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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Adult themed paranormal series witches and vampires where sisters are on opposite sides but. Are reunited....

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Kathy | 2 comments Plotline: Romance between a witch and a vampire who are being targeted by another faction. I **think** there might be time travel. Turns out the witch has a sister who is fighting for other side. They discover each other and the sister eventually is convinced and then imprisoned by her faction. Her faction is led by a warlock and they are training for war. The sister WAS a senior warrior/trainer but when she is imprisoned she is raped repeatedly in an effort to get her pregnant (by the guys she was training).

She is captured by her faction because her sister is giving birth and she reveals herself to save the child...

The other faction has divided its people based on skills and the females that have non-warrior skills are then setup as breeders. When the sister is captured she is put into the “breeder” class.

The last book I read in the series was where a vampire (who had been in love with her sister), rescues her (in the middle of her own escape) and realizes she’s been brutalized (he sneaks back into the other camp and kills the 1st guy who raped her). This book ends with him volunteering to help her by showing her how good sex can be.

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Kathy | 2 comments Forgot to add . . I think The last book in the series that I read (where the sister escapes) was around 2014...

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