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Full Name:
Born Gender:
Gender Identity:


Relationship Status:

Job at the Mansion:
Do you approve of what goes on here?:

Important Miscellaneous Information:

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Full Name: Ellowyn Anastasia Dusk
Nickname(s): Ellowyn does not typically go by derivations, however she permits her very best friends -- as well as her partner -- to call her Elle and Elly. Mostly, she is given respectful titles by those below her, such as Miss and Ma’am, and endearments by those who love her well.

Age: 28
Born Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Friend(s): Although she has many good friends here at the mansion, she has a very tight circle of best friends. This circle consists of Fabian Wrenninford, Alina Hartley, Nathan Whitlock, Rohan and Rosselyn Elias, Elian Aster and Andrea Lockheart.
Foe(s): N/A for now

Relationship Status: Ellowyn is in a serious relationship with Nathan Whitlock, a Collector.

Appearance: Ellowyn is a stunning, ethereal beauty by almost all accounts. Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not many can behold her and not find at least one thing to compliment. Rare is it that a person finds themselves able to resist her charms. It has been said by many -- Wrenninfords included -- that her beauty is worthy of bride status, but for a Wrenninford to take her as a bride would be quite out of the question, as she serves a purpose that, although different, is just as important.
She stands at five feet and five inches, neither too tall nor too short. She can fall easily into the arms of her beloved, while still able to make herself look imposing when she wishes to -- the perfect balance. She has gentle curves in all the right places; fertile hips and a swelling bosom, paired with slender legs and a flat stomach.
A rigorous beauty regime ensures that her skin remains soft and unblemished. She has an oval face, with a complexion that has often been compared to that of alabaster, milk and ivory. Her features have been fondly described by her dearest friend Fabian as ‘elven,’ which he equates to beauty and ethereality. Her eyes are perfectly spaced, neither too close together nor too far apart, and equal distance from a nose that slants delicately downwards. They are a striking sapphire, tinted with specks of gold and framed by long, thick, voluptuous golden lashes. A pair of thin, pale gold brows rest directly above.
When left unbound, her hair cascades down her back like a waterfall of sunbeams, coming to a stop mid-thigh. It is thick and naturally wavy. Usually, however, it is pinned up into an elaborate style, or at the very least accessorised.
Her garments are typically gorgeous, made from the finest materials. It has always been this way with the Dusk and the Wrenninford family, for as long as anyone can remember. They receive the best of everything, just as if they were one of the many brides they helped to obtain. As a result, her neck sparkles with precious gems and her wardrobe overflows with silks, velvets and furs. The only time she wears simpler clothes is when she goes out Finding, but even then they are of the best quality.

Personality: Ellowyn is a rather complex being. Like an onion, she has many layers; like a chameleon, she is ever-changing. However, some things are constant.
She adores the Wrenninford family and they adore her. She was born in their vast mansion, so they have never not known what it is like not to have her around, likewise it has been the same for her. As a result, she is fiercely loyal to them. She is even godmother to a few of the younger children, as many of the Wrenninfords have striven to make her feel as much a part of the family as possible, as has always been the case between the Wrenninfords and the Dusks. There are Wrenninfords that she gravitates to more than others, but this is only natural human behaviour. Although she might not agree with absolutely everything that every Wrenninford does, she is greatly protective of the family as a whole. She would do anything to protect them and this haven they have built over the centuries.
She has earned the right to ask questions, to challenge those she believes are in the wrong. And as the designated House Mother, it is her job to ask questions about conflicts when they do arise, should she decide they are worth investigating. Most would be scolded, as it is considered highly impolite for a person to interfere in marital matters here, but the Wrenninfords decided that a fair mediator was required in some situations, hence Ellowyn. Mostly, however, she deals with people in a kind, non-judgemental way, aiming to bring harmony rather than discord to marriages and fix rifts between family members.

