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Experimenting with Ed (Human Design, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult romance (erotic literature/action) series of books (4) where each book has a man with superhuman abilities. They were created in a lab, and escaped. Read about a year ago,but has been out for a while. thank you! [s]

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Raelyn | 2 comments I read this series last year, so heres a summary of each (from my mediocre memory)
1. cant remember either name, but the dude is a bouncer at a strip club where the woman is with her boss. the boss is super creepy, and he 'saves' her. she works at a lab thats developing a cure for cancer, but her boss is going to fake test results. he pays someone to try and kill her, and then the government sees the mans picture on the news and tracks them down, they go on the run to colorado, where other people from the lab group are living in a well protected group of cabins
2. cal works in a mail room and the woman makes trips down there just to see him. their relationship starts when she brings him cake from a coworkers birthday, but some government workers show up at their work. she warns cal, and helps him escape. after she goes back to her apartment, she sees people rumaging through her stuff. cal shows up and saves her, and they go on the run. after being chased for a while they also make it to colorado
3. this one is between 2 men, but i cant remember their names so its man1 and man2. man 1 works at a construction site, and sees man2 a few times but trys to avoid him. man2 was raped so he is afraid of a lot of guys, and the pair have phone sex for a while before actually going through with it. man2 has a jealous ex who was a creep and took man1's dna from a straw at the movie theater, and after his friend runs it the government flags it and comes to hunt them down. they go on the run, and again make it to colorado
4. A and Benji were the ones who originally lived in colorado, but benji doesnt speak after being forced to kill a man in the laboratory. A decided to kidnap a well respected neurologist to try and help him, but benji doesnt really try. after sleeping in the same bed as the 2 of them, and developing feelings, she has to go back to the city where she realizes her ex fiance is contacting her. he used her for appearances, and committed serious felonies. she forwarded all the info to an FBI agent, but realizes the thing her ex wants is up at the 'fortress'. A and Benji come down, and the meet up ended up failing. when they get back, her ex followed them and they find a tracker on the car. soon after some government people show up, and they start attacking. when she was about to get hit in the middle of a fight, benji speaks again. they end up being cleared of any charges, and benji can speak again.

sorry, that was pretty long but i figured there was a better chance of figuring out the title if i described each book! thank you for reading that mess of a post, i really appreciate any help, i loved this series!

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Raelyn | 2 comments yes! omg thank you so much! i had given up hope of reading that series again!

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