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Bella walks in.

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Peter was behind her, helmet on his head

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Bella looks around.
"HELLO?! ANYBODY HERE?!" She calls.

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You hear a low growl

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"Ohhh snap..." Bella whispers, clutching her metal pole.

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It prowls around you, in the trees, hidden.

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"Pe..Peter..." Bella whispers. "L..let's get out.."

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"Wait." He said

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((I have to go. Bye!))

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(Me too cya!)

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Peter slowly steps toward the beast

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Bella follows. She doesn't seem as scared as before.

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"Wait. This could be a fail and I could die. Stay back." He said

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Bella's hands tense on her metal pole. "Die...?"

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"Ya. Stay back." He said and counted walking toward the beast

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Bella glares at him. "Hey. I'm no damsel in distress. I can fight too, ya know."

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"I'm not fighting. Stay back!" He said, counting to walk

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Bella rolls her eyes but does as he says.

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A large bear emerged from the trees, Peter didn't even slow or flinch, he just kept his steady, slow pace

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Bella doesn't flinch either.

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He lays a hand on the bears head

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Bella smiles.

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It seems okay for a second, then beast looks up and bites off Peter's arm

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(I was expecting that XD)
Bella screeches and runs towards Peter.

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Peter runs north. "RUN!"

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Bella runs north too.

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