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Bella walks in, less cautious.

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Peter was behind her

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Bella looks around.
(Still nothing special..?)

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Peter was glad Bella couldn't see his face. He was sure she would hate him.

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Bella sighs. "Do you remember why you have that mask on?"

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"Ye-yes..." he said

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"Why?" Bella cocks her head.

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"I...." he didn't finish

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Bella laughs. "What, horrible scarring? Malformation? You know I wont mind!"

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"I think you will mind. I don't want to lose you." He said.

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Bella blinks. "You... wow... OK..." Sh gives a little embarrassed laugh. "Thank you, but I'm sure I won't mind."

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He looks down

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Bella blushes and looks down too. "You have more chances of losing me if you don't take off that mask, you know. I want to be with someone who accepts themselves."

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He looked at Bella. "What do you mean, be with me?"

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Bella swallows. "I mean.. be.." She says, uncomfortable.

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He gulped and unlatched the mask, but didn't take it off

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Bella nods. "Come on, you can do it!" She says encouragingly.

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He slips the helmet off. His entire face was severely burned.

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Bella blinks, but barely. "There you go..." She breaths. She gives him a shy smile.

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He looks down.

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Bella nears him. "Hey, it's okay... I don't mind, really." She whispers softly.

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Peter looked up slightly.

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Bella's fingers briefly touch his as she looks into his eyes, smiling.

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Peter looked back down, Surely she couldn't like HIM.

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Bella reaches for his hands gently. "It's fine, I promise." She whispers.

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He looked back at her, smiling the tiniest bit.

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Bella smiles back.

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Peter looked for someone to say, but nothing came out.

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Bella waits for him to say the thing he wants to say.

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He looked down. "I like you..."

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Bella blushes slightly. "I like you too." She squeezes his hands gently.

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He smiled and looked down again, surely he was dreaming.

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Bella looks at him. "Don't look down. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

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He looked back at her. "Everyone else I knew either pityed me or beat me. I learned to be ashamed."

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Bella nods, understanding. "It's never too late to learn to be proud." She says.

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"I can't find anything to be proud of..." he said

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Bella looks at him. "Being yourself. Being a kind person. Being an amazing person."

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He smiled. "Thanks."

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Bella smiles back. "You're welcome."

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Peter was about to put back on his mask, wondering if his face made Bella uncomfortable

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"No, don't." Bella says, putting her hand on the mask.

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He put the mask back down. "Okay...."

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Bella smiles. "That's better."

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He smiled at her. Wondering why she didn't hate him

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Bella takes a step back, still smiling. "Where to now?"

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His smile faded. "I don't know. Its a forest, so there's not a lot here."

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Bella shrugs. "We may find something."

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"Okay." He said shrugging

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(I GTG See you later!)

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