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message 1: by Jacabaeus (new)

Jacabaeus (jamcam9) | 162 comments Well, since my previous post was involuntarily turned in to a massive dumpster fire unrelated to my post and not involving me I am reposting this request and I will copy the relevant posts.

My original post:

Title: Cases on the Canadian Law of Insurance, 6e (student edition)
Auth: Marvin G. Baer, James A. Rendall
Publisher: Carswell
ISBN: 9790459239670
Pub Date: 2000
Type: soft cover
Pages: 960

Publisher page:

Thank you! :)

message 2: by Jacabaeus (new)

Jacabaeus (jamcam9) | 162 comments message 4: by C. (last edited 2 hours, 37 min ago)2 hours, 37 min ago
C. | 2523 commentsmsg 1, hi Jacabaeus

Not skipping you. I kind of freeze up when I see the Publisher link and the publisher listed higher up on the message don't match. How are we certain that deskcopy is a publisher? I'm not strong in the publisher knowledge department.

message 3: by Jacabaeus (new)

Jacabaeus (jamcam9) | 162 comments message 5: by Emily1 hour, 36 min ago
Emily | 8291 comments#1 The edition you linked to is here:

It does not have the same ISBN

message 4: by Jacabaeus (new)

Jacabaeus (jamcam9) | 162 comments So... what happened in that last thread guys?!?

C.: Carswell is an imprint or something of Thomson Reuters. If you look at the photo in the link I provided it clearly shows "Carswell" on the cover. Further, if you look at the information in the link I provided right below publication date it says "Publisher: Carswell".

Emily: Interesting, I am uncertain why the ISBNs would be different - I grabbed it from the back of the text. However, I now see that the ISBN in the publishing information page is also different?? 0456239678. Further, the information on the version already on Goodreads is different from book in hand and the publisher's website. The link says it was published Jan 01, 2013. Book in hand says "2000." Publisher's page says Aug 01, 2000. The version on Goodreads also is missing the page count (one of my biggest dismays whenever I see that).

message 5: by Jacabaeus (new)

Jacabaeus (jamcam9) | 162 comments Okay... round 2. I hope this one fares better.

message 6: by Jacabaeus (new)

Jacabaeus (jamcam9) | 162 comments I provided all of that information in my first message...

I can copy the description directly from the publisher page I linked if you want. Cover is exactly the same as on the publisher page as well. It is the exact same book, but for some reason the ISBN doesn't match.

message 7: by Jacabaeus (new)

Jacabaeus (jamcam9) | 162 comments I do find it weird that my book has two different ISBNs on it, though. Let's go with the one from the inside publisher information page, I guess: 0-459-23967-8.

message 8: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 41710 comments Mod
We cannot use the cover from one edition for another one. The ISBN needs to match.

message 9: by Jacabaeus (new)

Jacabaeus (jamcam9) | 162 comments Alrighty, here you go:

Also, the ISBN on the inside cover, as set out in message 4 and 9, is the same as on the publisher page - so those match. It's the one on the back cover that is different, which could be a misprint for some reason.

message 10: by Jacabaeus (new)

Jacabaeus (jamcam9) | 162 comments They're NOT supposed to be different, which is the issue here. I have over a thousand personal books (not to mention the 600+ I manage at the library at my law firm) and this is the second book I've come across to ever have a mismatch on the ISBNs between the publishing information page and the back cover.

message 11: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 19920 comments The edition with isbn 0459239678 is already here:

(PS there is a typo in the isbn in message 4 (0456 vs 0459)

message 12: by Jacabaeus (new)

Jacabaeus (jamcam9) | 162 comments Arenda: true. However, the publishing date on that version is wrong (taking from a faulty amazon second hand posting). I will probably just use that version and try to get the incorrect information fixed. Re typo: my bad.

C.: I have previously been told to leave adding books to the librarian group otherwise I would just add them myself as it would be significantly easier and faster.

message 13: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 19920 comments Changed publication date to 2000.

message 14: by Jacabaeus (new)

Jacabaeus (jamcam9) | 162 comments C.: yeah, it was a librarian or librarian mod or something back in 2016 or 2017 (I think - trying to remember what law firm library I was at at the time, haha!) or so when I posed some questions about how to become a librarian and the book adding functionality and the answer was a very stern "don't, leave it to the librarians as too many people are making mistakes" and then locked the thread so I couldn't reply. So I've just left it at that. But if you're saying the policy has changed, or that what I was told was incorrect policy, then I will happily start adding books and leaving the librarian group alone.

Arenda: thank you, much appreciated.

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