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Create your characters below, feel free to use any template.

Your characters will be sorted into Residential Colleges at random unless specified. This will affect who your characters share a dorm with, so include it in your template if there's someone you wish to room with. Try and include the following information.

Year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Grad Student)
Appearance (please include an image)
Extra-Curricular Activities (if applicable)
Secret Society Member (if applicable)
Part-time Job (if applicable)
Existing Relationships (aka other characters in the rp - if applicable)

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ƒυℓℓ ηαмє: Everly(Ever, Ev) Saji
αgє: 18
уєαя: Freshman
мαנσя: Medicine
Left nose piercing, just cut her hair shoulder length for college(Her parents about killed her), 5'3, Indonesian, Bali to be exact, American born.

ρєяѕσηαℓιту Confident, sassy, attitude, all three of these could define Everly. Unless she's around her Indian family, then she's described as quiet, obedient, intelligent, hardworking. Her social life and her family life are vastly different, and she tries to keep them as separate as possible. Though Everly has been an obedient, seemingly good Indian girl up until her 18th year of life, things may change as she enters the adult world and learns more about herself, and who she wants to be.

Everly was born in a little town outside of Dallas, TX. Her parents moved there while her mother was pregnant with her. Just in time for her to be considered born an American. Though her parents wanted more for their daughter and had great plans for her future in America, they also wanted to keep old traditions and make sure she knew of her heritage and place in their family. Everly has an older brother who was born in Bali, where her family is originally from, and three younger sisters. Everly was raised to be a 'good' Indian girl, one that upholds tradition, follows her parents rules, will go on to make her family proud.

Everly knew she was not like her siblings or cousins when she was around twelve years old. They were in Bali visiting family, there was a big celebration, not only family came, but friends, and according to her brother, 'very important people'. She was in her light blue Saree, tucked in a corner with a plate full of deserts in her lap when a girl squeezed in behind the plant that Everly was hiding behind. Everly raised both brows and looked at the other Indian girl curiously, she wasn't wearing a Saree, nor did she have long hair like all of the women in her family did. She had a pixie cut, and she was wearing jeans and a wrap-around shirt, that fit her snug, accentuating her curves. Everly had never met anyone in one of her hiding spots before, she could usually nestle herself away and no one noticed until dinner time. This girl looked older than she, maybe 15 or 16, she had her eyebrows pinched together and was looking right and left, as if she was on the run from someone. Everly cleared her throat, the girl whipped her head around, she appraised Everly quickly. It would seem she passed whatever test she was involuntarily taking, because the girl plopped down beside her and began eating her food right off her plate. She introduced herself as Sarah and said that she was hiding from her father who was trying to marry off to the first single boy at the gathering. Sarah wasn't interested in being married, she had plans of her own, plus she was too young to even be thinking about a future family. It ended up she was 15, not only was she 15, but she had no interest boys anyway. She quickly explained that she had no intentions in following her family's plan, but she was going to take her own path, as soon as she was 18, even if that meant she would be disowned. This shocked, and intrigued Everly. She'd never met anyone quite like Sarah. Her parents surrounded her with the belief that every Indian girl listened, obeyed, and followed the path their parents set forth for them. This was beyond mind blowing for such an impressionable girl. She spent the next four hours just talking with Sarah, once in a while sneaking off to get more food and drink. They shared contact information and stayed in touch for the next year, anxiously awaiting the next gathering to meet up. This would be two years later.

Everly was more mature, by her opinion, and she had learned a lot more about being involved in her school, extra-curricular activities, and what the world held since the last time she'd seen Sarah. She'd also developed her own curves since then, and Sarah had no qualms about checking Everly out. Sarah would be Everly's first crush and her first kiss. Though they would never have a real relationship, she was the girl that made Everly realize that she wasn't about guys, she was about girls, and her family would never approve. They would be mortified if they knew any of it. Everly went on without dating after Sarah, waiting anxiously for college, where she could find herself, out from under the roof of her pressuring parents, even if it did mean going to school for medicine instead of dance. Her parents had had her in dance school since she was five years old, never thinking she would take it seriously, but thought it would look good on college applications. Everly did take it seriously though, so seriously that she applied at NYU, and she was accepted. She had never been as happy as she'd been when she got the acceptance letter. But she'd also gotten into Yale, her parents found out, and immediately helped her accept, enroll in the medical program, and get her dorm room squared away. She didn't even have a chance to breathe, let alone have a say-so over her future. She cried off and on the entire summer before Yale, but she eventually sucked it up and did what any good Indian girl would do, she went to the college her parents picked for her, majored in the field they expected, and had no arguments. Though Everly was spirited and had an attitude, it didn't mean she didn't value family and want to still be a part of that. Maybe things will change with college, with the freedoms she will be allowed, with the right kind of people encouraging her to do her own thing, as well as encouraging her to be open and honest with her family about what she wants in life.

єχтяα-¢υяяι¢υℓαя α¢тινιтιєѕ Dance studies
ѕє¢яєт ѕσ¢ιєту мємвєя Not as of right now
ραят-тιмє נσв Looking
єχιѕтιηg яєℓαтισηѕнιρѕ None(Future relationship with Leah)

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Classics Major ∙ Lethe House ∙ Dreamwalker ∙ Senior ∙ 22 yrs ∙ Bisexual

Elias Garvey II or just Garvey as he prefers to be called, is an assiduous, forthright senior student and the acting Virgil of Lethe House. A classics major and a dream-walker who prides himself on his knowledge of the arcane, Garvey is well suited to the role of training the new Dante's. He's a perfectionist to the point of neuroticism and hates a puzzle that he can't solve. Born in New Haven, Garvey had his sights set on Yale from the moment he saw its gothic architecture. His grandfather had attended the university himself, a shrewd old man with the grandest book collection Garvey had ever seen, and the one person who shared his love of the ancient world. Growing up, Garvey spent a lot of time at his grandfather's residence of Blackthorn Hall, racing through the orchard and exploring the secret rooms and passages. The old mansion had been in the family for generations, passed down from one family to the next. Garvey's mother had always hated it, but for him and his little sister, Blackthorn Hall was a truly magical place.

From a young age Garvey was afflicted with frightening and vivid dreams. He'd wake in the middle of the night, his heart racing and his body coursing with adrenaline. It happened frequently, so often in fact that his concerned mother took him to speak to a child psychologist. They couldn't find an answer and explained it away as a wild imagination. But the dreams never stopped, and it wasn't until another child fell asleep in class and Garvey found himself traversing the halls of a medieval castle did he realise that the dreams were not in fact his. That night when he fell asleep, instead of letting the scenario play out, he went in search of the dreaming individual. And to his surprise he found them. The girl lived two doors down from him and her dreams were filled with awful, terrible things. She was a year older than him, he'd never spoken to her, but had seen her riding her bike in the street. The next time she cycled past his house he went out to see her. They spoke for a while that day, and the day after, and the two of them became friends of sorts. A month passed and her dreams grew steadily worse. It was only when she confided in him about her step-father did Garvey realised just why her dreams were so frightening. At twelve years old, Garvey did the only thing he could which was to tell his mother. The police were called, the step-father was removed from the house and the awful, terrible dreams steadily reduced in number.

Her family moved down south the following Spring and eventually the two of them lost contact. Garvey sought to gain a better understanding and an element of control over his ability. His search led him to the books in his grandfather's house where he uncovered numerous volumes about witchcraft and occult practices. In between studying for his exams and bolstering his college resume, he was reading all about dream manifestation or dream-walking. He began to test his abilities, using meditation and seeking out ways to extend the range of his magic. Late at night he'd fall asleep, only to wake in the dreams of other people, learning about them, their secrets and their deepest desires. He never told a soul about his magic, knowing that people would think he was crazy. It was while staying over at Blackthorn Hall, that Garvey accidentally walked into the dreams of his grandfather. He'd made a personal vow not to intrude on his families minds and so left as soon as he realised. But that night his grandfather suffered a massive stroke. He survived, but it left him with low cognitive function. Garvey knew it was his magic that had caused it and blamed himself. From then on, he vowed never to use it again.

