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A list of guidelines to ensure we can get along and respect each other

• Please be kind to your fellow role-players and approach any issues with maturity, if in doubt speak to the mods. Bullying and comments of a racist, homophobic or sexist nature are not permitted and will see you removed from the group.

• This role-play will tackle adult themes, including but not limited to - graphic violence, blood and gore, alcohol, drug and substance abuse, references to sex and dark magic. If this is something you are not comfortable with, you are still welcome to rp, but we suggest that you discuss your limitations with your partner before you start writing. Scenes of an explicitly sexual nature should be taken to pm or fade to black.

• Please take a moment to read through the threads referring to the magic and gifts that your characters can possess. Only a small number of characters possess innate abilities, the rest can have magic bestowed upon them by their society. Limits have been put in place to keep an element of realism and prevent overpowered characters. Speak to mods if you have any related queries.

• This is an advanced rp and as such, we do request a certain level of writing from you. This includes good grammar and spelling, as well as enough content for your fellow rpers to reply to. We'd like to request that you don't write one-liners and that you put some effort into your posts. This is purely so we can help to move the rp forward at a good pace.

• If you wish to rp a storyline that may have a large impact on the group, please let the mods know. For example, the death of a character or a fire at the university etc. Chances are we're going to be just as excited about your idea as you are, but if you could give us some prior warning then we'll be able to ensure this event is seen across the entire university campus.

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