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message 1: by Enrique (new)

Enrique Carral (ecarralt) | 4 comments Hello,

Could someone help me add this book, please?



message 2: by Darryl (new)

Darryl Sterk | 1 comments Can someone help add the description to Dáruk Adrift by Leonard Priestley? Dáruk Adrift is a story about a man wandering through an unfamiliar world who has lost all memory of who he is. It is an ancient world as unfamiliar to us as it is to him, in which no one is free (though people often seem to do what they like) and in which all power is held to spring from the Great Ones. This is a world of violence and beauty, fear and serenity, "a world of darkness under bright surfaces, of light shining through cloud." Into it Dáruk comes as a stranger, bringing nothing from his past but a mysterious affliction, a love of music, and his extraordinary skill with the sword.
Also, L. Priestley is the same guy who wrote Pudgalavada Buddhism.
And the cover is available here:

message 3: by Enrique (new)

Enrique Carral (ecarralt) | 4 comments Thank you!

C. wrote: "added:

to claim an author profile, follow these instructions here:"

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily | 13149 comments I've added the description.

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