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Job at the Mansion: Ellowyn is the official Head of the Finders and Collectors. She manages them, gets final say on which bride is placed with which groom and is ultimately the one to discipline them should something go wrong in their area of work. As well as overseeing the Finders and Collectors, she is both a Finder and a Collector herself, occasionally going out on abduction jobs or to pick up gifts when she has the time, or to pick up items of particular interest or value to the brides and grooms she likes best. As well as this, she is the event planner of the mansion, responsible for planning everything from the extensive amount of weddings that take place to the birthday and Christmas parties, occasional engagement parties and parties and ceremonies involving newborn children. Funerals are not an uncommon request either. She is head of the Entertainers, and occasionally takes this role on herself as she has an exquisite mezzo-soprano voice, can play more than a few instruments and is known for her ability to tell a good story.
Ellowyn is also the official House Mother. This means that if anyone -- be they bride, groom or servant -- has an issue, they may feel free to come to her at any time to discuss it, and if she can resolve the issue for them then she will. It is her job to maintain harmony in the house, ensure that everyone follows the rules and quell any rebellion amongst the brides and grooms. She loathes the idea of discord in the mansion.
She is the type of woman who is loved, respected and feared in equal measure. While working -- unless it is with somebody she knows very well -- she is usually very serious, and she will expect a certain amount of respect, even reverence, from the subordinates around her. Her subordinates all know that she will tolerate nothing less than their best and that failure will have consequences, unless that failure was through no fault of their own. How lenient she is with a subordinate will depend on the severity of their mistake and the circumstances behind it. In her own work she is very efficient and rarely makes mistakes, and when she does she will do her best to atone by working twice as hard next time. She is a highly focused and dedicated individual.
Of course, then she went and fell in love with one of her Collectors, and that complicated things a little. Being the hopeless romantic that she is, her mind often strays towards him, and she finds herself wondering whether the whispers of ‘The Devil’s Lover,’ from the staff that don’t particularly like her bother him to the point where she almost obsesses over it. He is her only exception to the rule of professionalism. Not that they ever have been, but if they were on a job together, and he made a move to hold her hand, or kiss her, she knows that she would not be able to resist him. She can never resist him. He is the love of her life. When she is not working, she thinks of him more than anything else.
Outside of work, she is friends with a lot of her subordinates, and a lot of the other staff too. Her inner circle consists mainly of servants, who all helped her through ‘The Dark Days,’ the worst time of her life. That tight circle is like her family and she would do almost anything for them. As a friend, she is incredibly loyal and protective. When around them, her random side tends to come out more. She is actually rather eccentric, though she behaves more like a proper lady in front of most of the Wrenninford family. In the presence of her good friends though, she will mostly just say the first thing that comes into her head. And while she tends to take a more diplomatic approach when working as the House Mother, she is usually completely honest with her friends, rarely holding back any of her thoughts or opinions.

Do you approve of what goes on here?: “Of course! Those who live here are safe, loved and given everything they could ever want!”

Biography: Ellowyn Anastasia Dusk was born at 10:42pm exactly to Arthur and Annabelle Dusk in a private room in the mansion after six hours of labor. They had already decided upon her name: it would be Ellowyn, in honour of two past patriarch’s first wives, Elena and Bronwyn. Anastasia was the name of Arthur’s own mother, and so that was bestowed as a middle name. The moment they saw her, they knew they had chosen correctly. She stopped crying the moment her nanny picked her up. She settled immediately, as if she knew she was meant to be there.
Her Father was head of the Finders and Collectors, while her mother was head of the Entertainers and the official House Mother. Annabelle also planned all of the events in the mansion, as had been the case with Dusk marriages since Frederick’s time. As Ellowyn grew, she showed a keen interest in the inner workings of the mansion, and both her mother and father’s professions. Although she was being trained to take over her mother’s profession, people around her took note of her intuition and intelligence. This was enough to draw the attention of the patriarch, who -- when Ellowyn turned fourteen -- called her and her father into his office and asked if she would like to do her father’s job too. When Ellowyn said yes without hesitation, the patriarch began setting her tests. At first, the tests did not involve leaving the mansion. They involved sitting at a desk, being given the profiles of various people her own father had abducted or picked up as gifts, and being instructed to explain what role she would assign them and why. Impressed by her answers, the patriarch instructed her father to take her out and select one abductee for a groom of her choice. For one of Richard’s younger brothers, she brought back a woman by the name of Amari, who quickly became his First Wife. After that, it was decided that she would take on the jobs of both her parents when she turned eighteen.
For the next four years, she did little other than prepare for her eighteenth birthday and the handover of roles. For many years she lived in contentment. She befriended Fabian, then his butler Rohan, soon after he acquired her position, though he was much younger back then. So too was Alina, but they quickly formed a bond as soon as Fabian introduced them. Elian was next to enter her life, becoming not only a Finder but one of her most steadfast protectors; then came Nathan, who she found herself instantly drawn to. At that time, however, she had just begun a relationship with another of her subordinates, Xavier.
Xavier was an entertainer, a teller of dark tales. But he wanted one thing -- to escape. He used his silver tongue to captivate her, promising that he would stay with her forever, that she had nothing to fear. He promised her marriage, a family, anything her heart desired. So she made him a Collector...and he ran. She had to send a retrieval squad after him. When they tried to arrest him, he ran onto the roof, yelling down to her that he never loved her, that he would rather die than be with her, that everyone in this mansion is crazy and she is the craziest of them all, before leaping to his death.
Then came ‘The Dark Days.’ Then came Rosselyn, Rohan’s sister, who stepped up to tend to her with the others. Together, they managed to coax her out of the darkness and back into the light. Not long after, Andrea joined the group. She knows about the dark days, but didn’t see them. Ellowyn is grateful for that. She’s not sure she would have wanted Andrea to see her in such a vulnerable state.
And then the strangest thing happened. A secret admirer began sending her flowers. For years she puzzled over his identity, only to discover that it was the man who had so gently coaxed her from her depression, the man she had been inexplicably drawn to, the man she still thought of sometimes. He was her true love, not Xavier. Accepting this, she vowed to start again with Nathan, allowing him to slowly mend her fragile heart.
Now, as it turns out, Nate has a daughter. But June, as the little darling is called, was conceived during her relationship was Xavier, so she supposes she cannot blame him for that. He has explained to her that he didn’t think there was any hope of the two of them ever getting together, and though she now fears he may have more secrets, she cannot bring herself to be angry at him. She loves him far too much. Losing him would be an agony too excruciating to bear.

