, I come from Denmark and English is my second language, and I am still finding errors in my text. I would love a fresh pair of eyes on it to aid me with my work.

Many years after an attempted invasion from the Infernal People, the different people of Jarnal, (Humans, Elves, Dwarfs ECT) are beginning to break the old alliances which saved them in the last war. The drums of war begin to echo, while an even older evil begins to make its move against an unsuspecting world. While some seek to stay open and helpful, others tend to look inward and hope that the storm will blow past them.
In the story, we will follow several people of different races and how they must learn to survive and adapt to the changes in their lives around them. There are strong screens throughout the book, both violent and sexual, and love between same genders.

I am working hard to give each of my key persons a different personality, but sometimes I might have gotten carried away by my own story.

I know 164k word is a heavy starter, so please feel free to ask for a warm-up collection of chapters, maps of the world are available too.

I look forward to hearing from you.

message 2: by Mark (new)

Mark (grimalkyne) | 4 comments Hi Jannick

I'd be happy to beta read for you - please DM me for my email address


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