He threw himself into his studies in an effort to distract him from his guilt. His grandfather was moved into a nursing home in town, and Garvey volunteered there to help assist in his care. He never gave up on his Yale ambitions but the world around him had soured. After everything that had happened, he no longer felt worthy of such a thing. When his acceptance letter came through Garvey had a hard time feeling excited about going, but deep down it was still the future he wanted. He packed up everything from his family room and moved onto Berkeley campus that Autumn. Not long after, his family moved away to put his sister Olivia through a prestigious music program in California. New Haven was suddenly very lonely, that was until Lethe came into his life. He received the mysterious summons to Orange St. a month after starting and it was here that his eyes were opened to the secret societies and the wider existence of magic. Garvey was trained as a Dante alongside several other students under the watchful eye of a Virgil. To Garvey's absolute shock, Lethe House was already aware of his magic and it was part of the reason they had chosen him. It took a lot of coaxing and deliberation for him to begin to dream-walk again. This time he was supported by his fellow students, taught ways to protect himself and his target, and most of all to prevent Grays from coming anywhere close to him. Still, he never opened up to anyone about what happened to his grandfather.

The next few years at Yale, Garvey really came into his own. In his studies he was diligent and hard-working, always focussed on the task at hand. And for Lethe, he was amongst their best recruits, charming and magnetic, well versed in the arcane and in complete control of his own innate gift. He became well known around campus, was involved in several sports and always invited along to the Manuscript parties. Even the society presidents who were naturally averse to Lethe's presence were on good terms with him. It did not go unnoticed, his Virgil at the time James was certain that Garvey would be the perfect candidate to take over when he graduated. Except James didn't graduate at all. He left town and wasn't heard from until a month later when a letter came through from a monastery in France. James was replaced as Virgil by an ex-Dante for the remainder of his term, but his recommendation stood. Garvey was made Virgil on the last day of his junior year and is now in full preparation for the next term to start. He's optimistic about the arrival of the new Dante's but also nervous about the prospect of taking over Lethe house for the year. Garvey feels like he's got a lot to prove, and with the weakening nexuses on campus, he's beginning to feel that he might not be cut out for the job after all.

Extra Curriculars
sailing, fencing, lacrosse

Existing Relationships
∙ lethe house oculus
∙ second/third year lethe dantes

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"And when you’re the most unhappy, someone walks into your life and shows you how beautiful you are"

☁Jace Legion   ☁19   ☁New Jersey
☁Male   ☁Hetero   ☁Sophomore
☁Literature and Comparitive Cultures Major
Freddy Carter


"To those walking in the rain, they need someone to walk with them more than an umbrella. To those crying to themselves, more than a handkerchief, they need someone to cry on."

❝A  Remembrance ❞

Jace Legion, a boy forgotten. His mother was raped and bore him, she gave him up for adoption immediately, there was no room in her life for a baby, she worked the streets and got high all the time, there was no way that she could care for a baby on top of that. Jane Doe, as the hospital fondly called her, did the best thing she could for her son, or at least she thought. Jace had a few medical problems at birth, adopting him meant taking on all of the medical problems. There weren't many people in New Jersey willing to do that. He had a feeding tube until he was nine months, he was almost put on dialysis due to his kidneys almost failing several times. Jace had asthma and didn't begin to crawl until he was over a year old. He was put in the system from birth, shifted from foster home to foster home.

He was two when he was put with a young couple, they couldn't have their own children and opted to adopt. By this time he was walking, but not talking as of yet. The couple wasn't particularly rich, but they did what they could to give Jace everything he needed. The father figure worked at a 9-5 office job, while the mother stayed home with Jace and attempted to teach him to talk and all of the normal toddler steps that came with having a child his age. Jace began to learn and come out of his shell a little bit by the time he was four, he was speaking and engaging with his adopted mother, there was a spark of hope for the little boy. All of that came crashing down one night in a car crash, both of his parents were killed by a drunk driver, Jace had been home with a babysitter while they had a night out. Jace was placed with the next living relative on his adopted mother's side, his uncle Eddie.

Eddie was not the most affectionate being on the planet, he didn't see the point of coddling Jace, and often left the child to his own devices while he worked on one project or another. See Eddie was a private detective, so he was always researching someone, or trailing them, taking photos, combing through their social media, among other things. His neighbor, a half-blind elderly lady across the hall, sometimes took care of Jace when Eddie had to go running off, but most of the time Eddie just took the kid with him. He didn't think twice on what kind of effect this could have on a young, impressionable mind. Jace found interest in the quiet work of his uncle, and though he had memories of a pretty face, someone holding his hand, a warm hug, but they were fleeting memories, ones that he caught in-between dreaming and waking up. Jace was on a night owl sleep schedule, he went to bed in the early hours of the morning, and slept through the first half of the day with his uncle, whether he was with him or not, it was his newly accustomed routine.

Jace quickly adapted to his new life and became as eager as his uncle to search for their subjects and dig out information on them. His uncle often used him while he was a small boy to crawl through windows and gather information for clients. He learned to lockpick by 11 years of age, and how to use an advanced lens camera by 13. His uncle thought he had gotten good luck in inheriting his nephew, his words, since he seemed to enjoy the aspects of being a private detective as much as himself. Jace more than enjoyed following people and delving into their personal lives, he was obsessed with it. If they didn't have a case going he would wander off on his own and find people to 'investigate'.

The first girl he fell in love with was when he was 15, she was dark-haired, silky curls, curvy body, and around his age. She and her family had recently moved into the apartment building, he immediately had to find out everything about her. He decided that after he found out the ins and outs of her life then he would introduce himself and be able to play an intricate part in her life. It began with him sneaking into their apartment through the fire escape window when the family was not at home. It was easy for him to find her room, it was decorated with soft pinks and pale purples, she had pictures of all of her friends up above her desk. He perused her diary to learn more about her life, sometimes spending hours poring over the many notebooks she had on her desk. Other days he would follow her, from a distance, and see where she went after school, or where her favorite hang spots were on the weekends.

When he eventually introduced himself he already knew her favorite color, who her best friend was, which subject in school she hated most, that she was in love with writing for the school newspaper, her favorite ice cream shop, and that she kind of hated her step-brother. Laurel, or Laur as she preferred, was kind upon introduction and took time out of her day to get to know the boy that lived in the same building as her. The two slowly started spending time together, when Jace wasn't busy helping his uncle, who didn't seem to care whether he spent all of his free time out of the apartment. Jace slowly infused himself with Laur's daily routine, he walked her to school, sometimes meeting her after school to walk her home. They went over her school work together, Jace was homeschooled, so he didn't have the same school hours as her. Jace took her to her favorite ice cream shop and would carry her favorite candies around in his pockets. He didn't think anything he had done was weird, he thought it was normal to do all of the things he had done. Jace kissed her for the first time at a park where they had just finished having a picnic, she turned a pretty shade of pink and held his hand for the rest of the day.

Jace and Laur would last all of six months, Laur's parents disapproved of how much time the two spent together and despite their trying to limit the time they were together, they felt that Jace was toxic for Laur. He was always around, her friends stopped coming around, he seemed to control her in a way, she even stopped writing for the newspaper so that she would have more time for Jace. When they suddenly disappeared, Jace panicked. He used his uncle's best techniques to find the family, he used all of his detective-like skills to follow their trail and get Laur back into his life. He eventually found them, they'd moved to New York. Jace took the train to New York one day, he watched Laur's Instagram to see if she would give away where she was that day. She did, she posted a selfie of herself and a friend in front of a bakery in Brooklynn. By the time he got there, they were gone. Jace waited until the last train was leaving to see if she'd post anything else, then hopped on a train home.