Important Miscellaneous Information: She drinks far too much tea.

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Full Name: Elian Jacob Aster
Age: 20
Born Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Elian is actually a rather handsome individual. Though he may not be the best looking man in the world, he is not particularly obsessed with his appearance. His skin is fair, though not so pale as many of the inhabitants of the mansion. This is because he frequently journeys outside, and thus is often exposed to the sun. In contrast to his fair skin, his short hair is as black as the raven's feather. His grey eyes seem to lighten or darken depending on his mood. As befitting his job, he is tall, standing at six feet and three inches, and incredibly muscular. When on the job, his hair is usually concealed beneath a big black hood, to help protect his identity. But even when not on the job, he tends to favour dark colours.

Personality: Elian is very devoted to his job and to the mansion. He's actually a very professional person, though he does enjoy the rush of adrenaline he gets when on the more high-risk jobs such as abductions. Usually, he's never one to take risks with his job, and he always follows Ellowyn's orders. That's why what he did -- kidnapping Andrea instead of his intended target -- was so unusual. But he couldn't resist. He fell in love with Andrea, and it consumed him.
That's another part of his personality. He's unable to let things go. When he gets an idea in his head, he fixates on it. Like Andrea. He kept seeing her, learning more about her each time. She took over his every thought, and he was unable to think of anything else until he did something about it. It was affecting his ability to do his job.
Elian is a riddle wrapped up in a mystery. People don't quite know what to make of him, because he has so many conflicting personality traits. He's a very kind person at heart, and he wants people to like him. Yet he can so easily snatch a girl from the streets without giving it a second thought. He always tries to make the girls feel at ease though, and tries only to use violence when necessary. He talks to the gifts as they're driving in the car, and tends to sedate the abductees so that he doesn't have to fight them.
He's a romantic at heart. Now that he's managed to win Andrea's, he hopes that he can keep it, though he often secretly wonders if he is worthy of her love. He knows that she wanted to leave the mansion and he just hopes that now that she is a Collector she will be content with the freedom that she has, though he sometimes fears she will try to run, just like Xavier did.

Friend(s): Ellowyn Dusk, Alina Hartley, Rohan Elias, Roselyn Elias, Nathaniel Whitlock, Fabian Wrenninford
Foe(s): N/A

Relationship Status: Taken [] Andrea Lockheart

Job at the Mansion: Finder
Do you approve of what goes on here?: "Why wouldn't I? It's a great place. We help people! Think about it, they get to live in an enormous mansion, have their every wish granted, never worry about a single thing again and find love, what could be better than that?"

Biography: Elian was born into the mansion. His father is a Finder, and his mother a Collector. Both of them are extremely dedicated to their jobs and both very skilled. Growing up, he had a lot of pressure on him to follow in their footsteps. He didn't mind this at all though, since it was something he wanted.
Ellowyn's father took a keen interest in him, recognizing that the boy would make an excellent Finder from the time Elian was a young child. Willing Wrenninford daughters would pretend to be abductees or gifts so that the boy could practise in controlled environments. When Elian was ten, Ellowyn's father assigned his daughter to act as his mentor. They became very close, the woman taking on a sisterly role to him. When Elian was sixteen, Ellowyn -- who by now had taken over from her father -- hired him. He has always been entirely devoted to her, worshipping her almost. He's always followed her orders and tried his very best to do his job to the best of his ability so that he can please both her and his parents. He's never taken a risk with his job, ever.
But when he saw Andrea, things changed.
He fell in love.
Each time he went on a job, he sought her out. He would stare at her for just a little bit longer each time. He even began to approach her, asking her name and using an alias so that he could talk to her. But conversations on the street every few weeks did not appease him for long. Soon, he wanted more, and he came up with a plan.
One day, they were sent to abduct a certain bride, a girl who looked slightly similar to Andrea who they had been watching for a few days. But instead of taking her, he took Andrea. When the mix up was discovered, he feigned innocence and got away with it. Andrea was made a maid and for what seemed like an eternity he endeavoured to win her affection. At last he has and she is a part of their tight-knit group, and she has won a coveted place as a Collector, but he fears their happiness will not last.

