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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult erotica novel where the main girl is poor and is kidnapped and seduced by a man looking for her missing drug dealer brother

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Mya Starz (mya_starz) | 4 comments I skimmed this book probably around five years ago or more after seeing an ad for it somewhere. It's an erotica type novel and I'm pretty sure the main girl is kidnapped by someone who is looking for her brother who deals drugs but has disappeared because he's stolen money or something and his overseers want to kill him. I think the girl is pretty poor and is in a tight spot financially when she's kidnapped. Anyway the kidnapper guy finds and kills her brother without her knowing, but after she does find out he still somehow seduces her?? I think the title has "moon" in it, and I think the author is Canadian but I'm not sure. I read this for like five seconds but I'm really dying to remember what it's called.

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Mya Starz (mya_starz) | 4 comments Found it!!! It's A Bedtime Story by L.C. Moon

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