Eventually Laur and Jace met again, but she didn't have the same interest in him as she did before, it had been months since they'd seen each other, and she had moved on to someone else. Jace was furious, he yelled at her, and knocked the food out of her hand that she'd been holding when they'd 'happened' to see each other. Laur told him that she never wanted to see him again and stormed off. Jace didn't give up so easily, he ended up following her, and her life, for the next two years. He held out hope that she would come back to him, popping up at different times in her life, but she refused to have anything to do with him. She graduated high school and went off to college in California, leaving Jace in the dust. Jace locked himself in his room and only came out to eat and use the bathroom for three months. His uncle was at a loss as to what was wrong with him. Eddie wasn't one to pry into his nephews life though, he was the one person that he allowed to have privacy. He waited it out, and when Jace decided to return to the real world he helped him fill out college applications for the next year. Jace got his acceptance letter to Yale late spring, just before he was graduating. Jace wasn't exactly excited, but he was ready for his new life to begin.


✫Mother, deceased
✫Father, deceased
✫Uncle, Eddie

Don't You Want Me
Creepy Girl

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"And when you’re the most unhappy, someone walks into your life and shows you how beautiful you are"

☁Leoh Pai   ☁20   ☁Atlanta, GA
☁Male   ☁Bisexual   ☁Junior
☁Constitutional Law
☁Wolf's Head
Charles Melton


"To those walking in the rain, they need someone to walk with them more than an umbrella. To those crying to themselves, more than a handkerchief, they need someone to cry on."

❝A  Remembrance ❞

Leoh, or Leo as he spells it despite what his birth certificate says, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, a year after his parents were married. His father was originally from South Korea, his mother was American. His father wanted to better himself and moved to America to do so. He was in college when he met Leo's mother, they fell in love, and were married a short time later, against his father's parent's wishes. Leo's paternal grandparents were traditional, they basically disowned their son after he married Leo's mother, or umma as she was affectionately called by Leo. Despite his grandparents disowning his him, Leo's dad, or abeoji as he would be preferred known as, but Leo stubbornly calls him dad, kept to a lot of the traditions of South Korea. It was only with the help of his Umma intercepting on his behalf that Leo wasn't completely embarrassed growing up.

Leo's future was basically planned out since he was born by his father, while his mother kept whispering that this was America and he could follow his own dreams. The boy only wanted to please his parents, as most children. Embracing his future as his father wanted it was the only way to do that, and so he did the best he could in his grades, he went to Korean school on Saturdays to learn the basics of Korean, he played sports to keep his physique up, he attended charities with his parents and went to the most elite parties in Atlanta as he got older. While most of his friends would get high and drunk on Friday nights, Leo was cramming for tests and trying to overcome language barriers with family back in South Korea. Though his father was disowned, Leo was cherished, his Korean family wanted to be involved in every part of his life as much as they could be from a distance.

When Leo was a senior he applied to all of the top schools, he received acceptance letters to almost every school he applied to. Only one was the one that he really wanted into though, Yale. He had banners hung up in his room, he had sweatshirts that his parents had bought him, it was pretty much set in stone that he had to get in, and he did. Leo was nervous about leaving his family for college, it was such a long way away, and he'd never been that far from home. Leo's dad expected him to go into law, which he did, Leo wanted to study Constitutional law, hoping it would lead later on to politics. Leo's parents were wealthy, his umma was a doctor and his father was a partner at a law firm in Atlanta, so they had the money to provide Leo with a top notch education.

The second-year he was at Yale he received an anonymous summons to a location where he discovered that there was a lot more to Yale than he thought. There was magic, and things that definitely went bump in the night. Leo began learning the histories of what really went on behind closed doors at Yale, and received the talisman of Norse legends Sköll and Hati. It allowed him to shapeshift into any creature that he'd seen with his own eyes. His first turn was into a bunny, he practiced this one a handful of times before trying something else. Therianthropy can easily go wrong, especially the shifting back to human part. Leo wasn't scared though, he was careful, his favorite animal thus far is a labrador puppy, everyone loves puppies and completely let the guard down when talking to a puppy, or in the presence of one. Leo was given vice presidency over Wolf's Head this year, and he is ready for the responsibilities that are sure to come with the job.

Leo has dated one guy since being in college and one girl, the guy he was with almost a year, and the girl he dated all of three months. The guy, Gansey, he was someone that Leo could see himself being with for the rest of his life. He knew he was too young for such things, but Gansey was someone he could relate to, they had picnics on the lawn, read to each other while laying in each other's laps, Gansey recited poetry to him at the most unexpected times. They were together his entire sophomore year, and he spent all of his free time, which wasn't that much, together. Leo fell head over heels for Gansey, and seemingly Gansey felt the same way about Leo. They woke up early to watch the sunrise together, they shared milkshakes, made movie night a priority every week, mostly for Leo to give Gansey some education in the film world since Gansey's nose was always in a book rather than paying attention to the plethora of films and tv that were available. Gansey was part of the Elizabethan Club, and could frequently be found there discussing books with fellow club members. He'd invited Leo once, but Leo found it all a bit too stuffy for his taste, plus he had his own obligations at the Wolf's Head. The two understood, or so Leo thought, that they had their lives to live and would be together physically when they could. Leo and Gansey texted nonstop it seemed, sometimes they would talk on the phone late into the night if Leo wasn't at some thing for his House. They even spent the summer writing each other longhand, sending each other pictures of how their summers were going, Leo told his parents it was just a friend from school writing him, they thought nothing of it after that. But two weeks before they were to return for their junior year at Yale Leo received a short text from Gansey saying they needed to call it off. Leo tried calling Gansey, emailing him, pming him, dming him, he couldn't get a hold of Gansey. Either he did a swell job of ignoring him or he had disappeared altogether. Leo is starting his Junior year broken hearted and confused, he's not looking forward to starting the new school year off this way, but he has little other choice. He hopes to make ammends with Gansey and get him back, but if he's nowhere to be found, how will he do that?


✫Mother, Marie
✫Father, Lee
✫Ex-boyfriend, Gansey(Yale student)

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Literature & Comparative Cultures ∙ Wisconsin ∙ Freshman ∙ 18 ∙ Bisexual

Younger sister of child prodigy James Keene, Holly has been living in her brother's shadow since the moment she was born. A sweet-natured, creative and driven young woman, Holly's Yale aspirations began not long after her brother applied to the university. In spite of an almost six year age gap, the two of them were rivals for much of Holly's childhood, always vying for the attention and praise of their parents. James was a sports star, a science-wizz and a history buff all rolled into one. He won every possible trophy and accolade throughout his schooling career, paving the way for a scholarship at the prestigious Ivy League School. This made him the apple of his parents eye and whenever they hosted a dinner party or attended a neighbourhood barbecue, James was all they spoke about. Holly wasn't without her own triumphs, but winning the spelling bee and the poetry competition didn't exactly hold a candle to a Yale scholarship. Still, that didn't stop Holly from trying to reach the same heights as her brother.

The moment James moved out of their home in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Holly threw herself into her studies intent on following him to Yale. She skipped out on parties with school friends, volunteered at bake sales and school fetes, and even sent her writing to a local publishing house in order to get a recommendation from them. Her volleyball and track friends thought her ambition bordered on insanity, and she found herself growing distant from them as the school years passed. Meanwhile James would email about all of the teams he'd joined, friends he'd made and the various trips he'd be taking over the summers. Holly did maintain a friendship with two girls, Emily and Georgia who were also aiming for Ivy League colleges, they became a support network for each other, even more so after James disappeared. For three weeks there was no communication, no word of where he'd gone or why he'd dropped out of school two months before graduation. Their parents were a combination of worried and furious, unable to understand why their son would simply leave without a word. Holly didn't understand it either, Yale was all James had ever wanted, why would he possible give it up? The letters that came provided no further explanation, only that he was safe and working in a monastery in France.