Important Miscellaneous Information: He's a bit of a conspiracy theorist at heart. He drinks way too much tea and knows far too much about musicals.

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‘ M i l l i e ’


[ a p p e a r a n c e

Hair┊Strawberry blonde in a pixie cut, it has some curl to it.
Body Type┊Ectomorph
Scars/Marking┊Covered in freckles just about everywhere.
Face Claim┊ Catharina Pedersen
Attire┊Normally seen in earthy tones, plenty of knit jumpers, warm sweaters, overalls and boots.

[ l i k e s ┄ Mums ; Fragrant Teas ; Frogs
[ d i l i k e s ┄ Distressed Kids ; Spicy Foods ; Centipedes
[ st r e n g t h s ┄ Likable ; Flower Identifying ; Mood Lifting
[ w e a k n e s s e s ┄ Children ; Lemon Cakes ; Cat Allergy (view spoiler)

[ p e r s o n a l i t y

Friendly┊ kind and pleasant.
Cheerful┊noticeably happy and optimistic.
Nurturing┊care for and encourage the growth or development of.
Lively┊full of life and energy; active and outgoing.
Compassionate┊feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others.
Kindly┊kind, warm-hearted, or gentle.
Uninhibited┊expressing one's feelings or thoughts unselfconsciously and without restraint.
Charming┊polite, friendly, and likable.

[ b a c k g r o u n d

Raised with the care and love of her parents Millicent Eden Desrosiers always had a fascination and love of plants. Countless days were spent trailing after the gardeners asking questions and learning about the different care of the plants. Along with her enjoyment of plants Millie was known for finding herself lost in the Elder Gardens catching frogs and making notes of the different plants there. She often took her frogs inside with her only to get scolded by the Maids afterwards. Her mother one of them, while her father was a cook.

She naturally leaned towards becoming a gardener, none of the staff were surprised with that fact. Millie always did have a talent with the small herbs she kept in her room. Having only been a gardener for a few years, officially, that is she’s still a little new to the job. That doesn’t change her attitude about it one bit however.

All Millie wants in life is for people to be happy, to care for her plants and maybe just maybe visit the outside world one day... go for a hike on a mountain... maybe live in the forests she read about as a kid.

c o l l a b s

Friends┊ open
Foes┊ open
Lovers┊ open

o t h e r

┄ Does she approve of what goes on? Well yes so long as everyone is happy and safe. Millie has some opinions on Grooms who treat their wives badly.
┄ Millie is nearly always seen in the gardens or the kitchen.
┄ Has been called a fairy by more than one child and has not denied it, she wont ruin their imagination.
┄ Definitely snuck frogs into the mansion as a kid, probably still does.
┄ Loves lemon flavored anything Millie used to just eat lemons as a kid.

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Full Name: Mirabelle Anastasia Ingez

Age: Seventeen

Born Gender: Female

Gender Identity: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Mirabelle isn't shy in the looks department, with tan skin, dark brown eyes, and thin but silky brown hair that she enjoys styling, often putting up into two braids. She's chubby though, which she's proud of unless someone insults her for it. She really can't help it, she swears! When she's not wearing her formal maid outfit, she enjoys wearing lots of hoodies and sweatpants, and sometimes short skirts too. She likes to be comfortable when she lounges around with her friends.
(view spoiler)

Personality: Mirabelle isn't really shy, just quiet. She knows her position and knows if she speaks up, people will insult her or ignore her, so she tends to only speak if given a direct order or needs a question answered. However, around her friends, she becomes as chatty as ever, becoming lively and animated and full of life. She's bubbly and would do anything for her friends. She's pretty hopeless at actual maid stuff though. She drops things, messes up orders, etc. It's no wonder she's been thrown around from bride to bride like nothing, and she's developed a small amount of self-consciousness because of it. Sometimes she wonders if she should even try with her new bride when they'll just find something to complain about and throw her out again.

Friend(s): Honestly, pretty much everyone.

Foe(s): None as of yet.

Relationship Status: Single

Job at the Mansion: Personal Maid to...

