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Caspian hopped into a seat, swinging her short legs in her chair.

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Atlas bounded in, sitting across from her. He smiled.

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She grinned back at him, crossing her legs.
“So, Atlas...” she trailed off.

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"Yes?" he asked. "My lovely girlfriend?"

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Cas blushed, rolling her eyes.
“Oh shush. Tell me more about you.”

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"So basically, I was alive for awhile, then I came here!" he smiled, then thought. "Actually, I was alive for a while, was physically abused by my parents, accidentally drowned them, found out I have powers, then came here!" Atlas smiled brightly. He looked away suddenly, face dark.

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Caspian’s smile dropped. She leaned forward and kissed him softly, her voice soft.
“I’m so glad I found you. It might’ve not been in the best way, but hey, we’re still here.”

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"Yeah...." Atlas replied. He brightened again. "Tell me about you!"

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Cas smiled softly, leaning back.
“Well, I’m from Italy, so. My parents threw me out after I.. well.. you don’t need to know that. I found out about my abilities in a care home. Sooner or later I was adopted by a new family, a big one. But then I grew up and made a life for myself here.” She said, trying to avoid that one part.

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"How old are you?" Atlas asked, interested.

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Cas almost forgot her own age.
“22!” She said, remembering.

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"Hehehe. I'm older!!!" Atlas laughed. "I'm 24. So, do you want anything to eat? I'll pick up the tab."

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Cas thought about it.
“Bruschetta! It’s italian!”

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"Okay," he laughed. He went up and ordered, then brought the food back, smiling. He began to eat. "Yum! This is good. Not better than pizza, though..." He ran back up and ordered a cheese pizza, then brought it back, starting to wolf it down.

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Caspian brushed his hair back.
“Slow down, you’ll choke.” She said caringly.

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Atlas threw his head back and laughed, continuing to wolf down pizza. He got full, then stopped and looked at her. "We should play a game! Truth or dare?"

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Cas nodded.
“Back to my place?”

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"Sure!" he said, getting up to pay. He paid for the bill, then walked back to Cas and held her hand, smiling.

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Cas leaned her head on his shoulder as they walked.

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Zagon led Vito into the cafe.

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mouse. (rip_myself_into_confetti) | 305 comments Vito walks in and nudges Zagon. "Nice choice." she says before ordering a mango boba.

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"Hey, I was going to order the same thing!" Zagon says, playfully.

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mouse. (rip_myself_into_confetti) | 305 comments "Well, I'm open to sharing." Vito says.

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"Okay!" Zagon grabs another straw and pokes it into Vito's drink.

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mouse. (rip_myself_into_confetti) | 305 comments Vito sits down at an empty table and sips the boba from her straw.

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Zagon does the same, then giggles at the irony of this all.

"Hey, have you ever watched Lady and the Tramp?"

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mouse. (rip_myself_into_confetti) | 305 comments Vito nods. "Yep! I guess this would be the modern-day version, eh?"

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"Yeah. Wanna go to the art store afterward? We can paint some stuff at my house afterwards."

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mouse. (rip_myself_into_confetti) | 305 comments "Sounds awesome!! I'd love to!" Vito stares at Zagon but glances away before sipping the boba tea.

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Zagon stares back and says, "Your eyes are so big and beautiful."
Then she shook her head and said, "I'm sorry that was so creepy. Argh."

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mouse. (rip_myself_into_confetti) | 305 comments Vito blushes and smiles. "Not creepy at all! Your eyes are beautiful too!" she continues to stare at Zagon.

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Zagon blushes and says, "thanks." Breaking the stare she said, "Wanna head to my house? I actually have all of the supplies there."

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mouse. (rip_myself_into_confetti) | 305 comments Vito nods and stands up. She glances at Zagon's hand quickly before looking away. "Sure! Sounds fun."

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(( the name of it is zagon's cabin ))

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 214 comments Jester sipped his latte quietly, examining the busy streets and people. The waiter came by with his check and he flashed her a small smile and handed her a 5 dollar bill. He noticed a fork peeking out of her apron pocket, and looked her in the eyes as he used his other hand to deftly manoeuvre it out of the pocket and into his sleeve.

{{i don't condone stealing, he has kleptomania and he needs medical help}}

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mouse. (rip_myself_into_confetti) | 305 comments Pine walks in and orders a mango boba tea. He doesn't let go of Hunter's hand.

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 214 comments Jester thanked the waiter and "gave her'' his pen, pretending to be busy. She'd be too preoccupied feeling bad about taking his pen to notice that her fork was gone. He sipped his latte and smirked.

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kylee (don’t invite me to groups please i’m begging) | 0 comments Loire walked into the cafe, ordering a vanilla frappe and a croissant before sitting down at an empty table and pulling out an old leather bound journal, a pencil already tucked behind her right ear.

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Panda ~HO! HO!~ Thalia walked in she sat down,

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kylee (don’t invite me to groups please i’m begging) | 0 comments Loire waved to the person who just walked in before taking a bite out of her croissant and picking up her pencil.

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Panda ~HO! HO!~ Thalia waved back and smiled sweetly

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kylee (don’t invite me to groups please i’m begging) | 0 comments “Hello there!” Loire said happily.

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Panda ~HO! HO!~ " hi! " she said sweetly

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kylee (don’t invite me to groups please i’m begging) | 0 comments “I’m Loire Dupont, pleasure to meet you,” She responded, folding down the page she was working on.

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Panda ~HO! HO!~ " Thalia Amy Green " she said

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kylee (don’t invite me to groups please i’m begging) | 0 comments Loire smiled warmly and looked down at her page, scratching out a word and replacing it with another in cursive french.

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Panda ~HO! HO!~ she sighed

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Finn walked in.

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