James wrote infrequently, and barely acknowledged the content of the letters Holly and her family returned. Her parents seemed to turn a blind eye to the usual nature of his communications. Holly thought they'd rather hold on to the fact that James was alive and safe, than acknowledge the person they were writing to might not even be him. Yale accepted Holly's application the following Spring, impressed with her application and the short poem she had included in her letter. As James had formerly attended, they invited Holly to join as a legacy student in Davenport college. She was rightfully thrilled, but also a little sad at the prospect of going. Holly had always thought that the rivalry she shared with James would end the moment she set foot on the Yale Campus, that the siblings would accept they were both successful in their own right and that there was no longer anything left to prove. Now packing up her room, saying goodbye to her friends, family and Wisconsin, Holly can't help but wonder if her dreams of Yale were ever really her own or simply a warped ambition that was built on the back of her brother's success. The only way for her to find out is to actually attend. Little does she know, that there are darker forces at play, and that the suspicion surrounding her brother's letters may prove correct. Yale may have been James' dream, but was it also his end?

Extra Curriculars
student newspaper, volleyball, film society

Existing Relationships
∙ Brother James Keene

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「━━━ meredith oman ━━━━━━━━━━━」
「━━━━━━━━━━━━━ the black cat ━━━━」
smoke and bones presidentxx | juniorheteroelectrical engineering

Meredith Oman came to New Haven with her claws out, bathed in blood, and eight millions dollars net worth - not quite literally, except for the last part.

There was a script, among the faculty staffs who looked into her background because it was their obligation, and they followed it: poor Meredith Oman, her family was murdered in cold blood while she was in DC doing Model UN; oh, poor Meredith Oman, had to graduate as an orphan and move all the way from West Coast and sold all his dead family's assets there. But Meredith Oman, the sole survivor of a tragic unsolved manslaughters, will be twenty-one in just a few months and she'll finally be able to put her claws on the bloodied eight million dollars money her family left her with. It's all there is to know about her. Nothing more. Nothing more at all.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ She has been on her own since as long as she can remember, dead family or not. People never linger in her life, from one face to the next, the only person she believes she can rely on is herself. It is better anyway because she cannot imagine coping with them leaving (which they inevitably do) and being mature and appealing enough to start new chapters in their lives while she is still clinging into her own idealized lifestyle. Meredith thinks that platonic relationships can replace her repressed longing for a romantic one but she cannot put herself out seeking a romantic relationship because that would automatically mean altering and objectifying herself. The last thing she wants is her life to become a cliche with the guaranteed unhappy ending because she thinks no one in this world can truly make her happy and she does want to embrace her independent, single lifestyle but she fails to calculate how lonely it is going to feel.

She is the hero and the dragon guarding the castle, the traiblazer who rescues the princess from the inner part of herself that believes she needs saving. She is the princess, hurling towards unknown territory in the direction of a star.

She seek to find the answers to great questions. Hold great value of thinking things through and motivates others to seek the truth; progress and perseverance. She values opportunities to be introverted, to live an interior life in touch with her own subjective reactions to outer experience. A type of introversion experienced as inner dialogues, visions, or bodily sensations. She enjoys her own company and wants to spend time by by herself, or perhaps with an imaginary friends; the buried treasures existing in the depths of the psyche and experience of this realm of a person, the instinctual wisdom about the cyclical nature of life, the sense of 'gut knowing' being uncompromising and blatantly honest.

All of this, it’s just another part of her, on a pilgrimage would just come full circle, probably past everything she truly cares about and value, and back to herself. She is about accountability, action without procrastination, demanding compliance with responsibilities, the 'get your shit together' one that makes people feel inadequate and irresponsible. Though what's this about others not being responsible?

She is no damsel in distress, she had the power all along. Maybe it’s the doom and gloom or the curse or the blackspot. The part that reigns down these supreme expectations with the challenges so personalised and made with complete knowledge of her that nobody else knows the dark places that she does; she is a perfect fit for it.

(fc: florence pugh)

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「━━━ ronan villeneuve ━━━━━━━━━━━」
「━━━━━━━━━━━━━ the masquerader ━━━━」
manuscript acolytexxi | juniorbifilm and media studies
anime | astronomy | archery

It's no doubt that Ronan is the life of the party, for he himself is a walking 'two truths and a lie' game. The outrageous details about himself sound very comical and too crazy to be true, but two of them are always true. The real question is: which one is the lie, then?

Ronan has that look, that basic generic look of a cringey white e-boy who thinks not sleeping for a week is an aesthetic. He does have horrible sleeping schedule but who doesn't in college? With his classes, and things to binge-watch, plus Archery practice along with his other two extracurricular, and on top of everything he has Manuscript shenanigans to deal with, there's no way Ronan has enough time to sleep, for he is now entirely made out of coffee and rice cooker pasta.

Ronan, at first glance, appears to be the kind of person that you either find so bland with no possible chance of having personality, or someone you like and want to punch on the face at the same time. It's hard to tell if he sometimes tell people the misleading truth about himself using that magical boy power he has, or he's simply messing with everybody because that his brand of comedy.

He casually drops so many hints about himself over the years: he's related to Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. He is the first in his circus-owning family to go to college. He is technically married to an anime girl pillow. He was an extra in Star Wars. He did ballet for three years while he was in high school. He got shushed on a plane by Ryan Gosling who was sitting in front of him. It's impossible to tell which one is a lie and which one is the truth. For one, he did got shushed on a plane by Ryan Gosling, there's a viral video of that on the internet, so if that could be the truth, then how can we be sure the rest can't be?

Ask Ronan again about why his life sounds absolutely mental, and he'll tell you how little does his past has to do with him here, and it's frankly quite stupid that people care so much about other people's history.

But while he is a Canadian who is fluent in French and studies film, there's no way he is related to the Denis Villeneuve. Let's just collectively agree that's definitely a blatant lie.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ In a sea of people who are dying to be special, Ronan remains indifferent. He's not the brightest student, he's quite lazy and easily distracted. He doesn't have a solid long term goal and yet he's not afraid to fail at all. His whole life, people like him for being 'just like them' instead of an overachieving prick who thinks he's superior, but people also underestimate what he can make up for his moderate intelligence. He's quite clever, Ronan is, with his unabashed social skill that makes him instantly likeable because he's not worried about being the dumb friend that his peers let to tag along. He's water, he's breeze of fresh air, he'll strip you from your defense mechanism until you find yourself bare with vulnerability.

He is efficient. He is all about resourcefulness and necessity. He is kind, caring, sensitive and understanding. He is a mix of justice and necessity and habitually calm, grounded, and sober. Emotionally intelligent, he is guided by emotions but not ruled by them. He is a strong and stable presence. He hasn’t just been here for people he cares about; he’s stayed through all of it to ground and focus them. He appears to be the clown in the group, who only knows how to throw a great party, but his presence speaks volumes, and you will not find anyone who holds himself as strongly and consistently as Ronan Villeneuve.

(fc: timothée chalamet)

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Chemical Engineering ∙ Scroll and Key ∙ New York ∙ Senior ∙ 21 ∙ Pansexual

I imagine you've all heard of Agatha Christie, and I suspect that right now you're wondering if Evangeline is of any relation. Well you'd be right to think it. She is in fact a distant cousin (several times removed but the name still stands) child to a British art dealer and American literary agent, born in London, raised in Paris and schooled in New York. Evangeline had a rather privileged upbringing, whatever she wanted she received, usually to appease the fact her parents spent a lot of time travelling. So for young Evangeline, it was horses, designer clothes and a brand new Mercedes the moment she got her license. She attended private school and spent much of her time roaming around the upper east side with the other well-to-do girls in her year group. From a young age, Harvard was on her agenda, that was until she saw the steepled arches of Yale and their hallowed tombs. Her mother was disappointed that she wouldn't follow in her footsteps, but Yale was much more to Evangeline's taste.