Opinions: "It's nice for some brides. I hear a lot of them come from abusive backgrounds and stuff, and here they're practically royalty! So I don't really think it's a bad deal. It's a lot nicer than working here, that's for sure....but you didn't hear me say that!"

Biography: Mirabelle was born to a servant and maid, both personal, which some people found amusing. As a result, they were often too busy to care for her much and often left her with a tutor or a nanny, since there were plenty to spare. Mirabelle didn't mind much though. She got to meet so many friends! And she couldn't wait for the day she could potentially become a bride herself.

At least....until she got older and someone broke the news to her. She was to be a servant, not a bride, and would even be serving a bride. A lot of people expected her to be heartbroken, and whle she did and still really does want to be a bride.....being a maid didn't sound too bad either. And maybe her prettiness would get her noticed by a groom anyway! She became cheerful, despite being awful at maid work since she had little training and no idea what to expect. Her first bride complained when she was pregnant and brought the wrong brand of chocolate. Her second complained when she left the curling iron on too long. And so on and so forth.

Despite her reputation, Mirabelle still dreams of getting a bride who will stick with her forever, and hopefully, maybe a groom too? It couldn't hurt to dream, after all.

Important Miscellaneous Information: She's never actually eaten anything lemon-flavoured before.
Her favorite color is orange.
She is almost never seen without a barrette in her hair. She even wears them to bed!

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Both Millie and Mirabelle are approved! :)

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26 / Male / Pansexual / Head Butler and Fabian's Personal Butler / 10/11 / Single

Fabian Wrenninford // Boss and Best friend (Alive)
Ellowyn Dusk // Coworker (Alive)
Alina Hartley // Subordinate (Alive)
Elian Aster // Coworker (Alive)
Nathaniel Whitlock // Coworker (Alive)
Andrea Lockheart // Subordinate (Alive)

(Unknown to him) Richard Wrenninford // Head of the house (Alive)

Rosselyn "Roz" Elias // Younger Sister (Alive)
Jordan Elias // Son (Alive)
Abigail Elias // Mother (Deceased)
Steven Elias // Father (Deceased)
Tiffany Elias // Grandmother (Deceased)
Roderick Elias // Grandfather (Deceased)

On October 22nd, Rohan Elias was born to Abigail and Steven Elias. Since both of his parents were personal servants, he was expected to become the same. He was trained from the moment that he could walk and speak the beginning basics of being a servant. To teach by example Steven brought the young boy to his work. That day they had received a new bride for his Wrenninford groom. In that room Rohan saw death for the first time as the bride murdered his father with a pair of stilettos, stabbing him 32 times before also attempting to kill the groom when he came to check on them three hours later.

Rohan was taken out of the room and given to his mother after this. His father was buried two days later in the servant's graveyard. To add onto this tragedy, his mother had recently discovered that she was with child. Nine months later, Rosselyn Elias was brought into the world while their mother left it. She had died from childbirth.

The two children were raised by the rest of the servants, though, the head butler took an incredible liking to Rohan and took him under his wing to become the new head butler. However, that didn't mean that he was cared for. Instead, he was molded from a young boy and turned into the robot that everyone knows today. If he showed emotion, he was often beaten for it. This is the same if he ended up making any mistake. This, however, was always behind closed doors. No one knew of the ruthless punishments of the young man. Thankfully, at the age of 16 he was freed from the clutches of this man due to the man passing away. Rohan did not cry, did not hurt, but instead silently celebrated it.

With his sister, however, Rohan was still rather cold, but he loves his sister dearly and would do anything for her. In fact, the two have been found joking around when they believed no one was watching.

"Never let your emotions control you. They are not worth it."

Rohan isn't a person. He has never been a person. He wasn't born a person. He was born to be a servant to the next born groom. At least, that's what he was always told by his mentor, and he isn't sure if he was wrong or not. Either way, that doesn't change how he acts. He is a perfect gentleman that always puts his master and his master's grooms first. He does what he is told when he is told to do it without question. He will sacrifice everything he is and has for his groom and just to make sure that he is taken care of. He is a hard worker that will always make sure that everything goes right, being a perfectionist through and through.

He is a very stoic and quiet person, not having many opinions or morals that he keeps for himself. He doesn't show emotions, he doesn't express himself in any ways and is always level headed. In his head, he may scramble to make everything right again if anything is slightly wrong, but not on the outside, which just adds to the feeling of him being a supernatural being. (Ellowyn thinks he's a robot.)

If you could possibly get into his head and are able to see his true colors, you will see that he is a brilliant man with an amazing imagination. If he was able to write and publish, he would be a best seller in no time. He has countless binders lining the walls of his room of stories that he has worked on, though, he only lets one person read them, and that's his master Fabian. He always carries around a pocket sized notebook to jot down notes for when he has free times. He is funny and has a wondrous vocabulary.

