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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA/Juvenile fiction with drawings (graphic novel?) about teenage boy who is slowly erasing/disappearing/fading. More about acceptance than stopping it. Modern 2000’s. scene in a baseball field. 2010-13

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Sophia | 2 comments YA/Juvenile fiction with drawings in it (graphic novel?) about a preteen/teenage boy who is slowly becoming erased/disappearing. Physically disappearing, as in his presence is fading. It wasn’t really about stopping the process I don’t think, but more about his acceptance of it? It took place in modern times I guess because he was always wearing like a hoodie or sweatshirt. He played baseball or there was a scene in a baseball field. He has a friend or a sister who calls him something like “Eraser Boy”? The cover was grey and he was drawn in like a white outline I believe. Read from like 2010-13 ish?? The book was a gift but I don’t know where it is anymore. I remember it was paperback and the cover was gray and the whole book itself had like sad undertones to it. I think the boy lived in the attic or something. I can’t remember if he went to school or what they were doing to solve his physical disappearing issue. Maybe the girl called him ghost boy instead of eraser boy? Again I read it around 2010-13 but it could have been a couple years earlier.

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