She may have been rich and prissy, and the high school bitch but Evangeline was incredibly gifted in science and math. Chemical engineering was a natural choice for her, and she quite enjoyed watching people's eyes bug out when she informed them on her choice of Major. She arrived on campus the following Spring, tried halls for less than two weeks and realising it wasn't for her asked her father to rent her an apartment in New Haven. Evangeline has lived there ever since, hosting some of the best parties and pre-drinks, and making a name for herself on campus. In her sophomore year she was approached by a delegate of Scroll and Key. Evangeline of course know about the societies but she never could have imagined what really went on behind the doors of their haunting tombs. Her eyes were opened to the world of magic and the occult, and she soon found herself immersed in dark goings-on of Scroll and Key.

She was well liked in the society and even amongst the Lethe delegation who came to observe their rituals and ensure their practices didn't cause any harm. There was one Lethe officer that drew her attention, and the two of them were involved for a time. Evangeline had hoped to keep their dalliance a secret, but it leaked and she quickly found herself behind questioned about his subsequent disappearance. In spite of the mystery and furore surrounding her, Evangeline still climbed to the great heights of Scroll and Key President by the end of her junior year. She likes to think she was the obvious choice, but it was no doubt helped by her father's infinite funds and the fact that many of Scroll and Key are afraid of her. Evangeline is looking forward to yet another year at Yale, completing her studies in chemical engineering and balancing that with her work at Scroll and Key. She's amongst the most boldest and abrasive of society leaders, and will continuing to ensure that no one forgets just how powerful Scroll and Key can be.

Extra Curriculars
dance, spin, equestrian

Existing Relationships
∙ Former relationship with James Keene
∙ Rivalry with Meredith Oman

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One person can’t change the world, but you can become another person’s world. A warm, bright, and peaceful world. If all people could be someone’s bright, peaceful, good world, one becomes ten, and then a hundred, and the good world grows

✿Josephine O'Daniel    ✿18    ✿Tennessee
✿Female    ✿Single    ✿Student
   ✿Art Major
Alexxis Lemire

♡Wild at heart

To some people love is like a sign of victory, like a medal or trophy, they like to use to boast about. To some people love is a process of waiting endlessly for the other person with all their heart. To that woman love is a secret that can’t be exposed to others, not even to herself

❝A  Remembrance ❞

Josephine, or Jo as she prefers, grew up in a little town in Tennessee. Her parents were both from New York, but the housing was cheaper in Tennessee, and they wanted their little girl to grow up in a small town, not the city. Her mom, Tabitha, was a bit of a hippy, and was 40 when she had Jo, she and her husband Dillon had waited till later in life to have their first, and only, child. Tabitha encouraged Jo to have a free spirit and to work with her hands from a young age. Molding clay at first, working with finger paints, later on she moved onto more advanced mediums. Jo ran the ranch they lived on barefoot and carefree, there were plenty of animals for her to coo and talk to. Her parents hired tutors and she was taught at home, she was versed in Italian, Mandarin, and French. Jo learned to cook French and Italian foods, etiquette on running a household and entertaining guests.

Though her parents kept her mostly on the ranch Jo saw her cousins frequently and made friends with a boy on the ranch next door. She may not have had siblings, because her parents weren't sure they could give love anyone besides her, she was around cousins enough to not know the difference. Her and her mom were best friends, and hardly went anywhere without the other. Dillon was a consultant for large businesses and travelled a lot. Still he made sure to take time for vacations with his family, and spent every weekend home. As Jo grew so did her talents, she began creating more complex pieces of art, by 15 she was selling them on her moms Etsy shop online. Not for a lot of money, but enough pocket money for her to put aside for a car in the future. Her parents had enough money to straight buy one for her, but they believed in hard work and integrity. They weren't just going to hand the world to Jo, she would have to earn her way, just like they did. Or so her father ranted on and on when he thought she wasn't appreciating all that he did for her.

By senior year she was applying to colleges and wondering what it would be like to belong somewhere besides home. Her mom encouraged her to study abroad, but Jo found out she had to go to Yale. Her dad sat her down and explained that it was the only college he would fully pay for. He was really weird about it, and surprised Jo. She applied, and didn't hear anything back for months, she was starting to think about how she was going to fund a different education when her acceptance letter came in the mail. She was disappointed actually, she'd come up with a plan to work as a mail carrier in a city and go to college part-time in Europe, now she'd have to be responsible and tell her parents about it. Her dad was proud, her mom was standoffish about the whole thing. She'd expressed her opinions and though Jo wanted to go study abroad, spread her wings, she knew that she had to go Yale, at least for the first four years. Her mom seemed to be the complete opposite of her dad, it made Jo all the more confused. Shouldn't her mom and dad be on the same team? Jo had some toss and turning nights that summer before college. Dealing with her emotions about it all, and wondering why her dad was being such a hard ass about Yale.

Jo went dorm shopping with her mom at the end of the summer, heading to Ikea and picking out what she would need, they probably got more than she'd need. Jo had one last barbeque with family, rode her favorite horse at midnight the last night she was home, and cuddled with her mom in the early hours of the morning that she would be leaving, never feeling too big to be in her mom and dads bed. Her mom told her to be safe if she fell in love, and that she was proud of her, even if it hadn't seem like she'd been. She made Jo swear she'd try to make friends, and wouldn't give up any of her rights while living at college. Jo pinky promised that if she fell in love she would do so whole heartedly, not holding anything back. Jo had read about love, romance, drama, but she'd never actually lived any of it. For her work to be great, she felt that she needed to experience some heartache, some drama, real life. It would have been better if she'd been free to do so the way she pleased, but she would do things her dads way, for now.

✿Father, Dillon
✿Mother, Tabitha

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devon lachowsky ━━━━━ the nightcrawler ━━」
student newspaper | comedy clubxix | sophomore lesbianeconomics

Truthfully, Devon's family pisses her off: they're bunch of obnoxious upper class people who pride themselves to be special but they're not unique, nor the upbringing Devon got from them is any different from literally every legacy kid who goes to Yale: a kid from well respected family, where it becomes less impressive to get to the same Ivy League college because everyone else who shares the last name Lachowsky have already been there-done that. It's boring. Her picture perfect Silver Spring-resident family is so boring and their obsession with validation that leaves no room for failure is the most basic trope from every self-congratulatory, narcissistic autobiography about people who suddenly went viral for opening a moderately popular yet overpriced bottled kombucha business.

During her valedictorian speech on high school graduation, Devon Lachowsky told everybody that: I don't want to be great anymore. It was an outrageous statement, coming from one of those people who never knew what 'not near perfection' felt like. But what difference would Devon make if she kept chasing perfection anyway? Would that make her the youngest President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council? When her story is nothing new to the other overachieving kid who dreams too big to fail? No, it won't. Devon needs a narrative of her own, something engaging, a roller coaster story, something that keeps people on their toes, overcoming other obstacles that are way more selling than: I study and I do it hard, and I don't do anything else.

So, Devon becomes a writer who pursues real stories, the person who dare to seek for the truth that others aren't comfortable enough to dig. Combines it with her natural cheeky wit and hilariously smart anecdotes, and her balls to sabotage herself by purposely almost failing one class every semester only to get an A once she retake it - this should've molded her into something far more interesting than any other Lachowsky before her.
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Her unusual method on making her own name is quite admirable, a funny and odd way to use her intelligent stubbornness and laser-focus tendency. However, she's always trying to find a way to rattle the system, walking on the tightrope between the comfortable and acceptable norm, and the other one. She's harmless, for now, she hasn't rub her nose on the business she has no part in. But one loose mouth from the society, and Devon Lachowsky will jump into the endless pit of her own doom, for within her own inability to have awareness on when to stop, it wants to tear everything apart, to rebuild something stronger, brighter, better: more than everything it does not know moderation, doesn’t know how to find a balance between the destruction it craves and the creation it inspires.