He is a perfect person to make your best friend, since he always looks out for those that he cares about and is close to him. Though, that is mostly just Fabian, since he sees him as his best friend. He will always make sure that his groom has everything off of his chest and isn't bottling anything up. He gives his shoulder to cry on, his ear to listen, and his hand to hold. He will give himself fully away to his friend. He will give his opinions if he feels that they need to be heard, only if it's extremely important. He won't talk out of turn, and if he doesn't find something very important, he will turn a blind eye, especially to how the grooms treat their brides. It is no business to him.

He is a perfect butler and a perfect best friend. He is a caring man who will only say something if needed or if it is something of dire importance to his master... or if he's allowed to show his human side behind closed doors.

Rohan does not have an opinion on what goes on in the manor. He was born into this and he sees nothing wrong with what he was raised around his entire life. He will continue to serve his master until the day that he dies, no matter what happens. To him, his life is meaningless. He will push himself until the moment he breaks.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 16 comments Mod

21 / Female / Heterosexual / Head of Tutors, Governess, and Medical Staff / 7/10 / Single

Fabian Wrenninford // Friend (Alive)
Ellowyn Dusk // Coworker (Alive)
Alina Hartley // Subordinate (Alive)
Elian Aster // Coworker (Alive)
Nathaniel Whitlock // Coworker (Alive)
Andrea Lockheart // Subordinate (Alive)

(Secretly) Richard Wrenninford // Head of the house (Alive)
(Secretly) Most Wrenninfords that think that this is all alright.
The woman who murdered her father and the groom he served.

Rohan Elias // Older Brother (Alive)
Jordan Elias // Nephew (Alive)
Abigail Elias // Mother (Deceased)
Steven Elias // Father (Deceased)
Tiffany Elias // Grandmother (Deceased)
Roderick Elias // Grandfather (Deceased)

Five years after her brother Rohan, Rosselyn was brought into a broken world. Her father had recently been murdered, and by her own birth, her mother passed, leaving the Elias children orphans. Luckily for her, she was raised by various servants, all treating her like a little princess out of pity. They let her learn what she wished, let her ask as many questions as she had, etc.

Everything went well for Roz and still goes well for her. Though, there is something that she has been brewing since she was 13 and she found out about her brother's abuse in a passing conversation between the two of them. It sparked questions of what their life was, and what happened to their family. Slowly, she began to pick apart what horrors were behind all the closed doors. The rape, abuse, abductions... and everyone here seemingly was alright with it! So long as they weren't suffering from it, that is... It was all disgusting. Not to mention finding out that the only reason her family was in this mess was because of their albinism. All because some bride wanted her servant to be "exotic"... It was maddening.

"This world is disgusting, but nothing will change unless someone does something about it... And that'll be me. That, or I'll at least die trying."

Roz, despite her disposition and dislike of the manor is actually a pretty kind woman. She wishes to change her world by love and compassion. She wants to teach people that what they are doing is bad, and how it is horrible to the people that they are treating like slaves. No, that it is worse than just treating them like slaves, they were slaves. People forced to do what their grooms and brides told them to do because they were brought here against their will, or they were born into it. If you tried to get out of it, you were only punished and you could not leave.

It disgusts her, and that only makes her want to try and help those that are also trapped here like everyone else find peace, that or just give them a friend to talk to without worry that they would be punished for it. She wants to help people, teach people to stand up for themselves and their individuality. She wants to help everyone find themselves.

So, really that is her main piece of her personality. Kindness and determination. No one knows that she wants revenge on the manor, nor do they know that she wishes to see its destruction. Everyone thinks that she is perfectly sweet and trustworthy. She learned to hide her emotions from the best, after all.

She despises the manor for everything that it stands for. She wants everyone to be an equal, to make their own choices. She's a warrior for the people. She wants to use her power to help others, all while trying to help her friends that are blinded by the glitter that what they're living in is a prison.

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18/ Female / Heterosexual / Collector / 6/20 / Taken

Fabian Wrenninford // Friend (Alive)
Ellowyn Dusk // Boss (Alive)
Alina Hartley // Coworker (Alive)
Elian Aster // Boyfriend (Alive)
Nathaniel Whitlock // Coworker (Alive)

Most of the Wrenninford grooms and Wrenninford brides.

Klein Lockhart // Father (Alive)

On June 20th, Andrea was born to a woman, who Andrea never learned her name, and to her father Klein Lockhart. Her father took her, not knowing where the woman that he had gotten pregnant ran off to... He looked for her, but he never found her. Though, that didn't matter much to Andrea. She was his treasure, the girl that he would fight tooth and nail to keep safe.

