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message 1: by Allan (new)

Allan Walsh | 11 comments Hello fellow fantasy writers,
I saw a post in the group sharing details of author pages, so other authors could like/follow each other. I thought this was a good idea for networking, etc... but that it would be better to keep within genre so we are sticking within the same audience. I've starting this thread in the Fantasy folder for that reason.
So, if you are a fantasy writer, feel free to post your FB page details here then flick through those already posted and see if you want to follow or like some of the other authors in your genre. My page can be found at: Allan Walsh Author

message 2: by Lenita (last edited May 15, 2020 09:19PM) (new)

Lenita Sheridan | 1010 comments I am a fantasy writer and have a Facebook author page. It is

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary Ames | 45 comments Allan,
Thank you for beginning this string for fantasy authors. Hopefully, it will assist those of us who are interested in fantasy to have a common venue for discussion.
My works fall under science fantasy wherein the story is underpinned by science. For example, my stories are based on the science of genetics: what genes are, how they work, aspects of genetic engineering, etc.
For anyone interested in science fantasy or learning more about genetics, please let me know. You can find more information at
Thank you, Mary Elizabeth

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I am also a new fantasy writer. I have two books available based on a world similar to Ancient Greece. I am looking for readers and reviewers. Both stories deal with magic and fantastic creatures who help the main character fight off threats from outside his home, and political intrigue from within. The main part of the story is what do you do when everything you have been taught over the years, and that you have taken for granted, becomes useless against the threat of outside and inside forces. More details are available on my web page of:

Wilbur Arron

The Forest of Allund
The Laughing Gods

Both available through Kindle.

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