Devon is perseverance. She is fire personified. She is dazzling, she holds attention, she is proud and willing to show off. But, fan the fire too much and one could have a disaster on their hands. She knows what she wants and she will do whatever she needs to in order to achieve it. She is self-confidence. She is very detail-oriented, she is always searching for something. She sees the small things and will strive for perfection in everything she does. She is dedication.

(fc: anya taylor-joy)

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fay wrote: "
「 devon lachowsky ━━━━━ the nightcrawler ━━」
student newspaper | comedy club ▧ xix | sophomore ▧ lesbian ▧ economics

Truthfully, Devon's family pisses her off: they're bunch of ..."

Yesss hello Devon!! approved!

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"And when you’re the most unhappy, someone walks into your life and shows you how beautiful you are"

☁Augustus Pendleton   ☁19   ☁LA
☁Male   ☁Hetero   ☁Student
☁Skull and Bones
☪Cole Sprouse


"To those walking in the rain, they need someone to walk with them more than an umbrella. To those crying to themselves, more than a handkerchief, they need someone to cry on."

❝A  Remembrance ❞

Augustus, or Auggie as those that know him well refer to him, was born in LA, his mom and dad were rich, uptight, socialites that only had him out of duty. Or so he figured it after he was around them for 17 years. They weren't around much even when he was a baby, he was raised by nannies and housemaids, occasionally an aunt or uncle would step in when they felt guilty about the way his parents left him all of the time. Auggie was only four years old when he realized that his parents really didn't care what he did as long as he didn't interrupt their lives. From that point on he avoided them like the plague as long as they left enough money for him to get along with. He was in elementary prep school when he discovered that people lied too much to be dependable. All it took was someone else having more sweets that day and every one of his friends switched sides to his arch-nemesis. Auggie finished elementary prep with no friends and a gaggle of girls following him around already.

His next private school proved to be just as dumb and depleted of honorable friends as the last. He made friends with one of his cousins instead, Ethan, the two texted back and forth about stupid stuff for a while. Then Ethan started staying over, which made the empty house much more bearable. That is until Ethan started hosting parties at his house on the weekends, they were 13 and had no idea what they were doing, or who they were really inviting in, which was delinquents and drug dealers. Auggie tried to tell Ethan to keep it to just school friends, people they knew, no one out of their own circle. But Ethan wanted to 'slum' it, he invited people that were nowhere near their social circle, the crowds and parties just got bigger and bigger. More than once Auggie had girls blackout by the pool or in one of the bedrooms. There were little pill bags left here and there and remains of white stuff on the glass coffee tables. Auggie had to use a portion of his monthly allowance to have a cleaning crew come into clean the house before regular housekeeping came in on Mondays. He knew they would report their findings straight to his parents. Auggie didn't do drugs, and he didn't touch liquor with that many people in the house, Ethan called him a party pooper, but Auggie didn't like not being in control of himself around others. It seemed like a bad idea to be passed out while a bunch of people was in his house with no adult supervision. Especially since he walked in on a guy forcing himself on a girl who was passed out, clearly. Auggie kicked the guy out and found someone to take the girl home. Ethan drank and got high every weekend after the first month, he was involved in some next level drugs that Auggie hadn't heard of. He warned Ethan to cut back, to stop the parties for a while, but his cousin just partied harder, slept around with girls that were much older than himself. Auggie was tempted, there were plenty of college age girls that came onto him, but he didn't go anywhere with them, they were drunk or high, he refused to have sex with someone under the influence.

Ethan went home stoned one too many times and his parents, who actually cared, sent him away to rehab, leaving Auggie alone with the parties. People expected them after having them at his house for so long. Auggie could have cleared people out, called the cops, but he didn't want to be alone, and as fucked up as that may have seemed to some, it was one of the few things helping Auggie keep it together. He saw other kids with their families at the park on Sundays and wished for that, even if he wouldn't admit it. Auggie almost wished he had a sibling to suffer through it all with him, but he knew that wouldn't be good either. No one else should feel abandoned like he did. Though some would say he had it all, his was the life kids dreamed about.

Auggie met a girl at 15, one he thought understood him. She went to his parties, but he never saw her drink or snorting powder up her nose. They started hanging out, he could tell she wasn't one of the girls from his circle, she wore tattered jeans, not the vintage kind, and her nails were bitten down to the quick, not perfectly manicured like the girls he knew. She talked about living away from her parents, doing her own thing, maybe pursuing her dreams of being a tattoo artist. Auggie didn't ask her her age, he was afraid she'd say she was over 18, he didn't want to hear that he was too young for her. She had pink hair and lots of bangles on her wrists, the rings on her fingers looked fake as hell but he didn't care. Auggie started letting her sleepover on weekends, they played host on Friday nights and slept in on Saturdays, walking around in their underwear and binge-watching Netflix. Sundays were for people watching from their chairs at their favorite cafe's. She wanted a puppy so he got her one, she wanted a car of her own, so he gave her his, she needed new clothes so he spent his monthly allowance on getting her a new wardrobe. Auggie let his feelings be out there, telling her everything he had written down in journals, he laid out all his dreams at her feet, told her every let down his parents had put on him. She was sympathetic and made him forget about life, for a while, and then she disappeared one day with half his mother's jewelry.

Auggie couldn't believe it at first. He woke up on Sunday expecting her to be there, when he realized the other side of the bed was empty he went looking for her in other parts of the house. It wasn't irregular that one of them would wake up and the other would go get breakfast ready, or be sitting by the pool scrolling through Instagram. He searched everywhere, everywhere but his parent's bedroom. When he didn't find her he searched there too. That was when he realized she'd been through his moms stuff and taken a bunch of the expensive jewelry. He called her, tried to troll her Instagram, but it'd been shutdown, he couldn't find her, she was gone. Auggie called people they knew mutually, but they said they only knew her through him, they'd never seen her before. Auggie wanted to do what most kids would do, call his mom. But he knew she'd flip out, maybe send him off to some military school, or a boarding school overseas. Instead, he called their security company and claimed that he'd been robbed. He smashed a couple of windows to make it look like a break in, he pretended to be distraught about the whole thing. The police said there were too many fingerprints in the house to get a clear take on any one person. Nothing came of the investigation, but at least his mom could file an insurance report and get the money back for her things that were missing.

There were no more parties at his house after that, he didn't let anyone go to his house, he went to other people's houses instead. He slipped into a dark mood, he felt like he was drowning and couldn't come up for air, everything, everyone, they were pulling him under. He'd trusted someone and look where that got him, Auggie had thought that love would be this big, exciting, positive experience, instead, it was messy and terrible, it was heartbreaking and made him want to hide in a hole and never trust someone again. Why had he stayed sober all this time? Why didn't he just let himself go and get fucked up as everyone else did? Those were a few of his thoughts, but he somehow held onto his control, because in the long run, that was all he had.

Auggies dad was alumni at Yale, so it was pretty much a given that he would go there when he graduated college. Not that Auggie cared about that when he graduated, he only cared about leaving his old life behind. Yale was nothing like what he'd thought it would be, people cared about what he did and didn't do. There were people obligated to check in on him, to make sure he was keeping up in his studies, there were people that just dropped by to say hi. He had more people pay attention in one school year at Yale than any other time in his entire life. He was invited to a secret society halfway through his first year, he joined without thinking twice. He wanted to belong somewhere, even if it was some stuffy college. But this wasn't like regular Yale, this was about magic and mayhem, there were parties that were part of the secret society that you didn't want to miss. After joining Skull and Bones his experience at college changed altogether. It made the second half of the year epic. His style changed, his attitude was still dark and brooding, but he belonged. He was part of a brotherhood that couldn't just be broken up by some girl. He didn't go home over the summer, instead, he stayed on campus. It was worth being around a few people rather than no one at all. He couldn't fathom going back to his parent's house and being alone all summer. He's looking forward to the new school year and what his House has in store for him.


