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A Royal Treasury (The Royal Series #6)
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Elaine White | 56 comments Could you please add this book -

to this series -

Thank you so much.

Elaine White | 56 comments I tried to add this to a new topic, but it wouldn't let me. If possible, could you also add this description to the series page -

Deaf and fiercely independent, Spencer was an anomaly from birth. He fought against the prejudices of an ancient world, ruled by vampires and perfect-humans, where the only thing expected of him was obedience and to remain hidden.
Chosen by the Fates, Spencer is the catalyst for a life...and a world...he could never have imagined.
Delve into The Royal Series and discover the family saga that follows a young boy's search for love, a child's gift for magic, and reveals the world that is created when a single person dares to step out of the shadows and challenge what is known.

This series is now complete. Each book must be read in order.

message 3: by Lieke (new)

Lieke | 3227 comments #1 and 2 done

Can you add the ASIN to book 6 so a duplicate won't be imported automatically?

Elaine White | 56 comments Andrew wrote: "added"

Thank you!

Elaine White | 56 comments Lieke wrote: "#1 and 2 done

Can you add the ASIN to book 6 so a duplicate won't be imported automatically?"

Thank you so much! I was waiting for the book to go live, to grab my ASIN, but Andrew beat me to it. Thank you both.

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