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A place to relax and splash around when it's a hot summer's day. Or any day, if you're weird and like to swim in the winter :p

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) Echo squinted, though it wouldn't help her see anything. "Where is she?" she asked. I can see my own illusions, but I can't see who sees them, if that makes sense."

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) "I don't want anyone else to freak out if they see it either. "

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) Echo muttered to herself, trying to figure out where six o'clock was. "okay," she finally announced. "I have her location. Time to unleash your parents."
She closed her eyes, rubbing her fingers together. An illusion of two people, one female and one male appeared next to Yona's chair.

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) ((hmm good point... I guess I could act as her AND echo but that would be kinda tricky))

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) Yona screamed, jumping out of the chair. "MOM? DAD?" Echo twitched her fingers and they nodded, their faces solemn.

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) Echo didn't reply, her face now curved with a cruel sneer. The two people in the illusion were now whispering things into Yona's ears, words of disappointment and hurt and regret.

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ƦƛƔЄƝ (daydreamer18) ((YES YOU ALL TOOK MY IDEA!!))

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) Except... Echo had already felt pain. She had endured the worst. The pain that Chrystal had sent into her had only added on to her power. This was nothing compared to what Echo had dealt with when she had first found out about her power. ((basically, she has to be stopped with positive feelings or something))

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) Yona had started crying, shielding herself from the illusions. "this can't be real this can't be real" she kept repeating to herself.

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) ✿ Six ✿ wrote: "((YES YOU ALL TOOK MY IDEA!!))"

((what do you mean))

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ƦƛƔЄƝ (daydreamer18) Lemon wrote: "✿ Six ✿ wrote: "((YES YOU ALL TOOK MY IDEA!!))"

((what do you mean))"

((when i saw us running out of jobs, i remembered it was almost summer and pitched the idea for a pool, or place to cool off, so we could hvae lifeguards and tiki huts. Same for the resturant, tho that was mainly for the couples.))

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) ((?????))

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ƦƛƔЄƝ (daydreamer18) Lemon wrote: "((?????))"


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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) ((nevermind))

((Screen, you there?))

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ƦƛƔЄƝ (daydreamer18) ((no srsly.))

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) Slowly, the illusion faded, as did the sneer on Echo's face. She collapsed into a heap on the ground. "I'm sorry," she kept mumbling. "I thought- I could control it- it's been different ever since-"

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) Yona was panting heavily, trying to get the whispers and images out of her head. "it's not real," she told herself. But it didn't help that only one person knew about her greatest fear-her sister, Chrystal. But Chrystal didn't have powers to make illusions, right? Only... she gasped with the realization. Robin was the god of the MIND. and those images had only been in HER mind, since everyone else hadn't even glanced her way. Why would Robin do that?

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) I Crashed Your Screen Just By Commenting wrote: "Teras streamed down Chrystals face, she picked up her fried and ran back to her dorm as fast as she could.

(( see ya there? ))"


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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) Yona looked up to see Chrystal, and immediately all her fear was replaced by anger. Of course. She had probably told Robin to scare her off because Yona liked Robin, and had tried to kill Chrystal several times. "That was sick," she spat at her sister. "Was this a game for you? Did you think I would be humbled by it or something?"

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) Yona was confused. Echo? Chrystal's childhood friend? What had she done to Echo? how did she make those illusions?
"You're lying, aren't you?"

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) "Echo never had a power? She... " Yona wracked her brain, trying to remember. "Why did she hate me?"

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) Yona had a headache. "Echo can make illusions. Okay. Where is she, even?"

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) "Why, afraid I'll try to kill her? Wow, for a sister you sure trust me A LOT."

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) "I never believed in your lies, and I never will," Yona grinded at her. "Robin WILL love me, but right now he's stuck with you."
She stood up, started to walk away and turned back at Chrystal. "And I don't think Echo hates me for something I did to you. There must be another reason."

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) ((are we going there?))
Yona scoffed. "Just you wait until Echo is the one to stab you in the back. It won't be me, trust me." She watched Chrystal's figure leave. "She hurt me to punish you." But Chrystal didn't hear, and was headed to the very place Echo was at.

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) ((we'll see IDK))

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) ((okay, so you know that Echo had lost her eyesight due to her manifesting her power right? so what if Chrystal had something to do with it, or Robin, since he's the god of the mind and can blah blah blah with the mind? and she wants vengeance for the loss of her sight.))

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) ((okay then))

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Lemon  Tarto (lemontarto) ((yes?))

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((one sec))

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Laavi entered in a teal one piece swimsuit and looked around. "Amelia!" she waved at him

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"Are you leaving," she asked, a little sad

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Laavi smiled, "Thanks"

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Laavi noticed the necklace and turned to Amelia. "You can keep your necklace in here," she pointed to a box in the side pocket of her bag, "It's where I kept mine"

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She followed and went underwater, staying in there for as long as she could.

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Laavi shrugged, "I like being underwater, especially because I'm not that great at swimming"

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ƦƛƔЄƝ (daydreamer18) Hazel comes in, and gets ready for her shift

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"I bet you're a better swimmer," Laavi laughed

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Laavi waved at Hazel too. "I don't think I know you," she said, "I'm Laavi Goddess of Truth and Hardship"

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ƦƛƔЄƝ (daydreamer18) Hazel gives them a wave before going to change clothes

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Laavi laid down next to Amelia, closing her eyes because of the sun. "So anything new happening that I should know about?" she asked

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She thought for a bit, "Does it have something to do with a guy?" she asked teasingly

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Abraham walked in, in his bathing suit. He laid down on a chair, not noticing Laavi. He put some sunglasses on.

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"Ooooo," Laavi said, still lying down on the water "Tell me!!"

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Laavi stood up. "Good for you!" she exclaimed, then noticed Abraham. "One sec," she said then turned to him "Abraham!"

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ƦƛƔЄƝ (daydreamer18) Hazel flitted out in a swimsuit and jacket

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Laavi groans, "Something's wrong with Chrystal and Robin"

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Abraham waved. "Hi!!!"

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