✫Mother, Paula
✫Father, Greg

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One person can’t change the world, but you can become another person’s world. A warm, bright, and peaceful world. If all people could be someone’s bright, peaceful, good world, one becomes ten, and then a hundred, and the good world grows

✿Julliete Dawson    ✿20    ✿New Orleans
✿Female    ✿Bisexual    ✿Theater studies
❀Addison Rae

♡Avoids everything

To some people love is like a sign of victory, like a medal or trophy, they like to use to boast about. To some people love is a process of waiting endlessly for the other person with all their heart. To that woman love is a secret that can’t be exposed to others, not even to herself

❝A  Remembrance ❞

Julliete, or Jules, was born early, she was a month and half early to be exact. Her mom wasn't expecting it but she woke up with blood-soaked sheets and contractions that were literal hell. Her dad called the doctor, there was one on call. The pregnancy had had its share of complications, her mom had been in and out of the hospital and even commanded to spend the last four months on bed rest. Jules came out, in the end, alive and healthy, her mom on the other hand ended up dead. She lost too much blood, and the medical staff wasn't there in time to save her. Jules' father was devastated, he left, straight out left the country for the first six months of Jules' life. She remained with her aunt and uncle in New Orleans, they took care of her without being asked. When he returned his baby girl was starting to crawl, she was the spitting image of her mom. Her dad stayed, for a while, then picked up and moved to Spain, he left all custody to his brother and sister-in-law of Jules. Jules also had an account waiting for her when she turned 18, so she would live comfortably off of her mother's money after that. In the meantime her dad sent her aunt and uncle a stipend each month to take care of her, which they didn't ask for, they were more than happy to take care of their baby niece.

Jules was always a curious child, she asked many questions and read about all sorts of things in her uncle's library. Her parents came up often, she soaked up the stories they had to tell about her deceased mom, and the ones of her dad were short and sweet. They tried not to linger on him too much, they didn't want her to feel like he didn't want her, it was just that some people dealt with death in different ways. Jules was popular growing up, she was pretty, and funny, she was smart and caught on quickly to how people felt and interpreted how they wanted things to go. Her aunt said she was an empath, Jules didn't know what that meant at the time, but she did what she could to stay on the good side of people, not wanting others to leave her behind. Jules grew up with her cousins and pretty steady stream of friends at the all-girls Catholic school she attended. When she hit puberty Jules became more than the cute little girl with chubby cheeks, she grew into her body, taller, curvy, full lips. One of the younger priests noticed, he more than noticed, he blocked her in the bathroom one afternoon and didn't ask nicely before he took what he wanted. This changed everything for Jules, it changed her identity, how she saw herself, how she saw boys. She thought she was safe, she thought that everything was perfect in her world, but there really were monsters that hid in the corners, and they would get you if you weren't careful.

After the incident she requested pepper spray from her aunt, her aunt asked why and she just replied with, "New Orleans is a scary place, you never know." That was enough, she was quickly stocked with pepper spray and mace, the next time the priest tried something he had to go to the hospital, he said it was a prank by one of his students. No one thought twice about a man of God. Jules kept her secret, what was the point of telling anyone? It wasn't like they would believe her over him, she was just a teenager that had daddy issues. Jules started going places, even to the bathroom, in pairs. She always had someone by her side. People said that was a 'girl' thing, which maybe it was, but Jules had her reasons, and her reasons were valid for her.

Jules was told her mom had always wanted to go to Yale, but she hadn't had the chance because she'd married right out of high school and then got pregnant. Jules set her mind on Yale too, as well as a few other places. Her aunt and uncle wanted her to go to the University of New Orleans, but she had higher hopes than that. Jules was an A+ student, she'd been very involved in extracurriculars and volunteered at many charity events. Her recommendations were highly respected as her aunt and uncle regularly dined with the governor of Louisianna. She got into Yale and she thought this was it, this is the moment my life changes.

Jules got to Yale and that first year had terrible roommates, they were snotty and expected everyone to obey them, Jules didn't have that kind of demeanor, she was the queen and everyone else listened to her. She requested a residential college change the next year, Jules ended up with a book nerd and science geek. Both loved to party and both were ready to follow her around like lost puppies, she was thrilled. The first year Jules was concentrated on her studies, did what was expected of her, her dad visited once and she actually had lunch with him off-campus. The second go-around was going to be different, she joined a secret society and learned things that were real that she never imagined could be. She had fun and went to parties, she was able to learn about illusions and how to trick people. The parties could be a bit much for some, but Jules learned to lose herself in them. She became known as the fun girl at parties. She danced with anyone, everyone, she drank shots like a frat boy, Jules slept with a different person every weekend, she helped fund a lot of the parties. Jules wanted to live life, but forget the bad parts. She started snorting pills as well swallowing them, she drank and mixed everything, sometimes she ended up vomiting everywhere, other times she woke up in her bed, and other times she did not. Most of the time she woke up in her own bed though, Jules usually made herself scarce as soon as she was done having sex. It wasn't personal, that was the point, as long as she didn't make it personal then she didn't have to feel anything. Jules had an uneventful summer, mostly found out who the best people were to get drugs from in New Orleans, as well as volunteered at the local theater. She's glad to be back at Yale, her junior year, plus she's glad to be back at her House.

✿Father, Caleb
✿Mother, Deceased

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{ Gansey Edwin Winters }

▴ male ▾ 20 ▴ gay ▾ aquarius ▴ Scroll and Key acolyte ▾

« a p p e a r a n c e »
(view spoiler)
Gansey has always, and will always be a bean pole. He's been tall, skinny, and lanky for years. His mother used to promise that he'd "grow into himself," but Gansey has never been too worried about it. He quite likes being able to reach the top shelf in all situations, and being stick skinny just means his metabolism is working over time, since all he eats is ramen and take out food. He has pale skin and big green eyes, with a wide, warm smile to match. He's covered in random tattoos and tends to look a little more put together than most college juniors do. Gansey adores clothes and looking good, so you won't catch him in sweatpants on the way to class. This boy will always look classy as all hell, and if he doesn't, he's definitely going through some shit.

« p e r s o n a l i t y »

Gansey has never been one to follow the crowd. He's very much his own person, and has been since he was young. He's always held a number of hobbies for really no reason besides curiosity. He's one to wander off, to explore where others simply don't think to. Gansey has never stopped learning, which is inevitably what brought him to Stone and Key. He never planned to participate in the secret society as his father had before him. But when he was invited, he couldn't ignore the feeling that there was something deeper, something more mysterious to be learned from them. But the society, discovering magic, has not consumed Gansey. He can often be found lounging around campus with his nose in a book, and is an active member of Yale's Elizabethan club. He marches, very confidently, to the beat of his own drummer.

Gansey is a smart, talented young man, but more than anything, he's kind and gentle. He's a truly loyal friend that will always try to protect those he loves from whatever he can. He'd give you the shirt off his back if you needed it, and the sweetness he holds often draws people to him. Gansey is a very well known figure around campus. He's the boy that walks around with a smile and a ridiculously coordinated outfit. He walks his friends back to their dorms, he writes love notes, and he reads lots and lots of poetry. Essentially, Gansey is a huge softie. He feels things very deeply, and even if he doesn't show it, he's a very sensitive guy. He generally has his guard up, but he always makes sure to be kind and friendly to everyone around him. thats not to say he isn't a sarcastic bastard, because he absolutely is. If Gansey isn't teasing you, something's wrong. Ask him is he's okay.

Getting to Yale was an easy feat for Gansey, but staying there has proven to take some hard work. Ganseys a 4th generation Yale student, so getting in was a little too easy. The heavy class load has made Gansey actually have to work for his grades, something he's never really had to do before. He's a very intelligent person, and high school was a breeze. He's always been a smart kid, the kind that was ahead of the curb, straight As without studying, you know the type. But when he hit college courses, Gansey actually found himself to be challenged. He's an English major, with his sights set on working in editing / publishing while he writes his own masterpiece on the side. Writing in depth studies of Austen and Fitzgerald have been weirdly fun for Gansey. No one expected him to actually do well once he hit college, much less when he hit Yale. Gansey has managed to prove them all wrong, and you can bet your ass he's quite proud of that.

