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The Convoluted Universe - Book Four
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Mel Marie | 2 comments I once read a book about past lives it was written by a professor who worked in a college at once point and conducted hypnotism on students who would remember aspects of their past lives. I’m pretty sure the professor past away too in the last few years because I remember doing a little bit of research on her. I only remember two instances in the book because I did not read that much of it. One she conducted hypnotism on a student and they remembered their life as a bug. It went on to talk about how we start our lives as the very beginning of life as some aspect of the world that keeps it going or something along those lines. Then she conducted hypnotism on another student who remembered their past life as a pregnant prostitute who was beaten to death by their husband. They had to sell their body because that was the only way to make money during that time. Sorry for the gory description that is the only two things that I can remember from it. It was a pretty thick book but I just did not read that much of it. I do not remember the authors name. All I know is that she had written quite a few of them.

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Mel Marie | 2 comments I solved it myself hahaha it’s the convoluted universe book 4 by Dolores Cannon

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Glad you found your book, Mel. Here's the link - The Convoluted Universe - Book Four by Dolores Cannon.

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