Her father and her had an unbreakable bond that others envied, since it was rare to have such a strong attachment to someone. Her father worked a full time job and sometimes got a seasonal job around the holidays in order to make sure that they had everything that they would need. Andrea, when she was at the right age she also got a part time job to help out, along with getting her some spending money to enjoy herself with.

She went through a typically normal life. Her family wasn't struggling with money, but instead worked for more just so they could enjoy themselves a little bit more, even though they would have been fine either way. She had friends, and she still had her father's family that she had good relations with as well.

When she was 18, she was getting ready to go to college, applying to three and waiting for their responses to know if she was going to be able to go to her dream school or if she was going to have to accept something lower than that, which she would also be fine with.

She never found out if she got accepted to any of them. She had been walking home from work one day when two men in black jumped out from behind a car, grabbing her, and knocking her out when she wasn't complying well.

She woke up in the manor, laying on a couch with a very upset woman saying that they had grabbed the wrong woman, and now that they didn't know what to do with her. She was confused of what was going on and soon found out that she would not be able to go home, and that she was now a prisoner of the manor. To make matters worse, she was picked off of the street to be a bride, someone that would probably be pampered to her heart's content but instead was downgraded to a maid when they found out that she was the wrong woman...

Andrea hates this place. She wishes that she could watch it burn down just so she could go back to her father who was probably heart broken that he didn't know where his little girl was. She wants to escape, she wants to go back and live the life she had dreamed of...

But now, she's stuck between her freedom and the man that she had fallen in love with in her time here... Does she want to go back to what she had, regain everything she had ever worked for, or settle here and live out her life with the man she loves? She wrestles with the idea endlessly, and spends countless sleepless nights fighting for what ideal she wants to uphold.

"I've always known what I wanted to do, but with all of my choices ripped away from me, I'm stuck with adapting to my new surroundings or fighting for my freedom. This fuckin' sucks."

Spunk is a word that can be definitely one word that can be used to describe this woman. She has enough attitude to spare and an outlook on life that just screams freedom. She isn't a person that can be held down or back from the things that she thinks is right or that she really wants to do. She is stubborn and sometimes can be careless in her actions. She does think about her actions and what she needs to do to achieve everything that she wants to do, but sometimes, she's too brash. She doesn't always spend enough time thinking about the pros and cons of every choice. She has a sharp tongue and typically, you'll know what she thinks of you without much question.

She is a woman that can love with the same passion as she hates. If you are deemed to be someone that doesn't deserve her care, she will make sure you feel the burn of her stare. She doesn't sugar coat anything and she will make sure that there isn't any miscommunication about her motives. Though, with the love that she has, she enjoys taking care of the people that she deemed worthy. She likes to make sure that they're happy and that they are taken care of. If someone is in need of help and she has no qualms with them, she will lend a helping hand when needed.

She hates everything about this place and thinks it's sick and wrong. The world is ever growing and the idea of polygamy is as well. People have polygamist relationships all the time outside, but these jackasses think it's alright to imprison people against their will and never let them go no matter how much they hate it. She's surprised that there haven't been any mass suicides yet. Though, since they're treated like prisoners, she knows that they probably couldn't even if they wanted to... This place is sick, even taking away the choice of giving up your own life to get away from this hell hole they call paradise.

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YAY! :)

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27/ Male / Heterosexual/ Collector and Ellowyn's right hand man / 7/2 / Taken

Fabian Wrenninford // Friend (Alive)
Ellowyn Dusk // Girlfriend (Alive)
Alina Hartley // Coworker (Alive)
Elian Aster // Coworker (Alive)
Andrea Lockhart // Coworker (Alive)
Rei Lucas-Wrenninford // Friend (Alive)


June Whitlock // Daughter (Alive)
Seth Whitlock // Father (Alive)
Nathanial Whitlock // Father (Alive)
Marie Owins // Surrogate Mother (Alive)
Seth Jr Whitlock // Older brother (Alive)

Nathanial was born on July second to a wealthy family that was tied heavily to the Wrenninford family. Though, his wasn't as amazing as theirs, as his family worked for the Wrenninford as a long line of collectors. His family was mixed in with the world well, some of them having normal jobs as well to give them a cover.

Nathan was never going to join the collector side of his family, wanting to live a normal life without a chance of getting arrested for aiding people who were kidnapping women and trapping them to be their wives. He understood why they did this, but he also understood the outside world's perspective. His mind was filled to the brim with war about what was right and wrong, but he didn't want a thing to do with the place.

