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PamG (lynguy1) | 72 comments Title: Candidate Spectrum: A Novel
Author(s) name(s): Brian Cato Illustrator: Yunyun Li
Publisher: BC Studio Inc.
Publication Date: September 15, 2020
Format: Kindle
Description: Per Amazon page: (
When the real-world superhero Spectrum grows frustrated with the limited ways he can help people using his superpowers, he decides he can do more good as a politician and runs for office.Having devoted his life to helping others, Spectrum won't settle for a typical political career. After winning the Missouri governorship, he launches a 2020 presidential bid dedicated to fixing a country that Americans have consistently said is on the wrong track. But as he develops proposals for issues from a growing wealth gap to paralyzing partisanship, he realizes that America's real troubles are deeper: a loss of individual agency, an increasing quantification of life that undermines morality and erodes our humanity.Meanwhile, his campaign is beset by problems. He never imagined how difficult it would be to run for president as an atheist immigrant from a destroyed planet who is honest and serious about the issues. Further, his campaign must overcome him ditching campaign events to rescue people in Bangladesh from a typhoon, and the public's fear of an alien takeover after a scientist offers to restart his race by cloning him. Will Spectrum win a mandate to restore America to its place as a pioneer among nations, or lose and watch it slide further into dissonance and mediocrity?
Page Count: 355 pages
Cover is on Amazon page:

message 2: by PamG (new)

PamG (lynguy1) | 72 comments C. wrote: "added:

we don't include illustrators on novels. If there are illustrations inside please let us know. I am assuming not so I didn't ..."

Ok. Thank you I wasn't sure.

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