« h i s t o r y »

Gansey was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, the youngest child in a ridiculously wealthy family. His mother was old money, the kind that no ones actually sure what they do, they've just always been a wealthy, powerful family. In reality, the family owns a large number of property companies, and have a good chunk of LA in their own possession. His parents were always supportive of their children's choices and let them do mostly what they wanted(Whether that was because they valued individuality, or were just lazy, we don't know). Gansey, though, always took full advantage of that, and grew to be a very odd, wonderful human. He had a tendency to be an outsider as a young child, but as he gained confidence in himself, which happened mostly in high school, Gansey was able to flourish and enjoy being his authentic self. He's a very honest and goofy person, with lots of affection to go around. He can be quite self centered, but I promise you, he doesn't mean it. He's just a short sighted person when he's agitated.

High school was a walk in the park academically. But it's always been fairly obvious that Gansey is not heterosexual, and he hasn't always been treated kindly for that. He's always been flamboyant and very much himself, no matter what. If he wanted to wear a vintage houndstooth suit to school, you'd better bet he was walking the halls, getting all kinds of looks. He was most likely also wearing a matching hat. There was always a group of jocks that tried to pick fun at him, but Gansey never cared much about their opinions. Even before he was fully confident in himself, he made sure to stick to his guns in whatever he did, pretend he was confident, so those jocks wouldn't know that their words affected him. Gansey participated in theater every year of high school, being forced to sing in the general assembly of every musical (he doesn't have a very nice singing voice), and always trying out for the lead in every play. He was in photography club, a journalist for the school newspaper, and even briefly played on the girls volleyball team in his senior year. But the time he was a junior, everyone in his swanky LA school knew exactly who Gansey was, whether they liked him or not. He likes it that way.

Going to Yale was the best thing that ever could've happened to Gansey. Being so far away from home allowed him to grow up on his own. He was extremely irresponsible at first, and was the infamous freshman that set the microwave on fire at 2AM. But he's grown since then. Mostly because of the mysterious invitation he received from Scroll and Key. He knew of the society, since his father had been a member back in his day, but had never really planned on seeking them out. From what his father had said, the secret societies sounded like co-ed fraternities, and Gansey simply wasn't interested. But when an invitation was left on his doorstep, there was something nagging at him, and he simply had to investigate.

Gansey was out through a number of interviews and tests to become a member of Scroll and Key, and he was honestly a bit shocked when he was accepted. He was taken into the group and taught things he'd never imagined. It took him six months of practice, but he was actually able to open a portal. Of course, it only took him to his dorm room, but that was significant enough for Gansey to be absolutely hooked on magic. He spent a lot of time practicing his portals, as well as tinkering with astral projection. That one was much tougher, but he's made so many strides in his practice already. Of course, he's obligated to use his power to help the society itself, and goes once weekly to meetings (though he usually spends some time every day at the societies tomb). As much as Scroll and Key is important to Gansey, what he was doing when he wasn't at the club was just as important. See, last year, Gansey met a boy. His name was Leo, and Gansey feel for him ridiculously fast. It was almost annoying, seeing as Leo was a jock and a member of Wolfs Head, a society known for its shape shifting abilities. But Leo was sweet, and kind and funny, and the two of them spent countless hours reading poetry together on the lawn, having movie nights together, and falling in love without admitting it to themselves. Gansey had never dated someone he liked as much as Leo, and though they hadn't started using the L-word yet, the two were very obviously in love. They dated for almost the whole year, and when summer hit, they wrote letters, texted, and video chatted to get themselves by. Gansey has a horrible summer being so far away from Leo, but right before the semester started back up, he heard the news. Leo has accepted the VP position in Wolfs Head. Gansey was scared, thinking that Leo could lose his position if the wrong person found out they were together. He wanted to keep him safe. And with talks of more serious portals wafting around the Scroll and Key tomb, Gansey knew he'd be putting himself in danger regularly, so, about a week or two ago, he texted Leo that they needed to stop seeing each other. It broke Ganseys heart, and since then, he's been astral projecting into Leo's dreams, making sure he's alright, considering.

Now the new year has started up at Yale, and Gansey has once again left California behind for the damp, chilly New Haven fall. Will he be able to stay away from Leo? Probably not.

« r e l a t i o n s »

⑅ Leo, ex boyfriend
⑅ Evangeline, Scroll and Key President, friend

« p l a y l i s t »

‹ Campus - Vampire Weekend ›

‹ Blue World - Mac Miller ›

‹ Sleep On The Floor - The Lumineers ›


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Economics ∙ Skull and Bones ∙ New York ∙ Senior ∙ 22 yrs ∙ Heterosexual

Nathanial Crane has never been short of opportunity. The son of a top New York defence attorney and his model wife, this young man has never wanted for anything. Growing up in Manhattan, Nate was privately educated, spoiled beyond belief and practically handed his place at Yale University. Like his father and his father before him, and so on and so forth, it was only right that Nate would attend the prestigious school in New Haven. Though he has all the trappings of an only child, Nate grew up in the company of a little sister named Erica. His childhood was spent racing round the country estate on horseback, watching basketball games from his father's company box and holidaying in exotic destinations across the globe. Growing up, Nate and his sister were mostly left in the care of nannies. This was due to his father's busy career and his mother's efforts to launch a cookbook once the modelling jobs dried up.

It was likely this lack of parental interaction that led to Nate's desire to rebel in his teens. By the time he was sixteen he was stealing alcohol from the family wine cellar, throwing raucous parties and even joy-riding in his father's Porsche. Most of these went by unnoticed, though his parents of course had their suspicions. It was during one of these parties that Nate finally got a wake up call, a painful dose of reality that led to him straightening himself out. He was seventeen, his parents were away for the evening and he'd invited a group of friends out to the country house in the upstate New York. As usual the pool was open, alcohol was flowing and several couples had already slinked off into the woodland. Drugs weren't often brought to Nate's parties, but that night they were and everyone was on something. Nate passed out in the upstairs bathroom sometime after midnight. At around four am he'd woken to the sound of sirens in the driveway and come downstairs to find police and EMTs standing in his hallway. He was ushered into the living room with the rest of his friend where he was told that one of the girls - Lydia McNaron - had been taken to hospital after a suspected overdose.

Later that morning they received the news that she had died. Nate and several of his friends were taken into custody, questioned about the drugs that had been found in her system and where they'd come from. Eventually his father arrived to bail him out and take him back to the apartment in Manhattan. Nate had screwed up a lot over the years but what happened to Lydia was incomparable. He thought that would be it for him, that any chance of going to college or having a career would forever be associated with that night. But Nate came from a family with money and with power. Two things that could make anything disappear. The stain of that night was quickly washed away and Nate moved on without consequence. Instead of wallowing in guilt or trying to repent for the part he'd played, all it did was show Nate that there was next to nothing he couldn't get away with. A month or so later he started applying for University, Yale received a large amount of funding in the form of a new business suite and Nate received his acceptance letter not long after.

He started in September and by the spring of the following year he was asked to join the society Skull and Bones. Nate knew very little about the societies, though he'd heard his Grandfather talk of them. It was rumoured in the Crane family that his distant relatives had actually been one of the founding members of Skull and Bones. The first time he walked into the society tomb Nate feared he'd made a grave mistake. Watching his first prognostication was enough to make him retch and he threw up the moment he got home. Slowly he came to understand just what it was that the Bonesmen did, and how their grisly rituals could provide predictions and tangible results. Wall Street bent the knee to Skull and Bones. And Nate realised just how powerful the society was. With their backing he's risen to Vice President and hopes his final year at Yale will set him up for the future. He's never forgotten what happened to Lydia, but with the help of his father he's all but silenced the story. Only time will tell if his past will come back to bite him.

Extra Curriculars
lacrosse, football, swimming

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