Then, he went to the manor and he saw her. Ellowyn. She had long golden hair that trailed down her back, her eyes shining brightly as she gave orders to others... And then she turned her eyes to him, greeting him with the sweetest voice that he had ever heard in the world. She... She was as radiant as the sun, and as beautiful as a sunflower...

That's when he changed his mind. He had been planning on working in a flower shop, since he knew the meanings of ever flower ever and often used them as secret messages with his friends and family... But now, he knew that he could do that here at the manor as well along with fetch anything that they could need... To add to that, he would be able to spend more time with Ellowyn and possibly, just maybe... catch her attention.

He worked hard, making sure that he was the best of the best, and after a few years, he took the lead... A rookie that was favored by their leader, Ellowyn. This happened around the time that her heart was broken by another servant, a man that shattered her heart and then jumped off of the roof and shattered his body.

Everything was a mess for awhile there, the house almost fell into chaos, and it would have if it wasn't for everyone working hard to keep it going and them having a makeshift leader Rohan, the head butler. If it wasn't for everyone working together and helping Ellowyn get back on her feet, the manor probably would have succumbed to failure.

Now though, they're back to the way things were, the whole place running like clockwork again.

"There's a language and a hidden meaning to everything. It doesn't matter if it's a written language, flowers, or symbols children scratch onto a piece of paper. Everything in the world has meaning, even if the world is biased enough to say it doesn't."

Heart is one thing that this man doesn't lack. Nate makes sure that things run smoothly for the person that he cares for. He shows his emotions, wearing them on his sleeve for the most part unless he's at work. Though, he has different ways of getting his feelings and thoughts across that others don't pick up on. Either way, he's expressing his feelings somehow.

He's incredibly loyal to those that he cares about and puts his whole self into his work. When he's working in the manor and on the clock, he tends to act more serious and cold, people that don't talk to him much think that he's just a fellow robot along with other workers in the manor. Those who do talk to him, however, know that he's all for fun when it's off the clock, or if it's subtle. He likes to smile, and is known to give a half smirk when on the job, even though hey's typically stone cold when he's on it. Even a rock can be warmed up with the right touch.

For those out there that has caught his eye, his love for people can warm up an ice queen. He is a romantic and will always try and make his lover smile. He typically only does it with small things, thinking big things are far too... well... big. Flowers,
chocolates, sweet words... They are things you can sprinkle through life to make life beautiful. If you did only large things,
you wouldn't be able to do them as often, so you'd only have small accents. To him, that's not worth it.

Though he understands the inside and the outside of the manor, all of the different views... he is very in the middle. He's not for what the manor does, but he isn't against it either. The only time he is against anything in the manor is when a husband abuses or treats his wife or family terrible. To him, those people don't deserve the company that they have been graced with and frankly, belong on the streets. Though, he doesn't voice these opinions in the house, knowing that some of those things might over hear him.

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Kate Kid wrote: "

27/ Male / Heterosexual/ Collector and Ellowyn's right hand man / 7/2 / Taken

<3 <3 <3 He's baaaack! <3

Fabian Wrenninford // Friend (..."

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6/ Male / Child/ 2/13 / Single

Basically everyone who is kind to him.
June Whitlock // Collector's Daughter


Rohan Elias // Father (Alive)
Rosselyn Elias // Aunt (Alive)

Since Jordan is still a child, he doesn't have that much history at all. He has only been alive for six years. His mother and father both worked in the manor, obviously. His mother was a maid and his father was a collector. The two of them did love each other quite a bit and were very happy to have their little boy gifted to them. They were happy, all up until Jordan's mother became ill and passed away when he was four years old, his father, two months later, escaping the manor on one of his collecting missions.

Jordan was left alone, and he started to be passed around from servant to servant until one day two weeks after his father's betrayal, Rohan found him, the head butler of the manor. The tall, white haired man took the child and started to care for him as his own. This man is the only person that Jordan really remembers as well, since his brain just barely started to gain memories.

"I'm gonna be the best head of butlers ever! Cuz I have my daddy to teach me!"

Jordan is a very warm child that likes everyone. He likes talking and spending time with people,
especially his father. He is typically always smiling and always finding something to play with. He is a very smart child as well,
always wanting to learn how to do new things and he absorbs everything that is said and done around him, Jordan turning into an adorable little butler.

Jordan really likes playing outside in the garden and often comes back inside completely dirty because he was helping the gardener plant flowers and weed the flower beds. The little one really likes helping people with their work.

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Dark Angel wrote: "Kate Kid wrote: "

27/ Male / Heterosexual/ Collector and Ellowyn's right hand man / 7/2 / Taken

<3 <3 <3 He's baaaack! <3

Yes, yes he is!

Fabian Wrenninford // Friend (...""

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And yay for Jordan! :D

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